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How writing can be therapy to the soul; Do you have a book inside of you?

Credit: A Beautiful Mind

Writing can be therapeutic; as Psychology Today bloggers, Randi Kreger and Rochelle Melander point out, “Many psychological and medical studies have shown that writing about difficulties and dreams helps people experience increased happiness, health, and productivity.”

When we have lots of things going around in our mind, we often can’t sort through them. When the mind feels chaotic, it does affect the body and soul. If you can soothe your soul, the rest will follow.

One of the best ways to do this is through writing. Therapeutic and self-reflective writing are excellent ways to express your emotions. There are many therapeutic exercises on my blog. If you click through the A-Z you’ll find exercises for certain subjects. If you feel you have a blockage in an area of your life, have a look through and see if you can relate to any of the subjects. Have fun doing this, don’t put pressure on yourself. My exercises help to give you an avenue to start expressing yourself. You don’t need to show anyone these writings, you can keep them or throw them away.

If you feel like your head is in the middle of a motorway, then letting all this go onto paper is an amazing release. Research has shown that writing down our thoughts does help to clear our thoughts: it can help put things into perspective, see things more clearly and prioritise. The latter isn’t saying some thoughts don’t matter, however, there could be thoughts that are murking the waters.

For example, are you worried about the outcome of a situation? Are you stressing about things that haven’t happened yet? If this is the case, when you’re releasing these thoughts, write about the outcome you desire. Write as if you’ve received this outcome. Imagine the emotions and joy you would feel if you were at peace.

Writing is very powerful, many authors have created fictional stories through their own life experiences. When I was studying for my MA in Creative Writing, the saying, ‘Write what you know’, was used quite often. You can read more about, ‘Writing what you know,’ by Joanna Penn here. (It is one of her older posts, however, it is still very useful in terms of how authors bring personal experiences into their writing). My fiction books draw in life experiences, I love turning real-life into fiction, as it can help the reader, especially if they identify with a situation within my books.

Simply putting pen to paper is amazing for your soul. We need to take care of our inner selves so that our outer selves can shine. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or even if your writing makes sense … just write and get those thoughts, emotions and experiences down on paper.

There is probably a book deep inside of you.

You can see my previous blog post on following your soul here


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How To Become The Most Courageous You – A to Z Inspirational Blog; C is for Courage with Courage Quotes and Therapeutic Writing

A-Z Inspirational Journey 

This week’s inspirational word


Courage plays a huge part in how our lives develop. If you let fear take over, you will not live to your full potential. You will miss out on some wonderful opportunities. Opportunities that would allow you to live the life you probably so wish to have.

You’ll know by now, that I believe we all have a purpose, which stems from our passion, our reason for being. However, many people don’t follow their passion because they don’t think they are good enough. We have voices in our heads telling us; don’t be so silly, you’d never be good at that, or what will other people think? What if we fail? We don’t deserve this happiness … and many other random thoughts that stop us being who we are meant to be … sound familiar? Well, meet your ego!

Imagine you are coming from a place of love, which is our soul purpose … and then imagine your ego isn’t! Your ego doesn’t want you to succeed. Don’t let it win. Imagine you saw a child in the playground being bullied, cruel words being thrown at this poor innocent human being … what would you do? I’m hoping you’d stand in and save this child. Imagine that child is you and your ego is just hurling this abuse, making you feel small, vulnerable and scared. What are you going to say to that ego of yours? Back off … Just back right off. Now, tell yourself …

Use the above as a daily affirmation, it will help to instil a belief in yourself. Courage to move forward into the life you should be living.

Who we are meant to be is deep within, our purpose is to serve … you can only serve by following your true desires. Your passion is a gift for you to use. In some way or another, it will serve you and others. So have the courage to follow this passion.

Therefore, you need to ignore that ego of yours and follow your heart. You must have courage. Having the courage to ignore all the doubts, the nay-sayers, the mood-hoovers and all that negativity that can seep into your pores will give you such happiness and joy. Replace all this negativity with love, remember you are here to serve … this means you have a job to do while you’re here and you will know what that job already is. Now it’s your turn to ignore that egotistical ego of yours, surround it with a warm loving hug and let your courage soar.

This week’s self-reflective therapeutic creative writing exercise,

Free writing exercise; answer these 2 questions …

What do you wish you had the courage to do? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Write from your heart. Include everything you would love to achieve. Don’t leave anything out. Really push the boundaries with these questions. When you’ve finished, ask yourself what you need to do to achieve these goals? What steps can you put in place to make it happen?

Have the courage to follow your dreams … your dreams are there for a reason. It is your purpose to fulfil them.

Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.

So be inspired daily with this

free inspirational guide.

Love & happiness to you always

Victoria xx

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How to Feel Blessed When You Are Feeling Unblessed – A to Z Inspirational Blog; B is for Blessed with Blessed Quotes and Therapeutic Writing

A-Z Inspirational Journey 

This week’s inspirational word


Do you often meander through life feeling as if you have problems to solve? Everything seems to be an issue? You’re not where you want to be in life? Do you hear yourself complaining about the smallest of things? But you feel irritated by these small things, that they don’t feel that small to you? In fact, you may have even answered, ‘No, I don’t complain about the small things …’ But actually when you put things into perspective they really are the small things.

Concentrating on what isn’t going right in your life is a sure way to bring more of ‘what isn’t going right in your life’ to you.

The best way to start counting your blessings is listing all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude will lead to more blessings. This is the way the Law of Attraction works. Once you understand this and see it working, you will get a buzz from counting your blessings.

Your weekly therapeutic creative writing exercise is below … even if you feel blessed, this exercise is definitely worth doing, as it will consciously bring forward all those things you are grateful for, which will lead to even more things to be grateful for … more blessings.

It’s going to take more than a therapeutic writing exercise for me to see my blessings … 

Does the above sound like something you would say? Do you really feel as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you really don’t know how to move forward? Sometimes we have to go through challenges to reach the other side. There are better outcomes once we’ve solved the issues that are holding us back.

If you haven’t read the Angels post from last week, do so when you can. I truly believe in every hardship, barrier or problem there is a lesson to be learnt. Our Angels don’t want to punish us, far from it, but they want us to live a better life and sometimes we can’t see that better life, because we think, ‘this is it?’ ‘How can things get better?’ It’s times like this you need to try and let go, concentrate on things you can do something about and truly look at the things that make your life blessed. Try thinking about being blessed without including material things … go deeper, spiritual and connect with a higher power.

Therapeutic Creative Writing Exercise

If you have a highlighter, it is very useful for this exercise.

I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to answer with one of the five answers below the question, quickly. Don’t think about your answer, just answer it …

  • How blessed do you feel?

1/Extremely Blessed     2/Blessed     3/Not quite sure     4/Not Blessed     5/You are so far from blessed you don’t think the word exists

Using the ‘free writing’ technique, try to expand on this, why do you feel the way you feel? For example; if you have written down that you don’t feel very blessed, try to explain these feelings to yourself by writing this down. If you have written down, you feel extremely blessed, write down why you feel so blessed. Whatever your answer, delve deeper.

It doesn’t matter how long you write for, what matters is that you write and try to get an understanding of how and where you are on the ‘feeling blessed’ scale.

So now, I want you to read over your thoughts and highlight anything negative. This isn’t me asking you to dismiss your feelings or emotions, this will help you understand how much your negative thoughts are taking over your positive thoughts. Ask yourself how much of your words are highlighted compared to your un-highlighted words. 

If you haven’t highlighted any words, well done! This means you are on the right track for counting your blessings. This should feel amazing. Keep hold of your script and in moments of doubt, read through these thoughts.

If you have highlighted words, this is absolutely fine and perfectly normal. This is why I’ve created these exercises, to help you develop a positive mindset, even in those times when you don’t feel so blessed.

Firstly look at the highlighted words and ask yourself can I do anything about them? If you can do something about them, great … write down what you ARE going to do. This in itself is a blessing. Some problems have no solution, we have to ride out the wave and wait patiently. But even then, all is not lost, concentrate on the things you CAN do something about.

Once you have completed the above, now write down 20 blessings in your life … from the fact you can get up on a morning to the natural beauty that surrounds us. The last part of this exercise is great when sitting outside in nature. Gratitude is one of the most important elements in creating a life of blessings. Once you start to appreciate that you are truly blessed by simply being, you will feel elevated to a wonderful spiritual level of divine existence.

If you can practice daily becoming more attuned to your spiritual self, you will find yourself feeling truly blessed always. This doesn’t mean problems and barriers won’t come your way, but how you deal with them will make life much easier, because you’ll always remember how blessed you truly are.

Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.

So be inspired daily with this

free inspirational guide.

Love & happiness to you always

Victoria xx

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Inspirational Word of the Week: VIBRANT – Top 10 Vibrant Quotes



Once you’ve read these, why not have a go at this week’s inspirational vibrancy task. You can also click back to the therapeutic creative writing exercise that will help you become more vibrant.

If you’d like to digitally download any of the above quotes, in a classy elegant blank print, to display around your home or office …


You can also see the ‘vibrancy message’ we are spreading through inspirational clothing, as you never know who needs to see your message.

If you’d like to spread some vibrancy …

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Clothing that spreads appreciation inspirational messages … available in MANY different colours.

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Do you want to become more vibrant? You can read the previous vibrancy blog here, as with all inspirational words from our A-Z journey it features a therapeutic creative writing exercise.

Ask yourself: How do people feel when they’ve left your company?

Have you heard the term ‘mood hoovers’ – these are the people that drain you when you talk to them. You’ve heard the term, ‘they’ve got a problem for every solution!’ Are you that person?

This week is simple. Do not complain. It’s that simple.

If you feel yourself going to complain or just have a little whine … STOP! If you are going to update someone on your life and you feel it’s not going to plan, for example, you are looking for a new job and you’ve not quite got there yet, don’t complain, just cheerily say, ‘I’m working on it.’ Once you start doing this, you will also lift your thoughts to a higher place and the universe is always listening. The Law of Attraction is always working. When you realise this, you’ll never think a negative thought again. You’ll never complain again.

Once you instil this way of thinking, you can’t help but become a vibrant person, because everything is done out of love!

We all have days that drive us crazy and things don’t go to plan, but when you actually ask yourself, ‘Is it the end of the world?’ Put things into perspective and start looking for the positive in life.

This week, show gratitude, love and joy. NO COMPLAINING ALLOWED THIS WEEK!

As always, my mini message to you and why I love inspirational quotes … (I repeat this message on these blogs, as I truly want people to look at the positives in life and focus on the good. By reiterating that here, if it helps at least one person, then this blog is worth it)

I truly hope you get something from my words. When I was at my lowest, I inundated myself with quotes. I even started my own spreadsheet of quotes. I remember updating my spreadsheet while sitting in one of the spare bedrooms of my in-laws’ house, my two-year-old cuddled up to me, while my newborn laid in the crib next to the bed. I remember thinking, I have to stay positive. We have to get through this period of helplessness; lost businesses, family disputes, mental health problems, financial wreckage … it was safe to say, I was so grateful to my in-laws for putting a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, as I’m not sure where we would have ended up. I keep this short, as this part of my life is a novel in itself. But I want you to know, life is full of lessons … it’s up to us to face those challenges, knock down those barriers and keep going. Staying positive is easier said than done when you’re faced with daily struggles, but I trained my brain to only look at the bright side and block out the negative. By doing this, the Universe showed me that I can have all that I dream of and life can be magical, miracles do happen and life can be pretty awesome.

I developed my spreadsheets into daily inspirational quote books. A few years later, when I started my MA in Creative Writing, I totally connected with reflective writing. Hence the reason, I developed therapeutic creative writing exercises on my blog.

Since then, I’ve never given up on inspirational messages. I love them; I wake up to them, I go to sleep with them. I have my own affirmations. I want everyone to know the power of the mind. The power that you have to inspire yourself and others, no matter how much you feel this can’t happen for you. Trust me, from someone who felt the same, it can happen for you. YOU can make it happen. Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working, so if you feel negative things are happening in your world, listen to your thoughts, look for things to be grateful for, look for things to appreciate and watch your world become blessed with miracles and magic.


To help you along,

you can download my

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Fill yourself with positive thoughts and watch the negativity fade away.

How we see these messages can be through various forms, but sometimes people are not looking for them  … but they need them. This was one of the reasons I created my online inspirational clothing store, as you never know who needs to see the messages & how it could help them at that moment in time.

I hope you find something that will help spread love, inspiration and encouragement.

Happy browsing, sending you love, happiness and joy always



Victoria is a women’s fiction author, published by Bombshell Books. 

Following her own dreams, she was ecstatic to be published by Bombshell Books. The 2nd in the ‘myself series’ was released at the end of September. She hopes by writing her inspirational blog and promoting her inspiring clothing, she will help others pursue their goals. Spreading love and positivity always.

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Inspirational Words: How to welcome challenges into your life

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

W is for


Today I wanted to talk to you about welcoming challenges into your life … you may be thinking that doesn’t sound very positive! How on earth can challenges be positive?

Challenges are draining, exhausting, depressing … sound familiar?

Well, in this blog post I want you to think about challenges in a completely different light. I want you to imagine that the challenges you are facing are the pinnacle of what will make your life better.

Credit: Like Success

You may feel as if this is not possible, your challenges are far too big. But I’ll ask one question: Are you seriously ill? If you are, I send you all the love in the world and wish you a healthy future. I truly appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you find some inspiration from the posts. I’d also advise you go to the Hay House website, if you haven’t already and read ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay, and you can also read Louise Hay Interview with The Telegraph here (the journalist is a little bit sceptical but you can’t knock Louise Hay for her vibrant, inspiring encouragement). I’m not saying Louise Hay will cure you, but she will help you look at life a little differently.

So if you’re not seriously ill but are facing challenges that are making you ill, such as financial pressure, work difficulties, relationship problems, there is way to look at these aspects of your life differently. You may feel I’ve lightened your issues by asking if you’re seriously ill – quite the opposite. I understand the sleepless nights, the physically feeling sick with worry, the head that aches because you feel as if it’s in a vice … yes, hands-up, I’ve been there. I’ve been at a point where my problems have made me ill.

But since learning about the Law of Attraction and positive thinking I’ve realised that sweating the small, or big stuff, can actually make things a whole lot worse. It’s best to let it all go and welcome any disruptions, challenges or changes head on. Imagine they are there for a reason.

Credit: Quote Master

Now, that’s not me saying ignore the problems in your life, bury them under your skin, don’t let them affect you, that will never work because then they become deep rooted issues, issues that take over your world unconsciously, which is worse than addressing them and thinking about them consciously. Now don’t get me wrong, I still face challenges … I bet Louise Hay, and her team, still have a challenge or two, however, it’s how we deal with these challenges that makes the difference to our lives.

Credit: Sendable Quotes

Imagine if you were to welcome and embrace any challenge into your life, imagine you were going to learn something from the challenge. Welcome the change it will bring to you.

In this week’s therapeutic writing exercise, let’s look at:


1/ WRITE DOWN YOUR CHALLENGES: Write down what challenges you are facing at the moment, this could be a list of more than one challenge, an individual sentence will be sufficient at this stage.

2/ TAKE ONE CHALLENGE APART: Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with a particular challenge that we can’t face welcoming it, because we don’t know where it starts or ends. So break it down. Take one of your challenges, maybe at this stage one of the challenges that you feel may be easily fixed, as this will encourage you to move onto more challenging challenges. Bullet point the parts that are upsetting you, making you angry or making you feel helpless.

3/ ACKNOWLEDGE THOSE FEELINGS: Why am I asking you to acknowledge these feelings? Because these are the feelings that are holding you back. You can’t move on and face these challenges while you keep all this anger, worthlessness or whatever it is you’re feeling, pent-up inside of you. You must welcome those feelings. Those feelings are there for a reason, so they must be welcomed so you can help solve the challenges.

So acknowledge that you are angry because … or you are hurt because …

Write these feelings down. Scribble away at this stage to your heart’s content. Imagine you are John Coffey from the Green Mile, releasing all those awful bugs and letting go of the nastiness. Dramatic? But whatever helps you understand you are a wonderful being and that all this ‘stuff’ isn’t you, then imagine releasing the toxins in the best way you see fit. Imagine as your pen scrawls across the paper you are releasing the toxins: the bugs.


Now, let’s look at what you can learn from the challenges. Imagine these challenges are happening for a reason, they are part of your life lessons. Ask yourself questions to help prompt some answers, such as:

  • Should you be more grateful?
  • Are you focusing on too many negatives?
  • Are you looking at all opportunities available to you?
  • What can YOU DO to make your days better?
  • Are you in the wrong job?
  • What job would you like to do?
  • Do you need to make more effort in your relationship or do you need to move on?

I understand these are basic questions that may feel like I’m making light of certain challenges, but these basic questions can lead to your wants; they can help you focus on the solution rather than the problem. Too many people focus on the negative rather than the positive (you can read the positive thoughts post here) which can lead to them thinking their challenges are bigger than they are. Again, that’s not me dismissing what you’re feeling, as our emotions make us heightened to what is actually bothering us. However, let’s take these challenges and ask yourself, ‘What welcomed learning can I take from this?’ What have you learnt, or can you learn, from the challenges you are facing? What can you welcome into your life from these challenges?

5/ MEDITATE: Okay, you may be thinking, how can I meditate now you’ve just let me overload about how upset I am? And what I can learn from things … I’ve now too much to think about … if these are your thoughts … STOP!

At this stage breathe. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. If you haven’t mastered the art of meditation, this is the time in your life to start. Meditation will help you release all that pent-up overload that is fogging your brain. Meditation will help you release negativity and fill you with positivity. It helps to unload all that blackness that could actually be creating the challenges that don’t need to be there. You must welcome calmness into your life to enable you to learn anything from your challenges.

6/ TURN YOUR LEARNING INTO AFFIRMATIONS: If you’ve read my blog posts you’ll know that I’m a lover of affirmations. I surround myself with positivity. My office walls are full of inspiring messages. I awake to affirmations by my bedside. I have affirmations at my desk. I have affirmations everywhere. I must mention, Louise Hay again, but she is the ultimate guru on affirmations. So this is where you can really turn your challenge into a positive. Write out what you want from these challenges, for example,

  • I am so grateful for … (fill in blank: work, family, relationship etc.)
  • I am in a loving relationship.
  • I am financially-free.
  • I am a grateful, positive person who sees the good in all.

You decide what it is you want from your life. You decide what you can learn from these challenges.

Get excited about the challenges and seek something from them, it’ll be there waiting for you to discover it and you should welcome the learning with open arms.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

If you’d like help in surrounding yourself with positivity, you can download your very own FREE inspirational guide here.