PMT: Women that have killed!


Last week I was talking to a friend about PMT. My words: ‘I feel great this week, it must be the GGS!’ You see, generally the ‘week before’ I don’t feel my usual bubbly self. But I always try to recognise this and take note to oneself to ‘think before speaking’ (I can’t say that this always happens!). But I do try to control the need to shout because pots have been left in the sink, shoes are randomly placed across the floor, or nobody thinks to tidy ANYTHING away! I push back the thoughts that ‘I’m just a bloody slave around here!’ I may mumble expletives under my breath, but generally I try to hide this from hubby and girlies. I smile through gritted teeth, and I know in a few days time I’d have the craft box out and we’ll have glue all over the floor, coats will hang over chairs for days and I will just be so appreciative that I have my family who can make a mess! 

Now, I must admit, I have often wondered if PMT is psychological. But I don’t think to myself (like I imagine many other women don’t either) ‘oh, I’m going to be in a right old mood next week’. It just occurs. It just happens. Tears over the slightest thing! It’s like being pregnant all over again. But if you PMS 3read The Mail Online you’ll find a woman researcher who thinks it may all be in our minds. However, if you read NHS Choices you’ll find their argument against this research. Very interesting stuff!

Anyway, whether PMT is in my mind or not, when I rose from my pit on Monday morning, I could feel my heckles rising. Why? No reason in particular. There was nothing to annoy me. Life was still the same. Now I’m a huge believer in the Law of Attraction, so feeling slightly less than contented and grateful doesn’t bode with me very well. I’ll chat more about the Law of Attraction on future blogs. As for now I’m still very curious about PMT. However, knowing that I have to choose my response, I didn’t shout at the guy who didn’t wave thank you when I kindly let him through the tight space although it was my right of way, I sent him lots of love and hoped he had a lovely day. And when the woman pushed in the queue at the shops, I didn’t physically push her out the way and shout about her manners and rudeness, I also sent her love and hoped that she would do something for someone so she could feel some love back. Now, don’t think I’m some loony woman, (although, if you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll understand that maybe I am slightly) but I suppose even though I felt as if I was possessed by some angry, depressed inner demon, I controlled these thoughts and forcefully made sure I didn’t allow them to come forward.

PMT and ‘Crazy Lady’ Myth is a great article I came across for women or women with teenagers reaching this stage in their life (I remember being that vulnerable age and it was dreadful, I cried for nothing, I cried about everything, frustrated one minute, laughing the next). Another funny article which criticises the above research is PMT doesn’t exist? Try telling that to my husband!

So what got me thinking about all this? Well, a while ago I recorded some programmes called Snapped: Women that Kill (on the crime and investigation channel 555 – SKY TV) Don’t worry I’m not planning on anything major, but I thought it may be good research for a future novel. Anyway, hubby and I were scanning our planner and I suddenly wondered if these women that had killed had suffered with PMT. Bizarre, I know, and I promise luckily my PMT is not that bad. But it did intrigue me a little. Now PMT wasn’t mentioned, but these ‘normal’ every day women leading ‘normal’  every day lives had just snapped and murdered someone. It was actually very interesting to watch. I couldn’t help but wonder if this ‘out-of-character’ action was down to PMT.



So, after doing a bit more searching, it seems women have had their sentences reduced because of PMT.

PMS in the Courtroom shows how R v. Craddock (1980) and R v Smith (1981) (two very famous cases) pleaded diminished responsibility.

So there we have it, not that this is some big researched exercise, but a little inquistive, plain old me being nosey, but it seems apparent the argument is still going on: is it in women’s minds? or is it real?

Anyway, I suppose this is a word of warning to all men out there that use those words: ‘Is it the wrong time of the month or something …?’ Well, hide for cover, because it might just be!!

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