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Inspirational Words: Reignite Your Passion And Motivation

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

P is for


When I thought about the letter P positivity was the first word that came to mind, but after really thinking about this, I decided that I wanted to write about Passion.


Because I believe in this quote:

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Much unhappiness comes from people not following their passion, becoming wrapped up in life, following a routine that pays bills, raising a family, and generally getting on with life, because they have to. Well, I truly believe that you don’t ‘have to’ … yes, we have to pay bills and maybe we’re not in a position to just drop everything and start following our dreams. But incorporating your passions into your daily life, will make life much easier and a nicer place to be.

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This could be spending an hour, or even 30 minutes on something you love everyday. If you continue to do this and ensure your passion is embedded into your daily routine before you know where you are you may just be able to give up that day job. My biggest belief is that small steps count.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

This week is to simply write down passionately something you are passionate about. 

Something that would drive you. Something that would bring you joy. What would make your days easier? What would give you the motivation to bounce out of bed in the morning?

If you feel you’ve lost your passion for anything, have a think back to being a child. What made you tick? What did you want to be when you grew-up? Write down how you can start putting small steps in place to start doing something you truly love.

Remind yourself daily to start doing it. Small steps do count!

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I watch my young daughters enjoy life without worries that we gain and carry as we grow older, I watch their passion for life and their ability to have no worries. That’s what we lack as adults, so write down a plan of how you can bring your passion into your life. Your plan will be what makes you want to get out of bed on a morning.

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Just remember time is passing anyway, so make sure you fit your passion into your day. Have no regrets.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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R is for Risk-Taking

This probably accounts for why there are so many people who don’t actually achieve their dreams;

they are scared to take any risks.

But if you don’t take the risks how will you ever know how close you came to achieving your dream.

Risk-taking 1
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This doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your day job to follow your heart, or doing anything extreme that involves uplifting you and your family. It could be taking small risks that move you towards your goal.

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Think about what scares you in reaching your goal? There maybe more than one thing that makes your stomach churn when it comes to taking risks or following your dream. What is stopping you?

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A little task for this week is to write down all the things that you think are stopping you from achieving your goal. Once you have done this, go through the list and ask yourself, ‘Is this really stopping me?’ ‘What can I do about moving these barriers?’ Address each point and on another list write down, how you can overcome these fears. Start putting plans in place to eliminate those fears, or at least work your way through them.

Ask yourself this question: Not taking these risks, means you will stay where you are, how do you feel about that?

Here’s a few quotes to get you thinking!

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stable risks
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Don’t regret the risks you didn’t take!

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