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Usborne’s New Titles for October!

Usborne Publishing are always searching for innovative and exciting projects and every month they bring out some new titles!

Look at what is going on this month!

If you’d like to know more about any of the books in the pictures below, just send me a message and I’ll send you the details.

There’s too much choice … I love them all!





Interested in any of the above? Simply send me a message I’ll send you a description of the book 🙂

Thanks lots for reading






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Schedule for the online launch of ‘The Book Explorers Club’


The Story Explorers Club’s

Online Launch Schedule

2nd Oct – 4th Oct 2015


6.00pm – Welcome 🙂

6.30pm – You’ll be able to view the online Catalogue. This will allow you to view at your own leisure throughout the weekend.

7.00pm – Why have I set-up ‘The Book Explorer Club’?

7.30pm – Competition Time! Who can come up with the best name for ‘That’s Not My ….’ This will end next weekend! Get your thinking caps on!

8.00pm – New titles for October

8.30pm – Reading to your child at bedtime, plus Usborne’s Range of Bedtime Stories & Special Offers


8.00am – Get that weekend lie-in with Usborne’s activity books!

8.30am – Can babies only see in black and white? Books to stimulate your baby!

9.00am – Why you should choose Usborne Books!

9.30am – Usborne’s Reading Programme

10.00am – Squares competition – Enter for £1. Drawn at 6pm tomorrow. The winner to spend the funds on Usborne Books!

10.05am – Technology prevailing … you’ll be able to download some colouring activities for your kids. Print them off, colour them in, take a photo and send them to me with their name and age. Their picture will be posted on the event page. Each child will receive a certificate by email.

10.05-6PM BREAK! Don’t worry I’ll be back! But I think we all know how busy Saturday’s can be, so … I’ll leave you to browse through your catalogue, the blog posts and give your children chance to do some colouring in! You can still send me a message if you want to enter ‘That’s Not My …’ or pick a number! Or ask me a question about the books!

6.00pm – Spot the Duck Competition

6.30pm – One of my favourite Usborne Collections – The interactive books!

7.00pm – Foreign Languages

7.30pm – Creative Writing – Help your child write their own story

8.00pm – Young Adult Fiction

8.30pm – Growing up books


10.00am – Yes, Sunday morning will be starting with Christmas! Usborne’s colouring advent calendar and other advent calendar ideas!

11.00am – Pop up colour-in Christmas cards, we will also look at the birthday colour-in cards.

12.00pm – Christmas books for babies

1.00pm – I know, it’s only October, so I won’t bombard you too much with Christmas. So, we’ll be taking a look at another of my favourites from the Usborne Collection – Look Inside books

2.00pm – Sunday afternoon hobbies – Crafts / Baking / Sports … so much choice!

3.00pm – The Usborne’s awesome slot together collections – make your own house or castle!

4.00pm – Nursery Rhymes / Music – special offers!

5.00pm – Usborne collection of books with CDs

6.00pm – Fairy Tales – Special offers on book sets

7.30 pm – Fancy becoming an Usborne organiser?

8.00pm – Fancy hosting a party?

8.30pm – Are you a teacher or do you know someone who works in a school/nursery or someone who works with children and would like some FREE books? I can help!