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To Botox or Not!

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When I 18 – 25 years old there was many a time I was asked for I.D. At that age I hated it, I wanted to look like a young woman not a teenager. I even remember going to a nightclub at 18 years old and the bouncers laughed at my knobbly knees and said, ‘yeah right, 18, you must be all of 14’! I was gutted. Pleased I had my I.D on me, but gutted I looked so young! Then when I turned 30 I was desperate to be asked for I.D.

I have always believed in growing old gracefully. I believe it’s important to look after our skin, by using good products and ensuring a good cleansing routine takes place, however, when it comes to more serious treatments, such as botox or surgery, I’ve always felt a little unsettled. I’m not dead against it, I’m very much each to their own, but it’s the actual procedure that puts me off. (But keep reading to find out why I’m thinking it might not be a bad idea!!)

I have a friend, Rebecca Henderson owner of Perfection, she offers non-surgical facelift, faradic treatment. These treatments are not only a natural alternative to botox but also a relaxing treatment. Obviously the relaxation side helps with aging, allowing yourself to chill-out for half an hour, once a week, can seem like totally luxury to some of us. But if you are wanting to look after your skin and need some me-time. I would definitely recommend Rebecca.

As another alternative there are some fabulous products out there, Temple Spa and Arbonne both offer amazing products. Arbonne has recently brought out a new product called Genius (follow this link and type in Genius into the search box) – 100% of participants who used this product showed improvement in the appearance of skin moisture, firmness and elasticity. Temple Spa have an award winning product called Skin Truffle. In SculpSure NYC tests, 80% declared that Skin Truffle increased radiance and reduced dullness upon immediate application. 100% said fine lines were visibly reduced and 100% said their skin hydration levels improved immediately.

So there are some amazing natural ways to look after our skin.

So what has prompted me to write about Botox? Well, this is where the rant begins …

While out for a meal with a friend a few weeks ago, she bumped into an old friend of hers who was accompanied by his own friend. As the conversation progressed, children were mentioned and this (I’m hoping, very drunk) man asked how old my children were. I told him they were 4 and 6 years old. As he said, ‘You must have started late!’ I saw his own jaw drop as he realised what he’d said. Obviously curious to how old he thought I was, he pondered (yes, he actually pondered) and came up with 37 years. Now because he’d pondered I knew he meant 42 years really (and that’s with his beer goggles on). Now, being 35 years old you can probably understand my upset and my quandary as to whether I should go on ‘Ten Years Younger’.

To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve thought do I need Botox?! But if I start now, where does that leave me when I’m in my fifties?

The products I use really do help my skin. I hardly have any lines, which is even more worrying as this random guy just thought I looked older than my actual age. Maybe it was my hair / my clothes … who knows … because he soon made a quick exit!

My friend was so lovely, ‘It’s because you’re with me,’ she said, (she’s in her fifties), ‘So he’ll have assumed you were older.’ That still didn’t stop me torturing many different people, constantly asking, ‘how old do you think I am?’ … yes I drove myself, my hubby and anyone I could get my hands on insane. But I decided maybe Botox was a bit drastic (for the moment). I’ll keep using my favourite products, although it may be time to step it up a bit and accept the fact I need to use Genius or Skin Truffle and get booked in with Rebecca!

I also decided he was in his sixties (a bit harsh, but hey, he started it first!) and didn’t really know what he was talking about … I have to go with this explanation or I will be booking myself in for some cosmetic surgery!