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R is for



Taking time out to assess and soothe your body and soul is the key to moving forward.

How many times have you heard people saying, ‘I haven’t got time …’ These are the people who need it more than most.


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So if you’re one of those people who feels the need to keep moving, there’s no time for chilling … ask yourself how fast are you actually moving forward? If you feel you simply CAN’T STOP! Even the thought stresses you out. Then you are probably that person that needs to relax.

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise: if you’ve been doing some of the writing exercises you will see that some are best completed over a week. This helps to give you an overall view of events, circumstances, feelings and emotions that are taking place in your life.

So, this week, start writing a journal, look back over it week by week and see how fast you’re moving. While writing your journal put some feelings, thoughts and emotions into your writing, turn your writing into a relaxation technique. It’s an amazing method. If you do this, you’re still ‘working’ as you’re writing down your achievements, but at the same time you are actually allowing yourself to put things into perspective.


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You may need to just put on the brakes for a while and tell yourself to just stop and listen.

Listen to what your mind and body wants. Give yourself chance to breathe. Give yourself chance to relax and be able to move forward.

We have a rule in our house, it’s actually one of my favourites:


These are the best nights for me. It brings home what is important. We all have busy lives, but it’s important that we make time for each other, and even if this means crashing on the sofa, watching a film, eating popcorn and crisps, that’s not only relaxing, it’s totally nourishing to the soul.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

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Q is for


Do you feel an underlying passion or incompleteness that isn’t being fulfilled?

If you were to believe that you were sent here on a life mission or a quest that needed to be completed how would you feel about the journey so far? Have you achieved all your goals? Have you experienced all the things you would like to experience? Have you found true happiness?

There’s not many people that could answer yes to those questions … but imagine this:


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Imagine knowing that your first quest on this physical plane was to feel love from within. When we are born this is exactly what we feel, love for ourselves and those around us. It’s as we grow and develop that society shapes our thoughts. When I initially felt the pull to turn to spirituality, one of the first things I learned was the power of love and forgiveness. It soon became my quest to send as much love to everyone and everything as I possibly could. I knew that my quest before I arrived here was to pass on this information to others. Too as many people as I possibly could.

Do you feel an urge, a passion – something deep within that you know you need to fulfil? This is your quest. Your life mission. The reason you are here. If it’s not something you can do overnight, then put a plan in place and start making it work for you. Life is far too short to be having regrets, make 2017 your year. Start the quest that you were sent here for.


You may feel you have more than one quest, that’s great! That’s good news. It means you can keep on going, keep on achieving, keep on moving through your life journey fulfilling all that you are.


One of your main quests is to show love always. Once you can show love, give and receive love you will see how all your other quests are so much easier to follow. Opening yourself up to the universe and letting go of any negative beliefs will enable your quest to be achieved much easier.


This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Freestyle writing this week … take 15 minutes out (take more time if needed) and simply write about what you think your quest in life is.

If you’re not sure, then write what you would like it to be. What’s your passion? What would you like to be doing on a day-to-day basis? Use last week’s exercise if it helps.

Your passion is your quest … write it down. Write down what you need to do to fulfil it. You may need to write a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goals. You may need to write your ultimate quest which may take a year or so to achieve, therefore, take this and break it down into smaller and more managable steps. Split it into months, weeks and daily … write down what you can achieve each day, then go and make it happen.

So go and make your life marvellous and follow your quest 🙂

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

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P is for


When I thought about the letter P positivity was the first word that came to mind, but after really thinking about this, I decided that I wanted to write about Passion.


Because I believe in this quote:

Much unhappiness comes from people not following their passion, becoming wrapped up in life, following a routine that pays bills, raising a family, and generally getting on with life, because they have to. Well, I truly believe that you don’t ‘have to’ … yes, we have to pay bills and maybe we’re not in a position to just drop everything and start following our dreams. But incorporating your passions into your daily life, will make life much easier and a nicer place to be.

This could be spending an hour, or even 30 minutes on something you love everyday. If you continue to do this and ensure your passion is embedded into your daily routine before you know where you are you may just be able to give up that day job. My biggest belief is that small steps count.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

This week is to simply write down passionately something you are passionate about. 

Something that would drive you. Something that would bring you joy. What would make your days easier? What would give you the motivation to bounce out of bed in the morning?

If you feel you’ve lost your passion for anything, have a think back to being a child. What made you tick? What did you want to be when you grew-up? Write down how you can start putting small steps in place to start doing something you truly love.

Remind yourself daily to start doing it. Small steps do count!

apsinet qupte

Credit: Apsinet

I watch my young daughters enjoy life without worries that we gain and carry as we grow older, I watch their passion for life and their ability to have no worries. That’s what we lack as adults, so write down a plan of how you can bring your passion into your life. Your plan will be what makes you want to get out of bed on a morning.

mma quotes

Credit: MMA Quotes

Just remember time is passing anyway, so make sure you fit your passion into your day. Have no regrets.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

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O is for



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How are you feeling on this glorious Monday?

Do you feel as if you need a huge change? Are you happy with where you are in your life?

How open are you to change? How open are you to opportunities?

How open is your mind at this moment in time?

life begins comfort

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It’s so easy to become stuck in a routine, every day passing us by, life passing us by. Even if we want to change we don’t know how, or we’re so use to the comfortable routine we’ve created that we’re scared of changing it.

But the only way to make changes in our lives is to have an open mind. Be open to new opportunities. Don’t dismiss ideas or chances because you feel it doesn’t fit with your current way of thinking.

confined walls

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The only way we can move forward in life is to open our eyes, open our minds and open our hearts.

Once your mind is open, the world is full of possibilities.

 Not sure how to open your mind?

There’s a great exercise by wikihow – you can see it here

There’s a few videos on you tube – take a look here

This may not happen overnight, but once you’ve decided to have an open mind, you’re already more than halfway there.

Life becomes so much more exciting when your mind is open.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Think about a situation that left you feeling as if it was a black and white situation. Something that happened to yourself, or maybe it happened to someone else.

Think of the people in the situation. Pretend they are characters in a book – you can give them different names if you prefer – write down what you feel each character was feeling about this situation. A paragraph about their feelings, if they did something (that maybe you don’t agree with) ask yourself why you think they did it. If it help,s re-write a conversation between the people, or enhance a conversation you think may have happened. This type of therapeutic writing is excellent for understanding a situation better. To take your own emotions out of it and think about others, no matter how much it hurts. This isn’t saying, ‘Let people treat you badly,’ but does allow you to understand and in some cases forgive. Forgiving doesn’t mean letting people back into your life that have hurt you, but to forgive gives you peace.

This exercise should last as long as you need it too. Write down as much as you can to enable you to open your mind a little bit further than it might. As I said, this may not happen overnight, but this is a great place to start.


open you heart

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Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

N is for


You may be thinking that this isn’t really a positive word … it’s just a word!

Well it depends how you look at the world, and if you were one of those people who did think, ‘Notice, is just a word,’ then please have a read of this post and really think about what you actually notice around you.


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When you start noticing the world around you, you’ll notice how a word such as ‘notice’ can be positive, how noticing life can be one of the most positive things you can do for yourself.


The world is a beautiful place, a wonderful place if you just stop for a second and notice it.

The world is full of busy … busy people, busy lives … busy, busy, busy – especially at this time of the year! People don’t have time to stop and notice the world around them. There’s so much to do … but there is actually so much to see.

If you feel like this sounds like you … have you noticed? Have you noticed how stressed you feel?

Take 5 minutes out to just breathe! 5 or 10 minutes of your time will not affect your schedule as much as not taking that time to breathe.

Breathe. Look around you. Listen. Use all your senses to notice your world. It’s wonderful to be here and alive, we must not take these days for granted. Be thankful always and take notice.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Take the above and write down what you notice. Spend as long as you can describing what you see, feel or hear:

Use all your senses to enhance the things you notice.

Write it all down. Leave it by your bedside and (with any affirmations you may have given yourself) read it every morning until you start to notice the things around you without actually thinking about them.


If you are not noticing how wonderful life is, look at how you can make changes in your life … firstly start with your thoughts. Start by noticing the beauty in the world, your loved ones … once you start noticing your thoughts, you will notice how your thoughts affect your life. So start by noticing those negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

M is for


Do you remember being a child and believing in magic?

Do you remember your imagination being stretched so far that anything was possible?

There were no limits …

Do you remember that feeling? Imagine how it would feel to have that feeling again.


As we become adults we are filled with norms and expectations of society that we are suppose to adhere to. Unfortunately magic isn’t one of the norms. In adulthood we describe events as coincidences. But what if you were to look deeper into these coincidences? What if you were to analysis these coincidences and really think about how they happened and why they happened? What if I told you they weren’t coincidences … they were magic? Don’t stop reading and think I’ve completely lost it … really think about life’s coincidences and ask yourself why.


Credit: Pintrest

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise, let’s look at coincidences that may have happened in your life

Take ten minutes (or longer if you can) to think about ‘coincidences’ that have happened in previous years, incidents that have sent you down a particular route. Have a think about the reasons these incidents may have happened …

Take one of the coincidences that has been significant in your life, something that really got you thinking about ‘fate’ – a chance meeting with someone, a job offer, an incident that saved your life.

Write this coincidence down, describe in detail what happened: Read below and answer some of the questions and add to your writing anything that will help you get a better picture of this coincidence.

Think about the people you’ve met because of this coincidence. Have they stayed by your side? Or did they just flit through? Some may have passed through for a short while, while others have stayed by your side through thick and thin. Just because someone doesn’t stay in your life for a long period of time it doesn’t mean they weren’t meant to be there … they were there for a reason. A magical reason to help you on your path. Whether it was a good or bad experience there will be a lesson to be learnt.

Let’s move onto another writing exercise: Think about the people who have entered into your life. Think initally about those who have passed through – write down their names if you have time, then write a reason as to what you gained from that relationship, what lessons have been learnt? Now look at the people in your life at the moment and write down those that are closest to you. Think about the magic that surrounds your relationship with them. Write a paragraph on each person. Think about your magical relationships. How did you meet? What have you experienced together? How have you both supported each other? Write all this down and truly feel the magic that has happened in your life. It’s a wonderful feeling to value the magic in a relationship. True friendship is one of the most magical things you can experience, so don’t ever take for granted true friends.

Some people believe in logic, but those who believe in magic will experience are more fulfilling life, a life of limitless possibilities and opportunities. Once you believe in the magic, you carry that around inside of you, projecting it our like a sparkling trail. An amazing feeling that you are being protected and there is a higher purpose. Our time here is magical, it should be our job to spread that magic wherever we go.

In the words of Roald Dahl …


So start believing in magic and watch miracles happen. It’s actually very exciting when you realise that magic does exist, and by believing you can make it happen.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

L is for


You may be thinking this is quite an obvious word this week, but you’d be amazed at how many people miss the opportunity to show love.

Ask yourself, how many times in a day do you show love?

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, it was the love element that struck me first. ‘The Secret‘ came into my life when I needed it, when life seemed to be throwing challenge after challenge at me. Life can still do that sometimes, however, the way I deal with it is so much different now to then. Back then I was angry and upset. I didn’t understand why all these things were happening to me … ‘Why me???’ Trust me there are many people who think like this … in fact the majority of people think like this!

However, when I changed my feelings around, turned anger into love and looked outside of myself and my own world, good things started to happen. It’s not only about the words that are spoken, it’s about the actions that are taken, the thoughts that move in and out of our minds constantly.


Credit: Pintrest

Now, don’t get me wrong, it took effort to turn my thoughts around, it was a real effort in what seemed like utter darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel. But sure enough that light came, not just a dribble of light, not just a small glow, it was a whole load of party lights, fireworks and more!

It becomes an addiction sending out love to people. A good addiction. It’s one of the reasons I qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner, because I wanted to teach others have marvellous it actually is. The more love you give out there, the more you receive back.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise involves looking at how much love you give:

  • Start out by writing down what loving things you did last week.
  • Write down the loving things you think you could have improved on: was there an argument with a loved one? Could you have expressed a loving word instead of a negative? Or, could you have kept quiet in a certain situation?
  • Have a freestyle writing session expressing what makes you feel loved.
  • Take these points and look at how you can express them to a loved one. Even if you feel you are not getting the love you would like, it doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t love you, people express things in different ways. So make it your mission to express love in the way that you want love to be expressed to you.

Credit: Pintrest

So make it your mission this week to send out as much love as you can.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

K is for


Kindness is something that should become part of your life.


Credit: Pintrest

True pure kindness is the one characteristic that integrates a whole range of benefits without even thinking about it … from gratitude, appreciation, happiness, love … Being kind to someone can benefit you just as much as it benefits them.

Did you realise there is scientific research that shows being kind can make you and those around you happy?

You can see the range of research here at Think Kindness


Here’s the thing, it doesn’t actually cost anything to be kind! From a smile in the street, to letting someone in front of you in a queue or giving up your seat on the bus. Simple but effective acts of kindness that will be integrated into your life and make you a happier person.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise will allow you to express your kindness: 

  • Write down a few sentences about what you think kindness is.
  • Is there anyone you know who you feel is exceptionally kind?
  • Do you feel you could improve your kindness in any way? If so, write these down.
  • Make a plan for this week … do something daily that will allow you to perform a kind act.
  • At the end of each day, write down how doing this kind act made you feel.
  • Take in those wonderful feelings and think about how you can instil this into your daily life.

If you’re struggling on how to express more kindness, here’s five top tips to give your kindness a boost:

  1. Ask yourself which friend could do with your help? Even a simple text to ask how they are doing can truly lift their day.
  2. Do you have lots of clothes hanging in your wardrobe that need to be cleared out? Do it now! Donate to charity! In fact go that one step further and give away an item that you love!!
  3. When you’re out and about today, compliment someone … never underestimate how much they will need it.
  4. Hide notes of encouragement to your spouse, partner, family member, children, friend … whoever in your life needs it, or doesn’t need it, but you want to show them how much you care.
  5. Visit someone who needs company; care homes and hospitals are the perfect place to spread kindness, you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t have visitors, so make the difference in their lives.

These five ideas are just the tip of the kindness boat … if you’re interested in filling your kindness bank, here’s a few more websites that will encourage you to do just that:

30 ways to be kinder and happier at Lifehack

10 Powerful ways to be kind

100 Ways to Be Kinder

So there you have it, there’s more than enough reasons to get out there and be the kindness person. Not only does it benefit the person in question, but it benefits you too. If you read my blog posts regularly, you’ll know that we have certain house rules in our home, and one of them is as follows:


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

J is for


“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!’

This is one of the most popular quotes relating to enjoying your journey towards your goal. However, if you’re in a frustrated place at the moment you may find it hard to look at your journey as enjoyable. One of the best things to do if you’re feeling like you’re on a never ending treadmill is to STOP!



Take five minutes to sit in silence. Listen to your breathing and then think about all that you have that you are grateful for. Don’t think about the obstacles, don’t think about the challenges, with this exercise there are no buts’, maybes’ or cannot’, there are things in your life that are making this life journey worthwhile, lessons to be learnt you just need to understand them. There is a reason you have ventured on this path and one way to understand and appreciate that path is to be grateful for where you are now.


 Imagine if all that was happening was happening for a reason, imagine the struggles were designed to enable us to move forward stronger than we were before. To believe that we have the power to push ourselves to another level. If you sit for a second and imagine how it would feel to get through these struggles … what would you see? What can you hear? What can you feel?


Credit: Pintrest

Sometimes we have to take a different route to help us move forward, but don’t ever lose sight of your goal, don’t ever believe you’re not capable of doing this. If your heart is telling you to follow a passion then it’s your mission to follow and accomplish whatever goals you feel you need to achieve. Your life is made up of different puzzles that sometimes really do feel like hard work to figure out. You MUST continue on this journey, even if it’s one small step at a time.


Credit: Quotesgram

Believe in yourself, believe you can do this.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise is to work on your journey every day this week:

Start writing down daily what you have achieved and you will soon become grateful that you are moving forward. Don’t look at the setbacks, the obstacles, the challenges, don’t focus on the negative, focus on the things that are carrying you forward, because if you believe you are here for this reason, you will continue to push through those barriers.

Things to remember on your journey:

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

You will only regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did

Every step counts no matter how small

Ask yourself … what can I learn from these challenges?

Be grateful daily 

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

I is for


This week let’s think about who inspires you and more importantly, who do you inspire?


Credit: Get Motivated

I want to jump straight into an exercise this morning. Don’t worry, this will take you 5/10 minutes and will change your mind-set for the day!

So firstly, who inspires you?

Let’s get straight into a therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Write down the names of the people who inspire you.

This could be people who are close to you; family members or friends. It could be someone you’ve come across over the internet or through social media (for example, maybe someone who runs a fitness blog/business or offers music entertainment through you tube), or a celebrity who you feel gives you a drive to push yourself.

Once you have this list, pick one of these people and write a paragraph about why they inspire you.

The next task is to look at this particular person and their story. They will have one to tell and it could be a reason as to why you are drawn to them. What makes them inspirational to you? In what way do you relate to them?


Credit: Quotesgram

Many people are inspired by others because they have achieved a goal, reached a target and pushed themselves forward. There’s always a story behind someone’s success. If you’re inspired and drawn to certain people take a look at your own life, you are more than likely drawn to these people for a reason. This following quote is so true …


Whatever you’re going through, or whatever you’ve been through, you’ll be surprised how many people have been through the same or similar. These people, like yourself, are looking to be inspired by people who have got through the bad times. Everyone has bad times, things they have to deal with when they truly don’t want to. People who have been through bad times, learned by the experience are bound to inspire us. If it makes you feel it’s possible for you … this is because it is possible for you!


You may have huge dreams that you don’t like to share with others incase they put you down, or we all know someone who thinks your dreams are far too big and you are living in some kind of ‘La La Land’ – that’s ok … that’s there opinion. Don’t let them affect your dreams, this will only hurt you, not them. You are one of a kind and if you have amazing dreams and goals it’s your mission to achieve them. If you have an urge, a passion to do something with your life, don’t ignore these feelings, they are there for a reason. They are there because you are suppose to strive towards them. If you read my blog posts regularly, you’ll see that I often post images of our house rules, well to finish off today, here is another of our house rules … make them your house rules too.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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