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What is Wealthy Wednesday?

Wednesday is about helping you build a wealthy mind through inspirational books, articles, videos or other resources that will help you develop your wealth of knowledge.

Wednesday is a good day to understand your feelings. Are you counting the hours down until the weekend? Did you get out of bed this morning and think, ‘I’m nearly half-way through the week’?

We can all continue to develop our wealthy minds, but if you relate to the above, your spiritual wealthiness definitely needs some TLC 🙂

This week’s book is one of Doreen Virtue’s amazing reads.

The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel



It was strange how I came across this book. I’ve read many Hay House books, over the years, although I am subscribed to Doreen Virtue’s newsletter, I’d never read any of her books. I’d watched some of her videos, and although I wanted to read her books, there was always something else on my list to read first.

However, this one particular day this book landed in my inbox – FREE! I didn’t download it at first, not because I didn’t want to, but I’d breezed over it, not taking much notice. (I have lots of inspirational, motivational messages coming through daily). But this email arrived again! And I automatically thought, ‘I need to read this’. I do truly believe in angels, but sometimes I need confirmation that I am meant to do certain things, so I may get one sign, but then I’ll look out for another.

This is a very powerful book, so much so that when I was reading it I felt it had been written for me. The unbelievable feeling that I was being protectively watched over while reading the book was so reassuring I didn’t want the book to end.

Are you wondering who Archangel Gabriel is?

Here’s a snapsnot from Doreen Virtue’s website –

Gabriel and Mother Mary work closely together to minister to sensitive children. They guide conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births, and the raising of children. Because Gabriel is deeply concerned about children’s welfare, the archangel mentors responsible and loving adults who wish to help the young. If you feel called to work with children in any capacity, please ask Gabriel to help you.Gabriel helps earthly messengers such as teach­ers, counselors, writers, artists, and actors. This arch­angel acts like a Heavenly agent and manager who motivates you to polish your skills. Gabriel then opens the door of opportunity for you to work in your chosen career, and gives you a loving push through it if you hesitate.

It’s strange because we named our youngest daughter Gabriella, who is now 7 years old. Me and hubby were so drawn to the name but I wasn’t actually sure why at the time. I didn’t know of anyone with that name, and it wasn’t one of the popular names at the time. It hadn’t been a name that had been on our ‘girls names list’ for a lifetime. It came to us just before she was born.

At this time it wasn’t that I didn’t believe in Angels, I’d never really thought about it. My dad was an atheist, so although I felt like there was more to us than the ‘ape theory’, it wasn’t something we discussed, as it would be dismissed, laughed at or would even cause an argument because he was so strong-willed and adamant about his own theories and beliefs.

When I gave birth to Gabriella, I didn’t know what I know now about the Law of Attraction or Spiritual Awareness. At that particular time, we were going through a very bad time. A horrendous time. We’d had to move out of our house to live with my in-laws because my hubby’s business was crumbling, money was non-existent, we had insurmountable amount of debt and we were literally ‘just surviving’. Not ‘just living or existing’ – we were holding on for dear life!

I was 7 months pregnant when we had to move in with my in-laws (who are lovely and I was thankful we had them to help us) and our toddler, Lexi, who was 21 months at the time. It was a time that should have been filled with happiness because we were bringing a new life into the world, but it was dampened by so much negativity, pressure and fear.

When I was reading ‘The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel’ I know now he was with me at that awful time. Reading this amazing book was like confirmation that the things I’ve learnt over the years, in terms of how to change my thoughts and lead a better life, was because he was there guiding me. He was trying to get through to me then and I wasn’t really listening, to be honest it took a few years to understand, to listen and follow his guidance.

This book is confirmation for me that Archangel Gabriel is with me always. If I need help from the other angels, he helps me decide which one is needed. For example, Archangel Jophiel recently helped me declutter my house, so I could think straight. A thankful and awesome experience. It’s a wonderful feeling connecting with the angels. As Doreen Virtue will tell you in many of her books, the angels want to help us. It’s so powerful and so rewarding to feel that connection with them.

As I said, this is the first book I’ve read of Doreen Virtue, but I would like to thank her for writing this book. I will be reading more of her books. I’ve already finished a few more, which I’ll review on here over the coming weeks. They all make perfect sense. There is an element of common sense, which those who struggle with the theory of angels or spiritual guidance may find bizarre that common sense could even be mentioned when talking about angels, but trust me once you are in tune … it really is common sense. It makes sense. The world makes sense.

I urge everyone to read this book, whether you believe in angels or not, because this book will relate to many people. There will be things in your life that you believe are coincidences … reading books about angels, especially this book, you may start to realise that you are not alone. Just ask for help … and you will be surprised at how your prayers will be answered.

You can download ‘The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel’ here. I did mention it landed in my inbox for free, which was a bonus for me, and a sign that I needed this book. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this book. It’s worth every penny and more 🙂



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A – Z Inspirational Summary

Monday’s Inspirational Blog

Life has been passing me by … in a good way!

My girls have just gone back to school today; my eldest into YR5 and my youngest into YR3!

All I’ve heard, including from myself is …

‘Where on earth is time going?’

Do you feel like this? If the answer is yes, this could be a good thing or a bad thing! I know my life is going ever so quickly because I’m having fun. I was lucky enough to enjoy the summer holidays with my girls, working around them as much as I could, but I did lessen my workload. This isn’t a bad thing, because like today I’m rested, I’m fresh and ready to take the world by storm.

So I thought it would be a perfect time to have an overall inspirational blog 🙂

Last year I put together an A to Z of inspirational blog posts, so I thought this would be the perfect time to bring those together into one.

 If you see anything within this A to Z you’d like to read more about, simply click on the link.

Happy thoughts 🙂

A is for Aspiration 

aspirational 1
Credit: Pintrest

B is for Belief

Credit: Buzz Quotes

C is for Courage

Credit: Relatably

D is for Dreams

Credit: quotesgram

E is for Enjoy

enjoy wasting time
Credit: Images 20

F is for Fun

fun quote
Credit: Pintrest

G is for Gratitude

grateful today
Credit: Pintrest

H is for Hello

hello quote overall blog
Credit: Quotes Central

I is for Influence

influence pintrest
Credit: Pintrest

J is for Joy

Credit: Genius Quotes

K is for Knowing

knowing you already do
Credit: Pintrest

L is for Law of Attraction

Credit: How to Manifest Reality

M is for Meditation

how to be happy
Credit: How to be Happy

N is for Never Give Up

Credit: Wishes Messages

O is for Open

open quote
Credit: Google

P is for Passion

Credit: All Inspiration Quote

Q is for Quotes

i love quotes
Credit: Quotes Gram

R is for Risk-Taking

Credit: Twitter

S is for Smile

smile language
Credit: Pintrest

T is for Tranquil

tranquil quote 1
Credit: Pintrest

U is for Understand

understanding 1
Credit: Quotes Gram

V is for Value Yourself

value yourself 4
Credit: Search Quotes

W is for Wealth

obama quote
Credit: Picture Quotes

X is for Xenodochial

Credit: Tangled U Pin Art


Y is for Yesterday

Credit: Genius Quotes

Z is for Zest

zest 1
Credit: Hippo Quotes

 Hopefully some of these will help you through the day, week or month.

Just remember:






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Z is for Zest

zest - quotation of
Credit: Quotation Of

Do you have a zest for life?

If so, that’s wonderful.

Well done! Just keep that zest going … your task is to pass your joy for life onto others.

Not really feeling the zest at the moment?

Ask yourself this question …

What is holding me back?

Credit: Very Best Quotes

What was your answer to the above question?

Did it correspond with this answer?


You are holding yourself back.

This is life … this is your life … you must take it with all you have and find that zest!

Credit: Quote Pixel


Credit: How to be superhuman

If you feel there are certain things in your life that are stopping you from feeling joyful and enthusiastic, if you feel you can’t eliminate these things from your life then concentrate on the good things in your life.

Be grateful, be thankful and you’ll suddenly feel the zest entering your life.

Concentrate on the positive, create new positives and live your life focused on the positive!

Credit: Quotes Central


Credit: Rainboz

Finding your love for life, the things that makes you tick can give you a whole new world to explore.

You should enjoy finding your love, your passion and enjoy travelling along the road towards your dreams.

Credit: Quote Addicts

Let’s face it Walt Disney couldn’t have said it better …

zest - walt disney
Credit: Pintrest

Daily Inspirational Messages 2015 - Hardback 3D

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Y is for Yesterday

yesterday - 1
Credit: Coaching Confidence

It may be easier said than done when it comes to forgetting yesterday.

But unfortunately, unless you have some kind of miraculous time-machine hanging about, there’s not much you can do about yesterday, except work on today and change your tomorrow.

If there’s something you want to change – you can do that today!

If there’s something that is upsetting you – think about how you can make it right! If you can’t make it right, then work on something you can make right and try and move forward.

Worrying about what happened yesterday is only going to damage your ability to move forward today.

Credit: Buzz Quotes


Credit: Little Rock


Credit: Quotes Frenzy

If you feel you are holding onto deep-rooted emotions, feelings, angst, hurt or anything else that could be holding you back, it’s time to deal with it.

Do you want to still have these upsetting emotions in a year’s time? Don’t you want to embrace every day with joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Unless you let go of yesterday you can’t move forward into tomorrow!

You’ll be on an endless cycle of what ifs … your key to happiness is moving into tomorrow with all your experiences, all your heart and knowing you will make a difference to your life.

Credit: Quotation Of


Credit: fly with me productions


yesterday 2
Credit: Word by Picture

Your story is your own … don’t make it someone else’s by giving too much of your worry on yesterday!

I love this final quote!

Credit: The Daily Quotes

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X is for Xenodochial

Well, this is a big word!

Heard of it?

No neither had I until I was searching for the right X-inspirational word, and then I came across this and loved its meaning.

Xenodochial is an adjective describing something – such as a person, place or software application — that is friendly to strangers. “Xenos” is a Greek word for “strangers;” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, xenodochial means “hospitable.

(taken from

xenodo 1

The quote below is one of my favourites.

spread love

Credit: Ink 361 – Lauren Brant

You never know what the person who stands next to you at the bus stop, the person who passes you in the street or the person who serves you in the shop, is going through. If you could send them some love, through a kind word or even a tiny smile, it could make all the difference to their day.

kindness - pintrest
Credit: Pintrest

Have you heard of the FREE HUGS MONTH?

Yes, it exist!

nothing in life is free - hugs
Credit: Pintrest

Juan Mann (his pseudonym) was going through some dire personal complications, and then one night when he was out, a stranger gave him a hug.

This hug changed his world. And his mission became to change the world …

In 2004 he set out to give free hugs to strangers. By 2006 the campaign was recognised worldwide!

You can read more about the Free Hugs campagin on wikipedia here

free hugs
Credit: Wikipedia


Credit: Cool N Smart

And always remember this …

sad someone else is
Credit: Pintrest

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W is for Wealth

When you think about the word wealth,

what automatically comes to mind?


Credit: The Biggest Lotto

or this?

Credit: Healthy Answers

 So, did you think about the first 2 explanations taken from the Oxford Dictionary ?
1. An abundance of valuable possessions or money:he used his considerable wealth to bribe officials
 1.1 The state of being rich; material prosperity:some people buy boats and cars to display their wealth
1.2 Plentiful supplies of a particular resource:the country’s mineral wealth
2[IN SINGULAR] A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing:the tables and maps contain a wealth of information
Or, did you think of the 3rd meaning? The traditional meaning?
3. archaic: Well-being.
Wealthy 1
Credit: Passing Thru

You could have the biggest bank balance in the world but is that real wealth if something else such as love, completeness or fulfillment is missing?

You could be the richest person, but you could also be the saddest, would you feel wealthy?

I’m loving the traditional meaning of wealth.

Have a think about these quotes and consider whether you feel wealthy.

Appreciating your wealth will bring you more wealth.

Think about the following quotes and understand what wealth means to you!

wealth - quotes valley
Credit: Quotes Valley


wealth - pintrest
Credit: Pintrest


wealth material quote
Credit: AZ Quotes


wealth twitter
Credit: Twitter


wealth 2
Credit: Buzz Quotes


wealthy 3
Credit: pintrest


Credit: Love Image Collections

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V is for Value Yourself

Value-yourself inspirational archive
Credit: Inspirational Archive

The last few inspirational blogs have been about looking at yourself and understanding yourself within.

Valuing yourself fits great with this theme. If you don’t value yourself, you can’t expect others too either.

If others don’t appreciate your value, then you need to look at why they are in your life!

This week I’ve looked for many quotes that will hopefully get you thinking about your own self-worth & value!

I also found a great exercise to do on the Habits for Wellbeing website, I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

Remember, you are a unique and beautiful individual, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

value - burgandby
Credit: The Burgandy Boudoir


value - scott peck - life hack
Credit: Quotes Life Hack


value - buzz quotes
Credit: Buzz Quotes


value yourself - 2
Credit: Search Quotes


value - raw for beauty
Credit: Raw for Beauty


Credit: First Things Productivity


value - pintrest 1
Credit: Pintrest


value yourself - 3
Credit: Board of Wisdom


value 4
Credit: Positive Outlooks Blog


value - best covers
Credit: Just Best Covers


value - reason
Credit: Buzz Quotes


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U is for Understand

cute-love-understanding-quotes-356 - tumblr quotes
Credit: tumblr quotes

Last week we talked about Tranquility. Some people may struggle with being tranquil if they do not truly understand themselves.

It can be a really unsettling place if you’re unsure of who you are!

understand-yourself - quotes valley
Credit: Quotes Valley

But as this quote from Debbie Ford expresses …

understanding self - pintrest
Credit: Pintrest

Sometimes in life we go along a path that’s easy or it’s where we feel our journey takes us. But life is about choices, the decisions we make take us through different paths in our lives. But do you feel you haven’t chosen the right path? Do you feel like you’d like to move to a different route? Searching within yourself to find what you truly want will help you have a bigger understanding of yourself.

undertsand inner self - iz quotes

Credit: izquotes

self-understanding - buzz quotes 2
Credit: Buzz Quotes
oprah-winfrey-quotes-12 - font collector
Credit: Font Collector
when-you-understand-who-and-what-you-are - quote valley
Credit: Quotes Valley

There are personality tests you can take to try and get a better understanding of yourself, or seek help from a therapist or life-coach, all are great avenues if you really want to go deeper into understanding what you want from life. But for now here’s a few questions to help brainstorm!

1/ What do you feel are your strengths?

2/ What do you feel are your weaknesses?

3/ What makes you feel alive?

4/ What would make you want to get out of bed on a morning?

5/ What is one of the most crucial life events that has happened to you? How has this changed you?

6/ Is there anything else in your past that has changed you?

7/ What do you not like to see in others?

8/ List your priorities in life, i.e: love, family, money, relationships, work, hobbies etc.

9/ What are you scared of?

10/ What would you hate not to live without? When it comes to answering this last question, we need to think beyond family, relationships etc. It is a given that any such devastation is not something any of us wants to think about. This question relates to things you do in your own life, hobbies, work, time-out etc. Think of your life on a day-to-day basis, and if you feel you can’t answer this question, ask yourself: what is missing?

These are 10 simple questions to get you thinking about yourself and what your understanding of you is! As mentioned earlier there are other avenues you can take to understand yourself more, but hopefully the above has helped you think about it in a bit more detail.

One last quote for you

self-understanding - social anxiety support
Credit: Social Anxiety Support

Daily Inspirational Messages 2015 - Hardback 3DIf you’d like more inspirational quotes, please click here and receive a free copy of the 2015 Daily Inspirational Quotes and Weekly Tasks Book.

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T is for Tranquil

traquil - quote etsy
Credit: Etsy

Ask yourself, this one question: Is your mind tranquil?

There are many people who will probably struggle to answer yes to this question.

In today’s society, we lead busy lives and being tranquil with ourselves seems to be a last priority or not a priority at all.

But to lead a happy life, we must try to be tranquil within ourselves. No-one can help us find this tranquility it can only come within.

tranquil - quote 2
Credit: Pintrest

You may feel there’s a lot of external circumstances that you feel are stopping you from being tranquil.

But let’s concentrate on that word: feel.

Your feelings, your judgement, your choices are making you feel this way. You will find that if you were tranquil within your heart and mind you could deal with whatever life decides to throw at you. I know, easier said than done?

tranquil - quote
Credit: Pintrest

Look at the following quote by Harry Vardon. You can adapt this quote to any part of your life.

Think of life with everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you had this mindset about your life … everything to gain! 

How amazing would that feel? A thought that could easily bring tranquility into your life.

tranquil quote hd
Credit: Quote HD

Maybe you focus on the small negatives in life!!! Does this quote sound like you?

like success
Credit: Like Success

So it’s okay giving you a few quotes to mull over, but really how can you start having more tranquility in your life?

Here’s 5 TOP TIPS that should hopefully help you start!

1/ Meditate: Meditation is not only good for relieving stress but it has a range of other health benefits: especially when it comes to happiness. You can read more about mediation on the M is for Meditation blog.

2/ Be thankful: Many people suffer with unbalance in their lives when they focus too much on what they don’t have rather than what they do have! It is good to strive for more, have inspiration, goals and dreams etc. But it is so important to be grateful for what you already have in your life. You can read more about being thankful on the G is for Gratitude blog.

3/ Live in the present: You’ve heard the saying, ‘Live today. Life is a gift, that’s why it’s called the ‘Present’!’ Well this is true. Think about it … you can’t change the past, you can work towards your future but still, whatever happens, happens! Enjoy the journey and ensure you savour each day.

4/ Don’t worry about what others think of you: Ask yourself does it really matter? If it does matter, ask yourself why it matters? You are an unique individual who should embrace your individuality, just as you should let others be their own person. If you offer love and understanding to others, then don’t be worrying about what others think of you, as in the great scheme of life, it doesn’t matter.

5/ Do something you enjoy: When it comes down to it, many people don’t feel tranquil because they get tangled in the web of life: things that need to be done, things that have to be done, things they feel should be done etc. But making time to enjoy a hobby or working towards a goal, or something that really makes you tick can have a profound impact on your life. If you can take time out a week, or more, you will soon find tranquility entering your life.

So go on … go and find some tranquility … you deserve it!

quotes cover - tranquil
Credit: Quotes Cover


picture quotes
Credit: Picture Quote


Credit: Self Help Daily

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R is for Risk-Taking

This probably accounts for why there are so many people who don’t actually achieve their dreams;

they are scared to take any risks.

But if you don’t take the risks how will you ever know how close you came to achieving your dream.

Risk-taking 1
Credit: Somos

This doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your day job to follow your heart, or doing anything extreme that involves uplifting you and your family. It could be taking small risks that move you towards your goal.

Credit: Apsinet

Think about what scares you in reaching your goal? There maybe more than one thing that makes your stomach churn when it comes to taking risks or following your dream. What is stopping you?

Credit: I Want Covers

A little task for this week is to write down all the things that you think are stopping you from achieving your goal. Once you have done this, go through the list and ask yourself, ‘Is this really stopping me?’ ‘What can I do about moving these barriers?’ Address each point and on another list write down, how you can overcome these fears. Start putting plans in place to eliminate those fears, or at least work your way through them.

Ask yourself this question: Not taking these risks, means you will stay where you are, how do you feel about that?

Here’s a few quotes to get you thinking!

Credit: Quotes Pictures
stable risks
Credit: Buzz Quotes
Credit: Meetville
Credit: Quotes Zu

Don’t regret the risks you didn’t take!

If you’d like more inspirational quotes, please click here and receive a free copy of the 2015 Daily Inspirational Quotes and Weekly Tasks Book.

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