Speaking and Inspiring

I was at a wonderful event last Wednesday. The women’s networking event was supporting a charity known as ‘A Way Out‘. A great charity helping young people who have lost their way.

I love networking events like these: women owning their own business, who are helping, supporting and encouraging each other. I gave a small speech, it was only a small indication of what hubby and I have been through -which one day I may put a little section on my site – but we practically lost everything and had to build oursleves back up, and this is only a small part.

But, afterwards women came over and spoke to me, telling me how inspired they were. Which was my aim, so it felt great to speak to these women, even though I was so nervous I nearly passed out, but their kind words inspire me.

Isn’t it typical though, that after I’d pushed myself to speak (pushing ourselves is a great way to overcome challenges and see what we are capable of) my emails crashed!

In between changing servers, a technical hitch didn’t allow me to receive any emails for 6 days. Now, this did allow me time to concentrate on book 3 which has been sent back from my editor, Jenny Drewery, but admittedly I’ve felt a little lost. I correspond with most people by email. Plus, all these lovely women I met will think I’ve given out the wrong email.

As I said, speaking in front of forty women was a huge challenge for me. Telling a personal story is allowing oursleves to be judged. But I knew that if I only reached one person in the room then the speech was worth it. I did. I reached more than one. So once again, overcoming a challenge has helped others, this makes everything I’m doing more worthwhile.


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