Inebriated to Invigorated

photo 2So this week I’ve gone from one of the worst hangovers in history – okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it did feel like that at the beginning of the week – to spending time at a writing retreat on Wednesday & a co-working day hosted by Colleagues on Tap yesterday. So, although the week started unhealthily it has turned into a very productive and focused week 🙂

Maybe I should get drunk every weekend 🙂 Only joking! Not sure I’d survive the next round!

You can read my blog about Colleagues on Tap here – I had such a lovely day with other people who work at home. Rebecca Sergeant was the host for yesterday’s event. She was so lovely, making teas and coffees for everyone, and she even brought in homemade cake! As if she doesn’t have enough work to do herself. Honestly, it’s a fab focused environment but with the opportunity to talk to others, interact and generally not feel lonely! Please check out their website

photo 4 (2)I also wanted to tell you about the writing retreat, that I attended on Wednesday, hosted by Judith Lesley Marshall, a poet and fantasy writer. I went along with the lovely Kerry Ann Richardson and Eileen Wharton (both excellent crime writers). What a lovely refreshing day. Sitting in the sunroom of the The Morritt, Greta Bridge, County Durham, just writing. Bliss. The day really got me focused on my next novel (or my first novella!). Judith was so lovely and an excellent facilitator, I highly recommend that you look at her website – not only for writers, but any creative-types 🙂

I’ve had such an amazing two days, I highly recommend both days to anyone who wants to get out of their own environment, feel refreshed or generally want to meet other people.

I’ve included some photos of the fab retreat (taken by Kerry Ann Richardson).

photo 4photo 1 (1)photo 5photo 1photo 1.2





2 Comments on “Inebriated to Invigorated

  1.  by  Alex George

    What a wonderful couple of days you all seem to have had, and what a beautiful venue! I admit I’m a bit envious. So, you visited Judith, a fantasy writer. That’s charting unfamiliar waters for you, sin’t it, but I agree that, as writers, we should at least dabble in everything once. And on reading books, we should try to keep as broad a spectrum as possible, so we enjoy the greens, blues, reds, yellows, and not stick to just greys, blacks and whites.

    Now, as far as writing is concerned, we should stick to what we love best, and what we are most comfortable with.

    You have a lovely site, Victoria. I can hear my alarm clock going off downstairs–I always wake up an hour before–suffer from lack of sleep, or to put it more precisely, the inability to sleep more than 5-6 hours: I call it the writer’s curse, and you can read up on this one on my site.

    Anyhow, grabbed 10 mins to look at your site and LOVED it! I might be returning. And I’ll look up Judith also.

    Have a wonderful, fun-filled day,



    •  by  Vicky

      Thanks Alex for your lovely message. Pleased you liked my site. Thank you for taking the time to look at it.

      You’re right, I totally believe in your ‘writer’s curse’, mine usually hits before I go to sleep, when I’m so tired I could sleep for a week.
      I’ll definitely take a look at your site.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch.
      You have a wonderful day too.

      Take Care
      Vicky 🙂

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