50% of profits go towards Hope for Holly

Hope for Holly

On May 27th 2012 Lucy and Andy Gowland’s world was turned upside down when they were given the devastating news that their 3 year old daughter Holly had Leukaemia.


Having two gorgeous little ones myself, I couldn’t begin to imagine what Lucy and Andy must have been through and continue to go through as they support their little girl through endless treatments. As I know many parents will be thinking it’s unimaginable. A fear none of us want to live through, but unfortuantely their are many parents who have to.  This is why I decided to give 50% of the profits for my first novel to this deserving charity.


If you’d like to buy a copy and contribute to this amazing charity, please download How my life became chaos here. Your purchase is appreciated by us all.

Speaking and Inspiring

I was at a wonderful event last Wednesday. The women’s networking event was supporting a charity known as ‘A Way Out‘. A great charity helping young people who have lost their way.

I love networking events like these: women owning their own business, who are helping, supporting and encouraging each other. I gave a small speech, it was only a small indication of what hubby and I have been through -which one day I may put a little section on my site – but we practically lost everything and had to build oursleves back up, and this is only a small part.

But, afterwards women came over and spoke to me, telling me how inspired they were. Which was my aim, so it felt great to speak to these women, even though I was so nervous I nearly passed out, but their kind words inspire me.

Isn’t it typical though, that after I’d pushed myself to speak (pushing ourselves is a great way to overcome challenges and see what we are capable of) my emails crashed!

In between changing servers, a technical hitch didn’t allow me to receive any emails for 6 days. Now, this did allow me time to concentrate on book 3 which has been sent back from my editor, Jenny Drewery, but admittedly I’ve felt a little lost. I correspond with most people by email. Plus, all these lovely women I met will think I’ve given out the wrong email.

As I said, speaking in front of forty women was a huge challenge for me. Telling a personal story is allowing oursleves to be judged. But I knew that if I only reached one person in the room then the speech was worth it. I did. I reached more than one. So once again, overcoming a challenge has helped others, this makes everything I’m doing more worthwhile.


I’m a big believer in following dreams. Setting ourselves goals, whether these are small or big goals, helps to give every individual something to work towards. It is so easy to be dragged along the customary way of doing things. Being stuck in a 9-5 job that you hate. Is this really why we are here? I like to believe not! There is so much more out there, so many opportunities to live a happy and fulfilling life. Your job is to find the right route for you and put steps in place to make sure it works.

My dream, for as long as I can remember, was to be an author. I’m so passionate about writing, whether this is telling a story or writing for therapeutic purposes. Unfortunately there has always been a stigma attached to writing, there has been a belief that if you haven’t got an agent then you’re not good enough, but times have changed. Writers are allowed to be writers without passing the approval of an agent or publisher.

It’s authors such as Lindsay Buroker, Joanna Penn, Kirsty Greenwood and Anna Bell, who have inspired me to go for it. Lyndsay and Joanna both have fantastic websites, blogs and other information which help Indie authors. Kirsty and Anna are both part of the Novelicious team, and if you like chick-lit, this is the place to be.

So, after much research I went for it … imageHow My Life Became Chaos was released on kindle in July 2012. I was over-whelmed by the response. I actually made it into the Top 100 in women’s fiction. It was quite a buzz, let me tell you. I realised I could actually do this. The drafts were already complete for the rest of the Chaos Series, so I set about re-drafting & re-drafting & re-drafting – you get the picture.

It has also been decided recently that 50% of the profits for How My Life Became Chaos will go towards the Hope for Holly Charity.



Will the chaos end - 3D coverWill the Chaos End? was released on kindle in May 2013. Feedback has been amazing. I’m so lucky to have such fantastic support.


Never-Ending Chaos is due out in July .



So it’s all been very busy here at Vic HQ.

When I was growing up, writing was always classed as hobby. I wasn’t really encouraged to take such a route, so my endless stories that I scribbled in school notebooks just became a collection. Something my sister would read. Amazon and other companies have made it possible for people like me to have a writing career. I was always frustrated that becoming an author wasn’t something we could study, something that would lead into a certain career. Yes, I have an MA in Creative Writing, but this doesn’t lead to being published. The agents and publisher have always decided who would be allowed to follow such a route. I would listen to my peers at school, some wanted to be hairdressers, beauty therapists, work in office, or bank. Look at the degrees that are available, most lead to a job in that industry. But it’s not like that for writing. Writing is so subjective. It’s finding your audience, knowing your genre and making it work for you and your readers. I’m just so pleased there is a way in which writers can now put themselves out there.

Unfortunately for many writers, it’s the marketing where they struggle. If anyone is wanting to follow this route, definitely check out Joanna Penn’s website, it has some fantastic tutorials and workshops on how to market yourself as a writer.

I’m happy to be joining these amazing authors or an exciting journey. Click here How My Life Became Chaos to purchase the first in the chaos series, and remember 50% of the profits go towards the amazing charity Hope for Holly.

My New Journey

This is a very exciting time for me. I recently launched my 2nd novel, Will the chaos end?Will the chaos end - 3D coverMy 3rd, Never-Ending Chaos, is currently with my editor, in hope to be released in July. I feel extremely lucky for the support I have around me. My first novel How my life became chaos, did amazingly well. Admittedly, I put it out there and thought ‘we’ll see how it goes’, I was so taken aback by the feedback. I love my books, I love Kat, I love writing about Kat and I’m so pleased so many others ‘get her’.


 It’s recently been decided that How my life became chaos,


will raise money for the Hope for Holly charity:

50% of the profits will go towards this amazing charity.


So since launching my first book, I’ve discovered I have fans … yes, little me, has fans. It’s all so exciting. I love receiving emails from my readers. So if you would like to share anything with me, please do. I couldn’t be starting this journey without your support.

I’ll be blogging about all kinds of things: being a mum, a wife, a writer, a business woman and anything else that I come across. To support the launching of my 2nd novel, I’ve moved rooms! I just had to share this with you. I’m lucky enough to have my own room to write. Admittedly, I do love sitting on my bed to write, and actually as I write this, I’m enjoying the glorious weather that we don’t get much of in the UK, rather than using my new room. But the opportunity can’t be wasted to get a bit of sunshine. Two umbrellas are surrounding my laptop, and my shoulders and legs are out! Let’s hope nobody comes to the door, they might run off!

On a serious note, this slouching is no good for the old posture, being all of 35 years old, I often leave the bed feeling 70 years old. In fact, I look at my Pops-in-law (my hubby’s granddad) who is coming up to a grand age of 90 years old, and he’s much fitter than me. Honestly, it’s true … it’s embarrasing really. 

So, anyway, because of my posture worries, (plus, I’ve been told I have a ‘dodgy disc in my neck’ – they didn’t use those words, but that’s what they meant) I’ve invested in a new chair. Not any old chair, but a ball and a chair! This must go on the ‘best invention list’ if there is such a thing.

photo 1

If you would like to find out more about these fantastic chairs, just click here to view more ball chairs

I used a gym ball when I was in labour first time round. First-time was a two day labour, but very steady, very calm, I only used gas and air. I was quite proud of myself. Second time, however, I was induced (anyone, who has been induced, will understand why I nearly told them to shove the ball where the sun doesn’t shine!) and begged for a c-section, epidural or just to be knocked out. 

Anyway, I digress. (As you’ll probably find in most of my blog writing!) I’ve included a few photos of my new office, which I love.


LOVE AND OWLSGHANDI MESSAGEThe photos won’t end here, there is lots of filing to do at present, which is being pushed to the bottom of my long to-do list, but I hope to have a ‘vision board’ in my office, which I’ll tell you more about when I get there.

I just wanted to share this new journey with you. I’m hoping my current readers will love my new blog, and hopefully if you’re just coming on board, you will love my ramblings.


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