10 Quotes To Encourage You To Celebrate Your Victories Not Your Defeats

When I wrote the previous blog on victory, I was in two minds whether to actually choose V is for Victory on the A-Z Inspirational Blog. Because here’s the thing … the definition of victory as set-out by Merriam-Webster  (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/victory) : It defines victory as: conquest, and triumph means success in a competition or struggle….

How To Concentrate On Your Victories, Not Your Defeats – A to Z Inspirational Blog; V is for Victory with Victorious Quotes and Therapeutic Writing

A-Z Inspirational Journey  This week’s inspirational word V IS FOR VICTORY We can feel victory in certain areas of our life, but our aim is to feel victorious in all areas of our life. Now, yes, this may mean hard work is needed in certain areas. But read the quote above ……