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Fun & Quirky Gifts & Printables for Wine Lovers

Can you believe Christmas is coming … I don’t even want to count the weeks, days etc. time just seems to be escaping. 

The kids have only gone back to school, and I’m not quite sure where the summer holidays went and now we have to think about Christmas!

This is one of the reasons, I love writing my blog! When we think about how fast time is passing us by, it’s a reminder to stop and take a breath. Enjoying each day is what matters. 

With this in mind … enjoying each day with a glass of wine is how some people like to roll! Not that I’m encouraging this behaviour, but as a wine-lover, (yes we can still be spiritual etc. and enjoy the flavours of alcohol-fuelled grapes), there’s something fun about receiving a wine-related gift.

So do you have a family member or friend who would relish, or find it fun, to recieve a quirky wine-related gift?

Here’s some fab ideas!


How perfect is this for wine lovers, book lovers and bath lovers?

A fab all-in-one pressie.

A Homiu 100% natural bamboo bath caddy from DealBerry (was £44.50) OR redeem towards another available deal

Check it out on wowcher


For those friends who not only love wine, but who also enjoying cooking. This great book has many ideas to accompany the finest wines.


Many wine lovers have their favourite wines, but many are up for exploring different tastes. This is a great pressie for wine-lovers to experiment making their own wine.

Starter Wine Making Set - Solomon Grundy Gold Cabernet Sauvignon 6 Bottle Size Red Wine Kit With Equipment - Home Made Homemade Wine

Click here to purchase this fun wine making kit


I love this! We’ve all seen the wine bottle coolers, but sometimes they are just not convenient! How perfect is this? Not only does it keep it cool but it is a wine stopper too! Perfect for those friends who simply like a glass of wine, rather than the bottle!!

Check it out this chiller here


I love a quirky wine holder! I love the shoe design holders, but if that’s not your thing, check out the link below for more funky designs.



How cute are these? Perfect for those friends who love to snuggle with a glass of wine. Personalising them gives that extra special touch. 

Wine Socks Funny Socks Women's Personalized Socks image 0


Tell me a wine-lover who wouldn’t want to see their name branded on a bottle of wine! Perfect, fun and quirky keepsake gift.

Personalised "Always Be My Partner in Wine" Couples’ Wine

See here how you can personalise a bottle for your loved one


Not only is this a fun pressie, but it is perfect for mindfulness. A glass of wine and a relaxing evening colouring … perfect!

You can purchase the snarky wine colouring book here


A fun gift that is great for wine lovers who love their baths.

See more about this wine soap here


I have no words for this … it’s perfect! Not only to use in the park or on the beach, but also in the garden when entertaining friends! You could buy this for a wine loving friend, or buy it for yourself! This defintiely something I’ll be adding to my kitchen attire.


What a perfect way to spend a relaxing evening: a beautiful scented candle giving off the aroma of your favourite wine. Lovely gift for wine lovers.

See this pinot grigio wine candle here



Download, print and frame! Simple! A cheap but fun gift for wine-lovers.

This is a bundle of wine prints for under £5: you receive 10 prints in 4 different sizes (4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14)

You can even use them as scrolls … tie a piece of red ribbon around the scroll & it’s already looking like christmas!

See below the prints you will receive, all print off in black and white:

See here the above black and white prints, available on my online shop. 

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J is for Joy

Credit: Positive Thoughts and Wellness

I have a friend whose personal car registration reads ‘JOY’. It describes her positive, influential thinking in so many ways. Every time I see her and I see her number plate, I have a little light that goes on inside. I absolutely love it.

Whereas one of my favourite inspiring words is ‘Love’ her favourite is Joy. She totally believes that once you feel your joy, life is just one happy playing field. And since meeting her, on our MA in Creative Writing, I totally agree.

But joy doesn’t come from material things or possessions, it doesn’t come from wanting a better life, or wanting more. It comes from within. Joy comes from finding that inner quality that makes you see the world through different eyes. It doesn’t look at what you don’t have … it comes from looking at what you do have and being grateful for simply being.

Credit: Notable Quotes

 To find your joy, you need to look deep within yourself and understand that whatever is happening there’s a happiness waiting for you to take hold and grasp it with all you have.

Depending what energy level you’re on at the moment, you may find this an easy task, however, if you’re not quite there, if you’re struggling to find your joy, this will be a very good task for you.

Credit: The Quotepedia

If you read the above quote, truly grasp it, truly think about it. It’s your response to your world that makes you joyful. It’s your response to your world that can make you miserable!

This week write down all the things in your life that make you smile. List them daily. Study them daily. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to think outside of our surroundings, look at the opportunities we have in life and be grateful for what we have. Seeking the next best thing, under the laws of attraction will only move them further away. Feeling gratitude and experiencing joy will bring you more joy!

It’s truly amazing what you can find within you once you find your joy! It’s truly amazing how life can be turned around by experiencing your joy and turning away from the negative.

Credit: Comments MeMe

 As always, here’s a few more quotes for you to think about …

Credit: Google

choose joy
Credit: Pintrest

Credit: Very Best Quotes

So it’s as simple … and as difficult … as that! Choose for it to be simple. Choose to simply feel your joy. Choose to be grateful. As the more unhappy you are, the more unhappiness comes your way. Simply be!

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Thank you as always for visiting, wishing you lots of love.



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H is for Hello

Making your day better inspiration
Credit: Loving Life Is Important

Once again, there were so many words to choose from when it came to H: Happiness, Hope, Help … but today I’m going with Hello.

Now we could talk about saying, ‘Hello’ to new chapters in your life … here’s a few quotes for you! But keep reading, I’m talking today about physically saying hello!

rather say hello
Credit: Slide Share

Credit: Pintrest

one little hello
Credit: quote pix

 I love all these quotes, if something isn’t right in your life or you feel the need to make a change, saying hello to something new could be exactly what you need.

However, today I’m talking about those simple words … saying, ‘Hello’.

I go walking with a friend who says hello to every single person we pass. I don’t mean a smile and a nod, she physically says, ‘morning,’ ‘afternoon,’ or ‘hello,’ to every single person. Her cheery voice lights up their faces, some reply with a cheery response, some smile and nod. When she started this, I said, ‘you’re in a good mood this morning!’ Because although we’re not rude, we smile and nod at people, but most of the time we’re in deep conversation. She told me she’d been reading an article and you never know what people are going through, and her cheery hello could actually make their day.

Credit: Indulgy

So now, no matter what is on my mind, when I’m out walking, even on my own with Daisy, our little cocker spaniel, I say hello to every single person I pass. I’ve always smiled at people, if I’m in shops or interacted with shop assistants, I’ve always thought that was enough, however, now I don’t just talk quietly and smile politely, I really make an effort to project my voice and ensure my warmness is reaching them. You can actually see people’s faces brighten. Why not give it a try. Even if you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone, in fact this is the best time to do it, as it’ll make you feel brighter. The more expressed hellos you give the better you’ll feel.

Credit: Pintrest

We also have a lovely dad at my girls school who is so jovially it’s infectious! A few times he’s turned up with a mega phone, shouting, ‘Good morning, everyone!’ And although this may be a bit extreme for you, his whole attitude on a morning, especially when parents are rushing to get their kids to school on time, any kind of drama could have happened before school, he instantly brightens up the morning.

So don’t wait for someone to say, ‘hello’ to you, be the person who makes their day!

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Be helpful when you see a person without a smile give them yours
Credit: Anonymous Art of Revolution