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How To Be Your Most Radiant Self


I love the quote above by Jane Seymour. Think about this quote and think about someone you would describe as radiant.

Think about this person and ask yourself, what makes them radiant?

If you are thinking about the way they dress or how they look, then you are missing the point of radiance … because radiance comes from within.

Credit: Image by MinistaJazz on Pixabay

Radiance is the person who smiles, laughs and brings energy with them that is infectious.

Often, radiance can be wiped from us due to everyday life getting in the way (that treadmill I talk about). From the 9-5 mundane job you are stuck in, to the busy schedule of family life. The only thing radiating from many people by the end of the day is tiredness.

So how can you become more radiant and spread that radiance to others?

Credit: Image by jill111 on Pixabay


Firstly, think about your life?

Is there something that drags you down?

Can you change this?

Sometimes we can’t. Sometimes we have to take a new perspective on the ‘thing’ that is affecting our radiance. Changing your thoughts to a situation can give you renewed energy.

Here’s a little exercise to get you started:

  1. Write down the things you can change: a quick change, or a change that will happen over a period of time.
  2. Write down a plan to how you can make these changes: writing down your thoughts, emotions and plans is a great way to become focused on the task at hand. If a certain change needs a long time-frame, write down the steps needed to make this change happen.
  3. Now, write down the things you can’t change, as much as you would like to, but you feel these things can’t be changed.
  4. Look at the things you can’t change and write down the positive aspects. Change the way you look at these things, think about how you could embrace them into your life, how can you view these things from a different perspective. This task may be hard, but you will be able to draw something from this. Learning to love whatever life throws at you, helps to release good energy rather than negative dull energy that will affect other areas of your life.

We often wake up on a morning, with all the tasks we’ve got to complete, things we’ve got to do … pulling ourselves from our bed, we then put ourselves on autopilot and make our way through the day. Sound familiar?

One of the best ways to start your day is with gratitude …

Credit: Image by johnhain on Pixabay

Before you get out of bed on a morning, think about the things you are grateful for in your life. Say thank-you aloud. If you can jump out of bed shouting ‘thank-you’ you’ll soon notice a difference in your mood … and people will soon notice your radiance.

Here are a few more tips on how you can become more radiant:

1. Practise mindfulness: You can practise mindfulness through meditation, or simply look through my blog, there are several blog posts that will help you practise mindfulness. From finding your quiet, to soothing your soul, plus there are plenty of therapeutic writing exercises.

2. Rise above your troubles: Life sometimes throws us a curveball, but often situations arise because they have a deeper meaning. The best way to do this, is to ask yourself: what am I learning from this situation? What can I be grateful for? How will this situation affect me in a year’s time? What can you do to make the situation better? Challenge yourself, fight your way through … get up every morning with a smile and a grateful heart and your radiance will shine through. 

3. Connect with others: When you’re out and about smile at others. A smile, a friendly hello or a small interaction with someone who crosses your path during the day, can give you an energetic boost. Don’t underestimate the power of connecting with others to increase your mood, this will inevitably lead to you becoming more radiant.

Making a conscious effort to be more radiant by bringing all of the above together. This is sure to bring out a radiance that will shine onto others.

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A-Z Inspirational Journey 

This week’s inspirational word


Do you know anyone who pours with radiance? Is there anyone who sticks in your mind as a positive, happy person who always looks on the bright side life? Wouldn’t you like to be that person? Wouldn’t you like to be the person who shines so bright, people need sunglasses on to talk to you. I joke … but think about it … how wonderful it would be to be the person who makes others feel great.

People who are radiant aren’t the most attractive, most beautiful on the outside … radiance doesn’t come from outer appearance, it comes from within. The most attractive and beautiful people are those who are radiant from the inside. People who share their inner radiance with others. They spread it around like glitter, their sparkle is left upon others when they leave their company.

So this may all sound fluffy and a bit far-fetched, but think about it … there are people who you will meet and they are always happy. They are always radiant and positive. What we need to understand is, these people have chosen this radiance, no matter what has happened in their life, they have chosen to be positive and spread their joy. Just because they are loving, caring and happy people, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been through any adversity, it means they have chosen to look on the bright side of life. They have chosen to live through love and gratefulness.

Audrey Hepburn, an amazing soul, once said, ‘True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows.’ Here, she is talking about a woman’s radiance. Those that come from a place of love show their radiance through their actions. This doesn’t just go for women obviously, men too can be radiant. Personality and character are the things people remember. The way you made someone feel is what they will remember about you, whether you’re a man or a woman … you will be remembered for your presence.

Do you want to be remembered as the person who always had problems or the mood-hoover who sucks the life out of people with your negativity? I truly hope not … I truly hope you want to be remembered as the person who gives always, always comes from a place of love, the person people like to be around … the person that when people leave your company, they feel warm, light and refreshed.

How do you become more radiant? Again, I go back to basics, start with your gratitude list. Your gratitude list gives you a reason to be happy. Focus on what is important in your life, what do you appreciate? What makes your life amazing? What makes you happy? When you focus on the good in life, you can’t help but become more radiant. Your joy will seep through and it is your job to spread this joy. It is your job to soak up your radiance and sprinkle it around.

In this week’s therapeutic writing exercise imagine you a bright light that inspires others.

You are shining from within, your glow is contagious, you spread love, joy and happiness wherever you go. People want to be like you. You inspire people. You are the person that makes people feel wonderful when they’ve left your company …

Free-write about how this feels. How would it feel to make people feel like they too can shine within? They too can be as radiant as you? This exercise is about feeling that joy from within, this exercise is about feelings … how wonderful it would be to spread your radiance. Feel it … and write about it.

Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.

So be inspired daily with this

free inspirational guide.

Love & happiness to you always

Victoria xx