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Usborne slot-together collection

This slot-together victorian house & slot-together castle

would make the perfect Christmas present, and they are

ONLY £25.00!

The slot-together victorian doll house is NEW to the Usborne range …

and it’s on my girlies Christmas List!


Slot-together Victorian doll’s house

  • A beautiful and historically accurate Victorian doll’s house to build from slot-together foamboard pieces, with Victorian furniture for every room and a family of four and their pets.
  • Children will love setting up the table and chairs in the formal dining room, installing the grand roll-top bath and spotting the tiny doll’s house in the nursery.
  • Includes a book about life in a grand Victorian house, showing how a Victorian family lived.
  • A gorgeous gift for Christmas – all the fun of a traditional doll’s house without the high price tag and fiddly assembly.



slot together castle

Slot-together Castle

  • A set of sturdy, press-out foamboard pieces that slot together to create a model castle, complete with siege towers, a drawbridge and a trebuchet.
  • Includes two model armies of knights, and a book about life in a castle with ideas for games and battles.
  • Presented in an attractive box that can be used to store pieces when not in use.
  • An amazing gift that will inspire hours of creative play.

Here’s some reviews for this awesome castle:

“I bought this for my three year old for Christmas after coming across it by chance and it has been by far the most successful present.”

“Good value for money. The pieces seem to be really sturdy.”

1 thought on “Usborne slot-together collection

  1. I would like to purchase both of the slots structures, Castle and Victorian….need to use a check as I don’t do paypal or other internet ways to pay…if a check is OK, let me know the total amount with tax and postage….and I’ll get it right off to you. Where do I send it or should I call you with a credit card?

    I would like them both to be sent to my FL address as I’ll be arriving there the 6th of Jan.

    Address is 2445 Crispin Court, Sarasota, FL 34235

    My phone at home in VA where I’m writing from is 703 978 5353….my cell is 703 200 5341

    They are adorable….congrats on a great product….

    Happy New Year, too,
    Molly Cromwell

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