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How To Ask Angels For Help – A to Z Inspirational Blog; A is for Angels with Angel Quotes and Therapeutic Writing

Starting 2018’s

A-Z Inspirational Journey 

with one of my favourite topics


I’m not sure the actual point in my life when I started to really ask my angels for help. I’ve always believed there are signs around us, telling us if we are moving in the right direction, I truly believe we are constantly being guided by signs. I also believe fully in the Law of Attraction and being guided by the Universe.

So although, I can’t remember the exact moment in my life when I became aware of signs from the angels, however, most of us turn to spiritually because of ‘a reason’. Something has happened in our lives that force us to seek help outside of the ‘perceived’ physical world we live in. When you begin to realise that our angels are always with us, you won’t just ask for their help in times of need, you’ll be forever grateful for their constant intervention, support and love.

Once this becomes second nature, when there are times of emotional or physical upheaval, you will deal with your problems, barriers and circumstances in a calmer and more positive way.

So how can you do this? How can you connect with your angels and silence your mind?

There are several ways you can connect with your angels, however, I highly recommend, the lady who is renowned as the Queen of Angel Therapy, Doreen Virtue, you can see some of her books here that I recommend. I personally, carry around an angel in my purse at all times, plus, I wear a feathered angel wing necklace and bracelet. If you’re interested in keeping your angels with you at all times, you can see my favourite angel gifts for yourself or as gifts for others here.

I’d also like to start the New Year with one of my popular Therapeutic Creative Writing Exercises, on how you can notice signs from the angels.

Therapeutic Creative Writing Exercise

This week, let’s start with a bit of ‘free writing’. Free writing is a form of therapy that can help you understand your emotions, feelings and thoughts better. So, find yourself a quiet space; space where you feel comfortable and can relax. The trick is to close your eyes for 10-20 seconds and let your thoughts flow. Let all those thoughts that collide with each other flow through your mind, then write. That’s it! Free writing is a great way to express your emotions, by writing them down you can actually see your thoughts on paper. It’s said that we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, which is between 35-48 thoughts per minute per person. That’s a lot of thinking! So hopefully you can see by writing down your thoughts, it will help you to see a pattern or give you more clarity.

Write for as long as you need, some people may need 10 minutes, some may need an hour. But once you have finished, read through your thoughts and as you do try to signify where you need help. This could be a situation with your career, family, relationships, health, whatever you feel is holding you back at the moment, bring that to life. Write down how the angels could help you. You don’t need to write down every time you would like help from the angels, but in this exercise, it will help, because you can identify where you would like the angels to help.

Once you feel as if you can ask for help, do so. Simply ask. Sometimes we may be asking for something but the Angels believe we deserve better, or it’s not the right time. They will deliver when the time is right. But you must keep the faith and believe. In the words of Doreen Virtue:

To help you think more about your Angels, here’s a few more of my favourite Angel Quotes:

Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.

So be inspired daily with this

free inspirational guide.

Love & happiness to you always

Victoria xx

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Inspirational Words: Coincidences Or Signs? How To Look For Them?

 This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

S is for


There are signs daily telling us we are going in the right (or wrong) direction. They are all around us and it’s our job to look out for them. If you are a spiritual individual, you’ll understand when I say your angels are constantly communicating with you. If you’d like to know more about angels and connecting with them, I recommend renowned best-selling author Doreen Virtue. If you’ve not heard of her, her books are a must-read.

But even if you’re not spiritual and you’re thinking the talk of Angels is a step too far, have a think about one word … coincidences.

Things happen in life that we call coincidences, but if you put the pieces together around these coincidences and work out the puzzle you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

Credit: Like Success

This brings me on to numbers – if you haven’t heard of numerology you can read more on an excellent website Numerologist 

In a nutshell, numerology is related to your name and your life path. This is a really interesting way to look at your personality, your character and understand whether you are on the right life path or not.

Numbers are also sent to us by our angels, again, Doreen Virtue is describes the meaning of numbers in her book, ‘Healing with Angels’

And in her own words …

Credit: Aura Angel Light

 Sometimes we don’t want to look for signs because we’re scared, we’re worried about the change in our lives, the upheaval … but if you’re unhappy anyway and you’re unconsciously calling out for help, (or you may already be aware that your angels are helping you and you are consciously asking for their help, but you still feel apprehensive), if you remember the angels have your back. They are sending you signs to help you move forward. They want you to be powerful, strong and awesome and they will help you achieve these goals. Believe and look for the signs.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Before you start this writing exercise take 10 minutes to be quiet, still and breathe.

If you need longer for this breathing exercise that’s absolutely fine. Take all the time you need to just be still.

Whilst you are breathing, think about things that have happened over the last week or recently that made you stop and think or anything that caught you off-guard … any coincidences? Where they really coincidences? Have these coincidences led to anything new in your life? Made you think differently?

Write down how you feel about the coincidence and why you think it happened.

If you can’t think of anything, that’s perfectly fine, things happen in life that we often take no notice of. Coincidences can happen daily and that’s what we see them as … coincidences. However, this week and over the next few weeks, start noticing what is going on around you: If a certain song is played that reminds you of someone or something, is that for a reason? Have you bumped into someone who you haven’t seen for a while? Has something happened that has actually made you feel completely devastated? With this last question, this is the time you need to look out for the signs. Things in life happen for a reason. We often can’t see it, as in the saying we can’t see the ‘word for the trees’, it’s times like this we need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Easier said than done, I know. But this is an amazing time for therapeutic writing. It will help you see the signs that the angels are helping you move forward. S0 get writing and get discovering.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

If you’d like help in surrounding yourself with positivity, you can download your very own FREE inspirational guide here.

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My Favourite Blogs

Blog 1
photo credit:

Well for those of you who have children, you’ll be in the midst of the summer holidays … how are you feeling?

On the first day, I turned to the wine! As did many other parents I know, but luckily things have got much better since then. In fact, I can’t believe they have been off over a week already. However, although I’m enjoying my time with them, and extremely grateful I can spend the holidays with them, I’m struggling to get any writing done, including my blog (which I love doing!) I’m also working on building my online wedding boutique, so I have been very busy focusing on this every evening (when I can finally get the girls in bed).

So today, instead of writing a blog about what is going on in my world, as I said I love writing my blog but I also like reading blogs too, I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs I love … hopefully you might find them interesting too:

blog 2
photo credit: – Dawn Crooks is a fab book reviewer. Some excellent books if you need a summer read. – Shaz Goodwin is a fab book reviewer and organiser of book tours. – You can find a range of fab blogs on here. I love  ‘a beautiful mess’ which is the guys who set-up bloglovin. I have a daily email come through,  and everyday I find something I really want to read – from cooking to decorating, they are full of ideas.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the holidays and hope we can continue to have some great weather.

Happy reading xx







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One of those days … try weeks!

One-of-those-days images
Photo Credit: About A Bugg Blog

We all have them … you know those days where nothing is life-threatening, in fact, nothing serious at all has happened, but still …

As I’ve mentioned before if you read my twitter page @victoriajbrown or my facebook page you’ll see I’m a very positive person. I’m extremely grateful for all I have in my life … so why the need to write such a blog post about ‘one of those weeks’.

Well, I decided I needed to air off after the packet of blueberries I’ve just picked up in Tesco exploded across the whole aisle, hitting the woman in front of me, and enticed a small child to pick them up off the dirty fall! Then I stupidly said to his mum, ‘Don’t let him eat them!!’ What I meant to say was, ‘He’s going to eat them!’ Then she could decide whether she would mind her son eating manky blueberries. But no, I dictated to her about her parenting skills, when I’m not exactly up there for the Parent of the Year Award! Luckily, she was lovely and just laughed, explaining she wished he would eat blueberries and that he was just helping, whereas her friend looked shocked, as if I’d just sworn at them!

So now I’m walking around with this open box of blueberries, looking for help, people staring at me as if I’d purposely opened them and started to throw them around. Which don’t get me wrong, I really felt like doing! If you’re reading this, and it was you who put those opened blueberries back … shame on you! Anyway, so after bashing one woman in the hip with my basket and then practically falling into another lady’s trolley because I came around the corner and was looking the other way! I decided to leave Tesco before I was arrested for disturbing the peace!

It just got me thinking about this whole week! Last week the kids were off school, (which is always lovely, but my work tends to come to a halt) and my youngest Gabriella wasn’t very well. So she ended up not going back to school until today, (so my work has been ‘halted’ even further!) She is still full of cold, but at 5 years old, when are they not? Anyway, as a side line, Gabriella always picks colds up and has problems with her ears, and I feel like we’re always back and forth to the doctors. I’m pleased Lexi is at school every day as I may have social services round! Anyway, I had a look online to see if anyone else had the same problems. (God, what did we do without Google?) I came across a chatroom where a lady had recommended a book called ‘Boost Your Child’s Immune System‘ by Lucy Burney. My copy has just arrived as I’m writing this. So I’ll keep you posted on how we get on!

Last week the washing machine also broke. I’ve rang ‘the washing machine man’ (yes, he is in my phone as this), he came out and couldn’t fix it. But managed to fix my dishwasher that hasn’t been working for over 2 years. Well for a day at least, as when I started to use it, my eyes started to sting, (now I know this feeling well, as I burn quite a bit of food! It was that sensation …) So yes, one wash later, the main fan had burnt out! So not that this affects me really, as we haven’t used one for 2 years … but oh so close!

As I write this I’m waiting for another ‘washing machine man’ to arrive. I have washing from one end of the house to the other! Hope I don’t get any uninvited guests, my usually welcoming home smells like a sewer pit! Okay exaggerated, but I’m not sure my joss sticks are keeping out the smell of dirty undies!

This week we are also looking after my friend’s puppy, Betsy (sorry Sarah, had to mention little Betsy), who is lush, but having Daisy ourselves who is now aged 7, I’d forgotten what having a younger dog is all about! I should be mega fit … she chews everything, but I’m sure she is doing it for a game of ‘chase me, chase me’; coloured pencils are her favourite, hairbands, kids toys … if it’s on the floor (well, actually it could be on the table, if she can reach it, it’s her’s!) So we’ve had an amusing week of ‘catch and chase’. My girls adore her. But today we are on our own, Betsy and I, and at this moment in time all is quiet, she is laid next to my feet on her little bed! However, ten minutes ago, I saw her putting her head through the football net that is keeping her in our garden (another long story but we have a broken fence and six months later it’s still not repaired!). I thought she could just get her head through … oh no, half her body was through! But don’t worry Sarah. All is well 🙂 She is gorgeous really. In fact, my girls now want a puppy because she’s more playful that Daisy. And she has made us laugh. She’s a lovely little thing. I love the way she jumps away from things she doesn’t understand, barks at the television when other dogs are barking and twists her head when we talk to her. Sarah will be lucky to get her back 🙂 Oooohhhh might have to pretend she’s escaped through the net 🙂

So anyway, I just had to off-load. As I said nothing major has really happened … it’s just one of those weeks where I’m on that treadmill … I could mention so much more … but I’d probably bore you. Without getting serious, because that’s not really in my nature, ‘life’s far too short to take yourself seriously’, so if you do, STOP! I know, it’s easier said than done sometimes, but when you’re in a frustrating situation try to turn it on its head, what benefits have happened from this situation? Usually there is one.

For example, I made someone’s morning, by scattering blueberries across the aisle, one lady found it highly hilarious because it usually happens to her. My washing machine is giving someone else some work, and working from home has allowed me to stay at home with Gabriella while she’s been poorly. But positive spiel over, and yes I’m truly utterly grateful for all that I have, but it has been one of those weeks where you just have to laugh … or drink wine!

Think I’ll do both 🙂









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Guest Post by Erin Brady

One Last Blind DateI welcome Erin Brady onto my blog today. Totally honored to have Erin here 🙂

I’ve already purchased this book … I love the sound it. Hope you do too 🙂

One Last Blind Date!

I am very excited to announce the release of my next book, “One Last Blind Date.” The story centers around Sarah Jenkins who, on her thirtieth birthday, gets a six-month subscription to an online dating service as a gift from her best friend. She’s not exactly thrilled with her present. After all, she had hoped for a new handbag or a trip to a tropical destination instead. But “happily married” Amy thinks she’s doing Sarah a big favor by throwing her into the dating pool, feet first and without a life vest, regardless of whether she’s ready to swim or not. Sarah is perfectly happy with her life and her career, but decides to give the service a try, if only for her friend’s sake. Besides, it’s the one gift that can’t be returned!

I can certainly sympathize with Sarah’s dating problems. I’d like to think we all can. Although it’s ancient history now, I certainly remember (like it was only yesterday) the anxiety I felt about dating and trying to find my soul mate. It was nerve wracking having friends and family set me up with guys they thought were perfect for me, but whom I knew nothing about. It was, at times, painful, but always comical. I can laugh about it now, but it took several years of therapy to get over it 🙂 It was interesting to see that the person they thought was Mr. Perfect for me was, in I was having lunch with a friend of mine a few months ago when the idea for this book dropped on my lap. She was sharing all of her online dating misadventures and I thought to myself, there’s definitely a storyline there. We’ve all been through this. We can all certainly identify with Sarah and her journey of one blind date after another after another. We can relate. Why not write about these dates and the journey of finding love while being true to yourself at the same time?

So I went home and started documenting my friend’s dates, as well as mine and a dozen other friends’ and, before I knew it (I couldn’t type the words fast enough), I had a book. A wonderful potpourri of pieced-together dates.

The finished product: It’s a light, romantic comedy and, hopefully to my readers, a good beach read!


YOU CAN BUY ONE LAST BLIND DATE HERE – I’m really looking forward to reading it 🙂



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Inspiring my Home

If you follow my blogs, books, facebook and twitter you’ll probably have noticed I’m quite obsessed with inspirational quotes.

I regularly tweet my own quotes, plus those that I love from other people. I’ve collected many over the years and put them into 3 annual books.

I love them that much I wanted our whole family to keep feeling inspired, and anyone who walks into our home, that I’ve been placing them around our home!

I’m so excited I just had to show you all …

positive life

“You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind”

This quote is in the kitchen and noticed by everyone as soon as they walk in 🙂





go confidently


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined”

This one is above my desk! Inspiring me as I work! Along with my Buddha who looks over me 🙂





to love


“After the verb ‘to love’, ‘to help’ is the most beautiful verb in the world”

I’m even inspiring people when they go to the toilet 🙂





pls excuse the mess



“Please excuse the mess our family is making memories”

I simply couldn’t resist this one 🙂



There’s still a few more to come, so I’ll keep sharing. If anyone is interested in ‘inspiring their home’ I purchased these from Feature Wall Art. You can make up your own, or use one of theirs.

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5* Reviews from Book Bloggers on my Awesome Book Tour!

These last two weeks have been so amazing!

Here’s just a few comments from book bloggers:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was genuinely gutted when it ended, thank goodness I still have books 2 and 3 to read.  Highly recommend this book to anybody who loves chick lit that goes a bit deeper”

“I could not put this book down as I was genuinely interested in what Kat was going through. She is a very strong character …”

“I find it hard to believe that this is Victoria J Brown’s first novel as the writing just flows and the style is very accomplised”

“I absolutely loved Victoria’s debut novel – and as I say that I still cannot quite believe that this is her debut! How My Life Became Chaos really drew me in and gripped me to the pages”

“Considering the high heels and other woman stuff on the cover of the book I thought that this would be a good rom-com book – laugh out loud, but I got really awesome book with many tears”

When I started on this virtual book tour organised by Fiction Addiction Book Tours (check out their website to find out about my Buy One Get One Free offer!), I’ll be honest I was a little worried that the book bloggers wouldn’t like How My Life Became Chaos. Writing and reading is very subjective. I’ve had amazing support from family and friends, really encouraging me by reading my book and giving me 5* reviews. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support I’ve received.

But putting my work out there for people who don’t know me is quite daunting. I know they don’t have to be nice. They can’t rave about every book as no-one would trust their reviews, so it just feels so amazing to have all 6 book bloggers involved in my tour give me such awesome reviews.

I’m still BUZZING!

You can read the reviews here: And don’t miss out – if you buy HOW MY LIFE BECAME CHAOS before April 27th, email me and I’ll send you WILL THE CHAOS END for FREE!

Crooks on Books

Beckie’s Book Mix

Books are my Life

All things Bookie

A Novel Thought with Jess

JGR Writer






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My guest post on Jera’s Jamboree

My virtual book starts from the 31st March 2014 – I’m very excited to be working with Shaz Goodwin from Fiction Addiction Book Tours

Here’s my guest post on her website: HOW DO YOU KEEP THE MOTIVATION GOING?

Enjoy xx



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A weekend at Centre Parcs

santa workshopWhen I was younger I didn’t have many parties. In fact I remember only having one, and still my mum being quite stressed about the whole thing. When I had my own two girls I decided they would have the birthday parties I never had. But as the years have passed (bearing in mind they are only young) I understand why my mum didn’t throw us parties. If you’re a parent, how many times have you thought, ‘I’m not doing this again!’. Then the next year appears and it’s as if we’ve been brainwashed, forgetting all the hassle, the time and most importantly the cost.

Well, having 2 little people, with birthdays that are only 2 weeks apart and so close to Chrimbo, I ‘ummed and ahhed’ about the whole party thing. Did I do a joint party? (Which I’ve done and fitting 30 kids into my house was not one of my better ideas). Do I do it separately? (It all blends into a mad chaotic couple of weeks). So I asked them if they’d like to go away to Centre Parcs instead of having a party. After explaining about the Winter Wonderland, visiting Santa and numerous other activities we could enjoy, both were so excited. It was a done deal.

So that’s where we were this weekend: Whinfell Forest in Cumbria. If you’ve never been, you really must put this on your bucket list. Accompanied by my in-laws, brother-in-law and his family, we had such a great time. We didn’t want to leave!

Having been twice before, the first time about 7 years ago and the second time about 5 years ago, it hadn’t changed much but it was still so amazing, and at some point they must have refurbished the whole place, as it looked brand-new.

There are so many activities to do at Centre Parcs anytime of the year, but at Christmas time there is so much more. My girls and their cousins ages range from 15 months-10 years, reindeerand I thought that it would be difficult to find something they would all enjoy together. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We attended a ‘Design your own stocking workshop’. The girls enjoyed decorating a card stocking, a foam stocking and a large felt stocking. Fantastic keepsakes. They all enjoyed visiting Santa in his Workshop. He was one of the funniest Santa’s we’ve seen. Getting their names mixed up just made them laugh so much; mistaking Megan for Albert had them giggling. I was impressed that they all received gifts fitting for their age. But the best part was getting their photo taken with Santa, which we received in a lovely Christmas frame. The girls were enthralled by Sleeping Beauty’s pantomime. It was excellent. They were mesmerised all the way through. The actors were brilliant and really made us feel part of the play.

It didn’t stop there. On the Sunday night, Centre Parcs put on the most amazing firework display. There was no expense spared. And to top it off, Santa floated past in a boat and waved to us all. It was so exhilarating to say the least. The crowd forming together, all united by these shooting sparkling lights. It felt so good to be part of it.

fireworksCentre Parcs offer a tour through their Enchanted Forest. We decided to do our own little walk on the Sunday night, it was so magical. Watching Donner and Blitzen munching on their food, listening to the different characters singing in their little wooden huts and looking above to see the frosted snowy trees, it was all we could ask for to finish off our last night. Perfect.hut

There is so much to do, although we spent some of the time in the swimming pool. The older kids loving the range of water slides, while I happily spent my time with my youngest on the smaller ones 🙂 We laughed and screamed with delight with the other guests as the wave machine sent us flying across the waters, and experiencing the warmth of the pool in the outside air was so much fun.

The rest of the family had to leave early on the Monday morning, however, we decided to stay and use some more of the facilities. After a game of bowling and eating in the pizzeria, we decided to call it day when our girls were dropping!

I can honestly say this was so much better than throwing 2 parties, that would have cost us more, and would be over in 2 hours (and that’s not even thinking about the mess). The girls have decided they want to do this every year for their birthdays, but unfortunately this is not something that we’ll be able to do for them … yes, due to the new ‘no holiday’ ruling! This I will rant about on another blog, another time. I felt the need to share this experience, as if there was anyone out there wanting to do something a bit different and have a fun-packed weekend (or week), Centre Parcs offers so much for so many ages. We will definitely be looking at going again.



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Interview with Santa

santaNot sure if many of you know this, but I write for the Primary Times (Tees Valley) and have been doing so for about 2 years. I love doing the editorials, but this month was extra-special for me! You’ll never guess who I interviewed … Santa! Yes, the one and only. And no he didn’t come round for a cup of tea like my daughters asked, we spoke over the internet … technology these days is just so amazing 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to share the interview with you, as it’s a very exciting time, and I’m sure your little ones would love to know how Santa loves singing and what he wants you to leave for him on Christmas Eve.

If you haven’t got a magazine to hand, check out the Primary Times website.

Enjoy the read xx

photo credit: