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Inebriated to Invigorated

photo 2So this week I’ve gone from one of the worst hangovers in history – okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it did feel like that at the beginning of the week – to spending time at a writing retreat on Wednesday & a co-working day hosted by Colleagues on Tap yesterday. So, although the week started unhealthily it has turned into a very productive and focused week 🙂

Maybe I should get drunk every weekend 🙂 Only joking! Not sure I’d survive the next round!

You can read my blog about Colleagues on Tap here – I had such a lovely day with other people who work at home. Rebecca Sergeant was the host for yesterday’s event. She was so lovely, making teas and coffees for everyone, and she even brought in homemade cake! As if she doesn’t have enough work to do herself. Honestly, it’s a fab focused environment but with the opportunity to talk to others, interact and generally not feel lonely! Please check out their website

photo 4 (2)I also wanted to tell you about the writing retreat, that I attended on Wednesday, hosted by Judith Lesley Marshall, a poet and fantasy writer. I went along with the lovely Kerry Ann Richardson and Eileen Wharton (both excellent crime writers). What a lovely refreshing day. Sitting in the sunroom of the The Morritt, Greta Bridge, County Durham, just writing. Bliss. The day really got me focused on my next novel (or my first novella!). Judith was so lovely and an excellent facilitator, I highly recommend that you look at her website – not only for writers, but any creative-types 🙂

I’ve had such an amazing two days, I highly recommend both days to anyone who wants to get out of their own environment, feel refreshed or generally want to meet other people.

I’ve included some photos of the fab retreat (taken by Kerry Ann Richardson).

photo 4photo 1 (1)photo 5photo 1photo 1.2





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Home Working or Lone Working?

Working-from-homeI’m amazed how fast this first half-term has gone. My youngest has settled nicely into full-time school, the transition was easier for her than it was for me. I miss them like crazy, and even after a week off together, our time seems to go so fast, I could do it all again. However, I look back over the years, when I was desperate for this time. Two young children, who are exactly 2 years apart, it was quite stressful to say the least. I used to long for the time when I could have uninterrupted working time, sleep and the energy to fulfil my goals. And now here I am … it all seemed to happen so quickly!

I just wanted to air my thoughts on working from home. Not so much the motivation, as I believe if you love doing something then you should have the motivation to do it! If you’re not motivated, then it could be time to have a think about your true goals and dreams in life. I wanted to talk more about the time aspect (where does it go?) and the isolation!

I thought when both my girls were at full-time school I would have copious amounts of time. But still I find I’m meeting myself coming backwards. I always set myself targets and I would advise anyone reading my inspirational books to do the same (which are FREE at the moment). However, I do set myself lots of targets, but I never cut myself up if they all haven’t been achieved, as there is a danger in having high expectations; the feeling you are not getting anywhere when you haven’t reached them (which I’ve found in the past). But now I realise that ‘EVERY STEP COUNTS’. As long as steps are being made then you are continually moving forward.

So these last few weeks I set myself realistic goals. I’m happy to say they have been achieved. I now have the Chaos Series out in paperback. My books are available on Smashwords (which is a great ebook website). These tasks took me longer than expected, due to the formatting procedures. However, they are now available in lots of other formats, which I’m very pleased about.

However, bearing in mind how busy I’ve been, I never thought about the loneliness of working from home. Although, I love my own time, but I am also a people-person. While writing this blog, I came across a website called Colleagues on Tap. This company has devised an amazing programme for people who work alone at home. I think it’s a wonderful idea. They have co-working days, events and much more. This is not only a great way of networking and being introduced to new businesses, but to make new friends too.

I have a friend, S.A Silva (her website is coming soon), she is in a similar position to me, writing in her own environment, she is a very inspirational lady and I love spending time with her. We have recently decided to work together. Just a day or so a week, but this interaction is important. If you can find someone who you can do this with, this is a fantastic way of easing the loneliness. Writing is a lonely job. Once you’re immersed in your characters you’re generally in another world, but there are times when human interaction is needed. But this goes for lots of other vocations that involve home-working. If you can find someone who will work with you rather than seeing this an opportunity to chat aimlessly. We found that we did chat but we were bouncing ideas of each other and it was so much fun. Colleagues on Tap do exactly this, so if you don’t have anyone who could help with your working day, I would recommend getting in touch with this organisation.

I love meeting like-minded people, so I’m pleased I’ve found a way of being able to spend time on my own at home when I need too, but also being able to have the interaction with other people. It doesn’t have to be a lonely place if you find those around you in the same position.