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One of those days … try weeks!

One-of-those-days images
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We all have them … you know those days where nothing is life-threatening, in fact, nothing serious at all has happened, but still …

As I’ve mentioned before if you read my twitter page @victoriajbrown or my facebook page you’ll see I’m a very positive person. I’m extremely grateful for all I have in my life … so why the need to write such a blog post about ‘one of those weeks’.

Well, I decided I needed to air off after the packet of blueberries I’ve just picked up in Tesco exploded across the whole aisle, hitting the woman in front of me, and enticed a small child to pick them up off the dirty fall! Then I stupidly said to his mum, ‘Don’t let him eat them!!’ What I meant to say was, ‘He’s going to eat them!’ Then she could decide whether she would mind her son eating manky blueberries. But no, I dictated to her about her parenting skills, when I’m not exactly up there for the Parent of the Year Award! Luckily, she was lovely and just laughed, explaining she wished he would eat blueberries and that he was just helping, whereas her friend looked shocked, as if I’d just sworn at them!

So now I’m walking around with this open box of blueberries, looking for help, people staring at me as if I’d purposely opened them and started to throw them around. Which don’t get me wrong, I really felt like doing! If you’re reading this, and it was you who put those opened blueberries back … shame on you! Anyway, so after bashing one woman in the hip with my basket and then practically falling into another lady’s trolley because I came around the corner and was looking the other way! I decided to leave Tesco before I was arrested for disturbing the peace!

It just got me thinking about this whole week! Last week the kids were off school, (which is always lovely, but my work tends to come to a halt) and my youngest Gabriella wasn’t very well. So she ended up not going back to school until today, (so my work has been ‘halted’ even further!) She is still full of cold, but at 5 years old, when are they not? Anyway, as a side line, Gabriella always picks colds up and has problems with her ears, and I feel like we’re always back and forth to the doctors. I’m pleased Lexi is at school every day as I may have social services round! Anyway, I had a look online to see if anyone else had the same problems. (God, what did we do without Google?) I came across a chatroom where a lady had recommended a book called ‘Boost Your Child’s Immune System‘ by Lucy Burney. My copy has just arrived as I’m writing this. So I’ll keep you posted on how we get on!

Last week the washing machine also broke. I’ve rang ‘the washing machine man’ (yes, he is in my phone as this), he came out and couldn’t fix it. But managed to fix my dishwasher that hasn’t been working for over 2 years. Well for a day at least, as when I started to use it, my eyes started to sting, (now I know this feeling well, as I burn quite a bit of food! It was that sensation …) So yes, one wash later, the main fan had burnt out! So not that this affects me really, as we haven’t used one for 2 years … but oh so close!

As I write this I’m waiting for another ‘washing machine man’ to arrive. I have washing from one end of the house to the other! Hope I don’t get any uninvited guests, my usually welcoming home smells like a sewer pit! Okay exaggerated, but I’m not sure my joss sticks are keeping out the smell of dirty undies!

This week we are also looking after my friend’s puppy, Betsy (sorry Sarah, had to mention little Betsy), who is lush, but having Daisy ourselves who is now aged 7, I’d forgotten what having a younger dog is all about! I should be mega fit … she chews everything, but I’m sure she is doing it for a game of ‘chase me, chase me’; coloured pencils are her favourite, hairbands, kids toys … if it’s on the floor (well, actually it could be on the table, if she can reach it, it’s her’s!) So we’ve had an amusing week of ‘catch and chase’. My girls adore her. But today we are on our own, Betsy and I, and at this moment in time all is quiet, she is laid next to my feet on her little bed! However, ten minutes ago, I saw her putting her head through the football net that is keeping her in our garden (another long story but we have a broken fence and six months later it’s still not repaired!). I thought she could just get her head through … oh no, half her body was through! But don’t worry Sarah. All is well 🙂 She is gorgeous really. In fact, my girls now want a puppy because she’s more playful that Daisy. And she has made us laugh. She’s a lovely little thing. I love the way she jumps away from things she doesn’t understand, barks at the television when other dogs are barking and twists her head when we talk to her. Sarah will be lucky to get her back 🙂 Oooohhhh might have to pretend she’s escaped through the net 🙂

So anyway, I just had to off-load. As I said nothing major has really happened … it’s just one of those weeks where I’m on that treadmill … I could mention so much more … but I’d probably bore you. Without getting serious, because that’s not really in my nature, ‘life’s far too short to take yourself seriously’, so if you do, STOP! I know, it’s easier said than done sometimes, but when you’re in a frustrating situation try to turn it on its head, what benefits have happened from this situation? Usually there is one.

For example, I made someone’s morning, by scattering blueberries across the aisle, one lady found it highly hilarious because it usually happens to her. My washing machine is giving someone else some work, and working from home has allowed me to stay at home with Gabriella while she’s been poorly. But positive spiel over, and yes I’m truly utterly grateful for all that I have, but it has been one of those weeks where you just have to laugh … or drink wine!

Think I’ll do both 🙂









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Page2Stage Parties … and much more!

So last week I talked about Kids Parties. And yes, I’m still talking about them. As a parent it’s what life is about, isn’t it? 🙂

cinderellaActually I couldn’t resist writing this blog post … I wanted to share some party news that has pleased me.spiderman

Last week, my week got more interesting with kids parties when we attended a pony party! My 7 year old, Lexi, loved it! But before we left, my hubby said to her, ‘I know what you’re going to ask when you’re finished, and the answer is NO!’ She had no clue what he was talking about until the party was over.

‘I want to start horse riding …’ she said as soon as we got in the car to leave!

So we had a chat and I soon talked her out of that one! Not that I’m being a cruel parent, but if this was something she was passionate about I’d encourage it. But it simply isn’t. She hadn’t mentioned it before and she hasn’t mentioned it since. Thankfully!

Anyway, this got me thinking about kids parties and how it might drum up some interest for them to start new activities. As this also happened with Gabriella recently too, but luckily her new little adventure was a lot cheaper than horse riding!

In my blog, Ideas for Kids Parties, I mentioned a company called PAGE2STAGE, who do fantastic princess and superhero parties. Well, I found out that they also have a stage school too! So Gabriella joined just last week and absolutely loved it. The class lasted for an hour Jasmineand a half, split into all princesssinging, dancing and acting. If you live in the Tees Valley area, this company is definitely worth checking out. Kelly who runs the company is so lovely, having little ones herself, she totally gets them. The more I looked into Page2Stage, I was surprised by what they have going on! They have a Frozen Ball coming up, they are involved with Stockton International Riverside Festival and they have their own showcase every year.

To see their awesome reviews, check out the page2stage facebook page.

So I can honestly say this is one party that I’m pleased we went too. If you don’t live in the Tees Valley area (or the UK!) and you’re invited to a party similar to Page2Stage make sure you check out if they do any other activities.

However, if you do live in the Tees Valley area, Page2Stage is definitely worth checking out. I mean, come on, a Frozen Ball – how cool is that? Oh to be little again 🙂

I just had to share this, as I’m very pleased we found them 🙂


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Ideas for Kids Parties

kids parties 1
Photo Credit: LilSugar

Sometimes I think my kids have a better social life than me! They don’t think so, constantly asking, ‘Who are we seeing today?’ ‘What should we do today?’ ‘Where are we going today?’ Yes, even on a school day, God forbid if I answer, ‘No-one,’ ‘Nothing,’ ‘Nowhere!’ At the ages of 7 and 5 years old they can do a very good impression of Kevin and Perry!

Many weekends, like most parents, are taken up with kids parties and sometimes, let’s be honest, it can get a bit endless. So you can imagine my own excitement when we attended a child’s party that involved the help of parents. This might sound hideous to some parents, but I’ll be honest, I’m not one of those parents who enjoys soft plays or lots of children running around playing ‘tig’ and bashing into each other! Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to catch up with other parents, but half the time that’s impossible when your child is stuck up high in some kind of contraption of ropes and tubes, or you’ve got to keep an eye on them as you try to ensure they don’t get belly flopped to the ground!

Photo Credit:

I digress a little, but I once took along Gabriella, and my goddaughter Eva, to a soft play party. Can you imagine my horror when Eva came down a slide, (when I say slide, it was the smallest slide ever, infact it was more like a small slope!) and collided with a boy’s head. Her lip came up four times bigger than it should be. I had to take her home mid-party. What a disaster, and although I knew there was nothing I could have done about it, I felt so guilty that it was under my watch! My friends were lovely about it, but still, I felt so awful!

Hopefully you can understand my caution. Not that I’m neurotic or anything …

Anyway, when we were invited to a Woodland Party, I thought this sounds like my type of thing! A party in the fresh air, building dens and making fires! Yes, I probably should have had boys!!! I didn’t actually tell my hubby about the party because I wanted to take Gabriella 🙂 . So we attended this party last Sunday … and it was awesome! So different. Little Joe had definitely picked a winner – for boys and girls!

It started with a little hunt, leading us to a camp in the middle of the forest. The company Acorn Antics were hosting the party & the leader Cathy was lovely. The parents got involved, helping the kids making dens, fire lighting, making little elves from sticks … it was all safe and controlled. The kids then had pizza and hot dogs which were heated on the fire. The kids were allowed to heat their own marshmallows on the fire (obviously supervised). It was such a refreshing idea. It was great to watch the kids and parents working together. Gabriella usually hates being cold, but she absolutely loved it. She couldn’t wait to tell Daddy, who was a little gutted he’d missed out. 🙁

Since this party, Gabriella has been obessed with her own birthday, constantly asking me what can she do for her birthday, although it’s not until November!

But it did get me thinking about parties. It’s nice to do something different for parties. I’m not saying be bigger, better and spending lots of money, as there are ways to have a unique party but not spend a fortune. So I had a bit of a research for us, to see what ideas are out there. Although, admittedly, there doesn’t seem to be much, maybe some of these ideas will help you to expand on your own:

page 2 stage
Photo Credit: Page2Stage

Hire a princess / or pirate party – PAGE2STAGE is an awesome company that have lookalike princesses. But they do so much more. Just tell them what you want and they’ll do their best to give your child the best party ever! Both my girls have attended parties hosted by these guys, a ‘One Direction Party’ & a ‘Pirate and Princess Party’. My girls absolutely loved both. I definitely recommend these guys.

Gymmanstics Party – Hire your local gymnastics venue OR set-up your own obstacle course in the back garden.

Sports Day Party – Set out some fun races in the garden, even get the parents involved by holding a ‘child & parent race’, or ‘mum’s race’ etc.

Craft Party – Help the children to make something in particular: a photoframe, a necklace etc. Something they can take home and keep. There are plenty of ideas on the internet, have a look at what would be suitable for your child’s party.

Baking Party – Let the children make their own cakes to take home.

A Cinema Party – We’ve attended a cinema party before, it was lovely. If it’s something you think you can’t really afford, or don’t want to spend so much, why not choose one of your child’s favourite films and host a movie party at home. Lots of cushions, popcorn and sweets, they’ll be in their element.

Photo Credit:

Tresure Hunt – You could design your own in a local park or in your own home/garden.

Christmas Party in the Summer – Kids love Christmas, why let them wait a whole year, get Santa to visit in the middle of the year!

Picnic Party – Hold a picnic party in the park. Play some old games, such as, rounders, swing ball etc.

Pet, Animal, Zoo or Farm Party – A great way to keep the kids entertained. Check to see if you have any local farms or zoos that interact with the kids, this would be a great educational party too. Some pet shops hold parties for children, this allows them to hold rabbits, guinea pigs or, for the more daring, snakes.

Skating Party – This obviously depends on age. But even the smaller ones can have a penguin to hold onto.

Science / Chemistry Party – Make something that involves powders and chemicals, such as, candles, soap, bath bombs or perfume. Usually better for older children, and would definitely need an adult to take control and lead.

Beach Party – If you’re lucky enough to have the weather, this is a great idea. Kids love the beach. And they’d love it even more when they get chips and ice-cream!

Flying Kites Party – If you have the space, and the time, let the children make their own kites – then go flying them.

Pamper Party – This is becoming a very popular idea: nails painted, hair styled and girls made to feel like a princess. 

Build a Bear Party: We’ve attended 2 of these in the last few years. Both my girls loved them. Plus, they got something to cuddle when they came home.

These are only a few ideas, it’s also nice to go back to basics, a few games at home: pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and my all-time favourite – pass the parcel. 🙂

Or do what we did last year, book a few days away instead of a party – Centre Parcs was awesome, you can read about our trip here.

Although, I’m not sure I’m going to get away with that this year! Gabriella really is on a mission!

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun! 🙂

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PMT: Women that have killed!


Last week I was talking to a friend about PMT. My words: ‘I feel great this week, it must be the GGS!’ You see, generally the ‘week before’ I don’t feel my usual bubbly self. But I always try to recognise this and take note to oneself to ‘think before speaking’ (I can’t say that this always happens!). But I do try to control the need to shout because pots have been left in the sink, shoes are randomly placed across the floor, or nobody thinks to tidy ANYTHING away! I push back the thoughts that ‘I’m just a bloody slave around here!’ I may mumble expletives under my breath, but generally I try to hide this from hubby and girlies. I smile through gritted teeth, and I know in a few days time I’d have the craft box out and we’ll have glue all over the floor, coats will hang over chairs for days and I will just be so appreciative that I have my family who can make a mess! 

Now, I must admit, I have often wondered if PMT is psychological. But I don’t think to myself (like I imagine many other women don’t either) ‘oh, I’m going to be in a right old mood next week’. It just occurs. It just happens. Tears over the slightest thing! It’s like being pregnant all over again. But if you PMS 3read The Mail Online you’ll find a woman researcher who thinks it may all be in our minds. However, if you read NHS Choices you’ll find their argument against this research. Very interesting stuff!

Anyway, whether PMT is in my mind or not, when I rose from my pit on Monday morning, I could feel my heckles rising. Why? No reason in particular. There was nothing to annoy me. Life was still the same. Now I’m a huge believer in the Law of Attraction, so feeling slightly less than contented and grateful doesn’t bode with me very well. I’ll chat more about the Law of Attraction on future blogs. As for now I’m still very curious about PMT. However, knowing that I have to choose my response, I didn’t shout at the guy who didn’t wave thank you when I kindly let him through the tight space although it was my right of way, I sent him lots of love and hoped he had a lovely day. And when the woman pushed in the queue at the shops, I didn’t physically push her out the way and shout about her manners and rudeness, I also sent her love and hoped that she would do something for someone so she could feel some love back. Now, don’t think I’m some loony woman, (although, if you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll understand that maybe I am slightly) but I suppose even though I felt as if I was possessed by some angry, depressed inner demon, I controlled these thoughts and forcefully made sure I didn’t allow them to come forward.

PMT and ‘Crazy Lady’ Myth is a great article I came across for women or women with teenagers reaching this stage in their life (I remember being that vulnerable age and it was dreadful, I cried for nothing, I cried about everything, frustrated one minute, laughing the next). Another funny article which criticises the above research is PMT doesn’t exist? Try telling that to my husband!

So what got me thinking about all this? Well, a while ago I recorded some programmes called Snapped: Women that Kill (on the crime and investigation channel 555 – SKY TV) Don’t worry I’m not planning on anything major, but I thought it may be good research for a future novel. Anyway, hubby and I were scanning our planner and I suddenly wondered if these women that had killed had suffered with PMT. Bizarre, I know, and I promise luckily my PMT is not that bad. But it did intrigue me a little. Now PMT wasn’t mentioned, but these ‘normal’ every day women leading ‘normal’  every day lives had just snapped and murdered someone. It was actually very interesting to watch. I couldn’t help but wonder if this ‘out-of-character’ action was down to PMT.



So, after doing a bit more searching, it seems women have had their sentences reduced because of PMT.

PMS in the Courtroom shows how R v. Craddock (1980) and R v Smith (1981) (two very famous cases) pleaded diminished responsibility.

So there we have it, not that this is some big researched exercise, but a little inquistive, plain old me being nosey, but it seems apparent the argument is still going on: is it in women’s minds? or is it real?

Anyway, I suppose this is a word of warning to all men out there that use those words: ‘Is it the wrong time of the month or something …?’ Well, hide for cover, because it might just be!!

PHOTO CREDITS: hello crazy



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New Chapters for Little People

sports dayWell what a week it has been at Vic HQ. This week has been about little Gabriella. I’d never forget Lexi, who had a good week herself: school trips and glowing school report. *Beaming proud parents*  Her school trip was part of her R.E subject, so they visited a local church then finished off at the library to listen to a storyteller. Admittedly, I would have loved to have joined her. Although I write chick-lit/women’s fiction, I love children’s stories. Anyway, I couldn’t attend the school trip as it was Gabriella’s sports morning. So cute: little 3 & 4 year olds racing across the field, little smiles as we all clapped and cheered. But then the morning got even better. As parents we had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets. We had 10 tickets, and nearly every ticket came out. I had to keep telling the teacher to give someone else a chance. After Gabriella had picked a lovely little set; a fairies craft set, which will come in very handy in the summer, our tickets just kept coming out. Now, the bottle of red was waving at me, it obviously really wanted to come home with me! So after we were all laughing and joking, the red wine was given to us (and gratefully accepted) when it became embarrassing that our numbers kept coming out: you’d think we’d fixed it! Now because of this lucky streak, we stopped at the shop and put the lottery on, plus I picked up a scratch card. We didn’t win on the scratch card, however, there were 2 x £100,000 and 2 x £100. Now if this isn’t a sign that we are on a winning streak, then I don’t know what is. But it wasn’t the lottery, as we didn’t win on the Euro Millions. However, I’m a positive person so I’ll keep you posted on our lucky streak.

However, as I started saying this week has been about Gabriella. My little girl starts full-time school in September. I know there are many parents out there in the same boat as me, that’s why I felt the urge to write this blog. You see part of me, can’t wait … I mean that in the nicest possible way. I plan my working (writing, wedding website and marketing) around my girls. So my two hours on a morning and working late into the night, sometimes isn’t enough, so I keep thinking I’ll have more time to really get my teeth into my work, which does excite me. However, Tuesday evening was an introduction to FS2 (foundation stage 2), which was fine, Lexi had the FS2 teacher, who is lovely, so all is good there. Wednesday was trying out school dinners. We were allowed to go with them, parents were allowed to eat, which I didn’t (I’m still on with my Green Glowing Smoothie – if you haven’t read that blog, you really must) but Gabriella had a plate of pasta and cake, which she just thought was great. But as I watched all these little people carrying trays which were half the size of them, my heart swelled. Gabriella is one of the taller children, but still she looked like a little dot. I wanted to tell them she couldn’t move up just yet. Could we not just wait another year? I didn’t think I’d feel like this. Lexi was so ready to go to full-time school, and the only wobble I had with Lexi was when we changed her schools in her first week joining full-time school (because we moved house). That was horrendous, I came home and cried, and then rang her new school to make sure she was okay! But she was fine. She hasn’t looked back. And I know Gabriella will be the same. I keep joking about celebrating when they are both in full-time school, but I’m actually feeling quite sad about this new little chapter in our lives. I thought I’d be skipping out the school (and I may just do that, as we have 6 weeks off before then!) but at the moment, I can’t believe I’ll have two big girls, who have their own little lives. I won’t know what has happened in their lives every minute of every day, and Gabriella may forget everything that has happened, as Lexi does, but as long as their happy I suppose I have to be too.

Many of you may know that in some countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, school doesn’t begin until the age of seven! And their results are better than ours! Visit to find out a little bit more. Although I’ve known this information I’ve always somewhat disagreed, being a Stay at Home Working Mum (SAHWM) I’ve been desperate to have my working hours during the day rather working until late into the night. But suddenly, this week feeling a little nostalgic and sad I’m starting to wonder if four is too young to start full-time school. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start campagning or anything as drastic, but it may not be the champagne I’m getting out, but the wine to drown my sorrows!

Anyway, I have a week left (as do many of you) to do 11.30am pick-up. A week left of just me and Gabriella on an afternoon. So I’ll just have to find something special to do. And then do something with Lexi so she doesn’t feel left out! So to all mums out there who have a little one starting full-time school I’ll be thinking of you when we either come home and sob, or get the Champagne out. I thought I’d be the latter, but I think this week has just proved that may not be the case. However, I’ll keep you updated in September, if I’m not rocking in my chair after the school holidays 🙂


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Monday Mornings

frazzled-momI like to think of myself as an organised Mum. But why is it when Monday mornings arrive I’m rushing around, dishellved and completely running behind time. This morning I was determined to be majorly organised. It’s active week at my girls school, so they have to wear their P.E kit all week. Everything was sorted, until we’re about to leave and I realise I haven’t given them any money: £2.50 voluntary contribution. (Although, this is a voluntary contribution, I’d feel very bad not giving anything). Low and behold, I have nothing except a few 2 pence pieces in my purse. So out comes the copper jar, that luckily hubby puts 10 and 20 pence pieces in. So after we’d counted out the correct money (because first time round I only put £1.50 in the little green paper bag) we headed out the door. And yes, we just made it, as the teacher blew the whistle!

The thing is, I’m the Mum that always arrives late into the playground, (actually, it’s most morning, not just Mondays) as the queues of children march miltary style (that is so not true … coats hang down backs, bags are dragged along the floor and children chat as if they have all the time in the world).

I have two places to be at the school, Gabriella is dropped off at the front, most other parents seem to find this a doddle – even those with two or more children. Not me, I’m always 10 minutes behind everyone else. So, as Lexi waits outside the nursery doors, I help little Gabriella take off her coat, (and cardigan, if she had a choice her shoes and socks would come off too!) I take out the little book where the teacher writes down their day’s events, we put away her bag, pick out her name, hang up her water bottle, before I can kiss her goodbye for three hours. I leave Gabriella smiling happily and ready to get filthy in water, paint and snot. Lexi and I then run top speed (okay, power-walk) round the back of the school, in hope the queue hasn’t actually gone in. Generally she makes it to the end of the queue, another happy child, mainly because she isn’t officially late! This morning however, Lexi had to go in first we were that late! Now I think the main reason why I get so wound up about this is because I hate lateness. I’m stickler for being on time. If you’ve read How My Life Became Chaos you’ll know where Kat’s dislike for lateness comes from. B.C (before children) I was always on time, if not early.

I read ‘Dont Sweat the Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson, brilliant book – a must-read. I followed his tips on leaving the house on time. But still sometimes one child needs the toilet, or like this morning, I totally forgot something, but if I’d followed Richard Carlson’s tips I wouldn’t have been ‘sweating the small stuff’. But anyway, on top of Richard Carlson’s advice, I also decided this morning that I know what happens … the magic of the universe makes the time go faster. It can be the only explanation as to why I get out of bed at 6.30am and try to leave the house by 8.25am, but always seem to be 10 minutes behind. No matter how well I plan the morning, I’m fighting against the minutes that definitely double up. Because it couldn’t possibly be my fault; I hate lateness. So it’s official, and I think many of you will agree that the time definitely goes faster on a morning. So tomorrow morning, because I’ve figured this out, I’m going to watch the clock and I’m going to beat it. If all else fails, I’m going to re-read Richard Carlson’s,  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. It’s a must-read!



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Kids and Nightmares

kid drawing sleepingNow, we’ve had a few episodes where I’ve woken to my girls tears in the middle of the night. I do wonder what can actually cause such vivid frightening dreams, especially at such a young age. There have been times when my girls have not wanted to go back to sleep, and it must be awful to feel so frightened and not understand it’s not real.

But then, I’ve always been a believer that dreams do actually mean something. Studying Psychology at ‘A’ Level, which I loved, it became pretty obvious that whatever occurs in our day manifests into our dreams. Have you ever watched a TV programme and then dreamt that a similar situation happened to you? Well, I’m also a believer that some dreams are actually a warning or a gift for the future. Please don’t stop reading, I’m not that loony … well, maybe a little, you see my family and I have been watching lots of television now a days, we decided to save money by streaming and there is much more options.

But anyway, if this thought is true, what could possibly have been on Gabriella’s mind at 3.30am when she came to me shaking, crying, very frightened and her little pink doggy, that she sleeps with every night, cuddled tight into her, as she explained she didn’t want to move out!

As nicely as I could at the ungodly hour, I told my 4-year-old she wasn’t going anywhere. ‘But you said I have to move my bed to Grandma’s, on my own,’ she sobbed. Although, obviously I said no such thing, I suddenly felt very guilty. What had I possibly said during the day that would instil such a dream? I don’t want my girls to move out, ever! Have their own little lives, yes, but actually ‘move out’ mmm … I’d rather not think that far ahead.

I tried to think of the television programmes she watched, and I’m sure ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ has been designed to inspire children, not make them feel they have to move out, not just move out, but take their bed with them. Anyway, after a little cuddle, we soon fell asleep after I convinced her it was a dream and I’d say no such thing!

The only promising thing about the whole night was my dream about spiders webs! Granted, I work up feeling a little unnerved, but after looking on
they tell me “
To see a spider spinning a web in your dream signifies that you will be rewarded for your hard work. You will be promoted in your job or recognized for your achievement in a difficult task. Spiders are also a symbol of creativity due to the intricate webs they spin.” 

So, I was quite pleased with my dream and I’m hoping it’s true, and it’s not the fact that I actually just need to clean my house!!!


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There really is a tooth fairy!

tooth fairyI had quite a traumatic day yesterday. I don’t like to use words like ‘traumatic’ because generally it’s usually not that bad! But on the scale of things I like to do with my life, this is not one of them: I had a back tooth removed. Now without giving you too much graphi detail, this tooth had been filled 3 times at the last 3 appointments, the last filling was so deep I needed 2 injections and it still didn’t fill the hole! It was in an awkward place next to my wisdom tooth, and has been causing me a of pain since Xmas.

As a believer in the law of attractio, I’ve tried endlessly to believe my tooth was better, that I don’t really feel the pain, but it’s been so bad I couldn’t use mind over matter with this problem, I decided to do some research on sites like and I discovered I would have to have it removed, at least 6 injection into my mouth yesterday, as the dentist couldn’t get the blasted thing numb enough, a bit of gas and air (which was lovely!) the tooth was finally removed, but to find a hole in my wisdom tooth. Oh the joy! This now has to be removed. Now, I’m petrified of the dentist. My heart was physically pumping out of my chest yesterday, luckily I find some great dentist to help me with this, that anyone can find if they visit It stems from a bad chlld experience, which one day I’ll tell you about. But today tell you that the tooth fairy came!

Lexy (my 6 year old) wanted to know what had happened to my tooth and why I went to then dentist at the best downtown location. I explained the Dr. Shireen in Frisc had to keep it, not actually thinking she would want to se it. But then she said, ‘so does that mean the tooth fairy won’t come’. Aw bless her, I said, ‘well the tooth fairy doesn’t usually come to adults’.  piped up, ‘the tooth fairy can’t see adders … addicts,‘ So after a little conversation about whether it’s Tinkerbell that comes or ‘Holly’ and’ Nanny Plum’ from Ben and HollyLexy decided to write the tooth fairy a note.

I felt so lucky this morning, when the tooth fairy had kindly replied, with a £1 each for the girls to spend on their mummy ;-). At the all that matters is that my girls are learning why it is important to take care of their teeth, I always make sure to take them to the tandprotheticus Amstelveen professional for a regular checkup.

They were buzzing.

So was I, can’t wait for my treat, after both my girls told me I was very brave. And I love the fact that my girls made what started off as a ‘traumatic’ day into a memorabl moment that I’ll cherish for ever 🙂