The Memory Chronicles – Giveaway

Level 2 is the first in The Memory Chronicles and I couldn’t put it down. A great book for young adults and adults, no matter what genre they enjoy. You can see my review and enter the giveaway here THE STORY EXPLORERS CLUB – BOOKSHOP      


The latest Primary Times editorial … have you entered yet?                          

Gorgeous Bedtime Stories

Did you realise that a third of parents never read to their kids before bed? The article I found this information from also states that child psychologist, Dr. Richard Woolfson stresses that storytime before bed can benefit everyone. (This was taken from   You can read more from Dr. Richard Woolfson and his…

Schedule for the online launch of ‘The Book Explorers Club’

The Story Explorers Club’s Online Launch Schedule 2nd Oct – 4th Oct 2015 FRIDAY 6.00pm – Welcome 🙂 6.30pm – You’ll be able to view the online Catalogue. This will allow you to view at your own leisure throughout the weekend. 7.00pm – Why have I set-up ‘The Book Explorer Club’? 7.30pm…

How to get your hands on some FREE Usborne Children’s Books?

  So I’ve decided to make the plunge into a new and exciting venture! I’m not leaving my own writing behind, but this opportunity still allows me to work with my passion … stories, stories and more stories! Using my MA in Creative Writing, I’m hoping to bring you a world full…