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15 MOTIVATIONAL MUST-READS; Bringing Together International Women’s Day & World Book Day with Inspirational Women Authors

March doesn’t get better than this, as it features 2 of my favourite days; World Book Day (Thursday 5th March 2020) and International Women’s Day (Sunday 8th March 2020). So what better way to celebrate, well other than throwing a party, but to recognise some wonderful women writers.

I’m part of the Assist Women’s Book Club, and in this group, we focus on inspirational/motivational books. Books that will help us personally or in our businesses. We read all kinds of books by both male and female authors, but with this post, I thought it would be a great idea to recognise my 2 favourite days by bringing together some of my favourite inspirational women authors. This list is not exhaustive, but if you’ve not read the books on, I recommend that you do so. Each one gives a powerful message. After reading (or listening) to each of these books I felt so inspired and motivated. 

Remember, if you don’t have time to read (many of us struggle with work, kids and life …) audible is a great way to get through some books. You can listen whenever and wherever! Many of us from our book club listen to books rather than reading. 

If you’d like to join the Assist Book Club, we have recently set-up a Facebook group. So, maybe don’t have the time to join our meetings (we only meet every 3 months but we understand how life can throw a spanner in the works), or you don’t live in the North East of England, we welcome ladies from anywhere and everywhere! You can join our Facebook group and become involved. We’d love for you to be inspired and join us virtually if you can’t join us physically.

Let’s see what some of my favourite books by inspirational women are:


1. The Secret by Rhona Byrne 


If you’ve not read ‘The Secret’ by Rhona Byrne, I recommend you go out there and do so! This was the first book I read about the ‘Law of Attraction’. 

This book did actually change my life. It sounds corny, but it actually did, because it helped me to recognise thought patterns that were unhealthy. Rhona helps us understand how our thoughts create our world. If you’ve not heard of the Law of Attraction, again, read this book. 

The Law of Attraction, in basic terms, is what we believe to be true, is the truth. Our life is simply the universe reflecting back to us our thoughts. So if we have negative thoughts, we will have a negative life, and if we have positive thoughts we will have a positive life. Sounds far too simple? It is actually simple, however, there are certain exercises that will help you along the way. This book is a must-read to help you align with the Universe. 

Once you start recognising your thought patterns, you will see the adjustment in your mood, in your behaviour and this will soon be reflected in your life. This book and Rhonda’s other books are fascinating. Since I started on this journey, I qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner and focus my blog on such teachings.

Purchase The Secret and Rhonda’s Other Books

2. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas

This has been one of those books that kept popping up in my life, urging me to read it, but admittedly, I was uncomfortable with the word ‘Bitch’! But, how pleased I am, that I got over myself, and listened to this book. 

I loved listening to Denise talk about her initial fears of being called a ‘Bitch’, to having the word ‘Bitch’ in her company name. After listening to her book, I couldn’t think of a better name!

Denise has a way of communicating to all women. I felt like she could have been a friend who had popped in for a coffee. She explains about past beliefs and blocks that may be stopping you from reaching your potential. 

I also love that Denise admits she is lazy and wants an easy life. Who doesn’t? Who wouldn’t love to spend every day doing what you love … and getting paid for it? Denise puts this in terms that will make you know it is possible for you. Definitely put this on your reading list, no matter what stage in your business or life you’re at.

Purchase Get Rich, Lucky Bitch Here:

3. The Calling – Rha Goddess

How can you not be drawn to a book that is titled ‘The Calling’ authored by a woman with the name Goddess? Love it! I downloaded and listened to this book after seeing a recommendation from Gabrielle Bernstein (who actually has written the foreword).

This a new book, only released in January. I’m so pleased I found it. It starts straight in with an explanation from Rha about her past and experiences and that we all have ‘a calling’, this had me hooked, as I truly believe we do all have ‘a calling’. We all have different passions, some of us fulfil these passions, others just dream about them.

But Rha encourages throughout this book to seek out your calling … unputdownable … stories, tips, advice and exercises along the way. 

Purchase ‘The Calling’ Here:

4. The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein

I’ve read many of Gabby Bernstein books, but this was the first book I read of hers and it resonated with me so profoundly that I became hooked on her work.

This title of this book says it all. The Universe wants to help us and the Universe will deliver to us if we align our thoughts.

It was after reading this book that Gabby’s tour dates popped into my inbox … and imagine my excitement when I checked the dates to see she was speaking in London. It didn’t take me long to book a ticket. 

This book, like most others on this post will give you the confidence to know if you ask, you will receive because ‘The Universe Has Your Back’. I recommend all of Gabby’s books, she explains how easy it is to attract what you want.

Purchase The Universe Has Your Back Here:

5. The Courage to be Creative – Doreen Virtue

For any creative souls out there, this is the book for you! It was definitely the writer in me that was drawn to this book. Being the spiritualist that I am, I’ve read many of Doreen Virtue’s books, but this one was definitely my favourite.

It explains how our passion (or ‘our calling as Rha Goddess puts it) is our reason for being. We have been giving these urges to create because that’s what we are meant to do, not just for ourselves, but for others too. This book definitely encouraged me to follow my writing passions. If you feel like you’re having a creative block, or you are not following your creative dreams, this is definitely the book for you.

Purchase Doreen Virtue’s Book Here:

6. She Means Business – Carrie Green

Credit : depop

Carrie Green’s name was recommended by one of our lovely ladies from the Assist Book Club. I’d heard of Carrie before, but had not really seen her work. Well, what can I say, a huge thank you to Cara, from our book club for recommending Carrie.

Her down-to-earth, girlfriend approach, will make you realise we all have the potential to reach our dreams.

The thing I love about Carrie is her realism. She gives lots of advice about moving yourself forward, that yes, the Law of Attraction works, but so should you. She gives lots of examples from other successful women, which in turn will give you the motivation you need to take steps forward. 

She also doesn’t sugarcoat the difficulties. She makes it real about the ups and downs of owning a business.

I will most definitely be following Carrie’s work now, I most definitely recommend you do too!

Purchase She Means Business Here:

7. You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Credit: medium

Again, another recommended by Cara, from our Assist Book Club. Thank you Cara.

I love finding new inspiring women and Jen is most definitely someone I relate to. She has a no-BS approach to her writing and I absolutely love that. Plus, she’s very funny. You don’t usually get comedy with inspirational books, I’m not saying they are not out there, but few and far between.

So I definitely recommend this book to not only help you feel inspired but will also make you smile … win-win! 

Purchase Jen Sincero’s Badass Book Here:

8. What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey 

Who would not want to know, what Oprah Winfrey knows? I know I did! Oprah is one of the many inspirational women who has had to overcome so much adversity.

In this book, Oprah opens up about her childhood and different experiences that have made her the woman she is today. She shows how gratitude is one of the ultimate things that can change your life around. Being thankful is so powerful, the Universe will continue to give when you are grateful for what you have.

She talks about real-life experiences and this gives a true insight into how she has become the strong miraculous woman she is today. This is a powerful book that will definitely get you thinking.

Purchase What I Know For Sure:

9. The Warrior Goddess Training Programme – HeatherAsh Amara

Credit: You Tube

HeatherAsh unapologetically explains how we should LOVE ourselves. I LOVE this! I couldn’t stop listening to this book.

She gives examples of how we can love ourselves and why we should love ourselves. Too many women shy away from their wonderfulness.

They are embarrassed if someone compliments them … this book will show you how to embrace you .. and no, before you ask, not in a ‘cocky – check me out’ kind of way, but in a loving wonderful way that will only spread to others.

Her spiritual approach was something I could relate to. If you are struggling with loving yourself this is the book for you! Become the powerful goddess that you are.

Purchase HeatherAsh Amara Here:

10. Your 3 Best Superpowers – Sonia Choquette

When I came across Sonia Choquette, I listened to her books so quickly. I loved everything she stood for.

She blends the Law of Attraction with Spirituality effortlessly. She shows us how interlinked the 2 things are, without us even realising.

She gives us sound advice on using our own abilities to live a life of happiness.

I would recommend Sonia’s other books, but I just chose this one, because I love the title. It’s very powerful.

She has a soft but confident approach, and it had me hooked.

Purchase Sonia’s Choquette’s Book Here:

11. Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice – Brene Brown

Brene Brown was someone I came across a few years ago and was hooked with her ‘no-nonsense’ approach.

Brene has spent over 20 years researching courage, shame, vulnerability and empathy. I’ve read other books from Brene, however, this is my favourite, because it’s about spirituality!

Brene shares real-life stories, experiences and examples of how we believe and perceive ourselves, and often how we perceive others. This book looks at loving ourselves and connecting to something powerful within.

If you have issues with feeling guilty, shameful and vulnerable, Brene Brown is your lady … she is your go-to … she will lift you up so you are ‘rising strong’.

Purchase Brene Brown’s Book Here:

12. The Ultimate Marianne Williamson Library


I was introduced to Marianne Williamson’s work many years ago by a friend, who I met when we were studying our MA’s in Creative Writing. My friend loved Marianne’s work and she would tell me, ‘One day I will meet her’ … now, if you read even one of these books, you’ll know what is coming next … ‘Yes, she met her!’ Better than that … she flew to the USA, stayed in Marianne Williamson’s house with a few other selected ladies, and completed a 2-day course!

Crazy! Or What?

Not really! It’s really NOT that CRAZY!

Once you read these books and once you become aligned every single day, you’ll realise, it’s not crazy. My friend set an intention, the Universe listened and made it happen. It sounds simple, I know, but it is actually THAT simple!

But, by the by, I loved listening to Marianne Williamson. I listened to this book, while on the ‘cross trainer’ in the gym and it was one of those books I wanted to shout out, ‘Hell Yeah!’.

This book had so many tips, advice, examples, experiences, you name it, Marianne Williamson gave it all in this book. If it made me want to shout out, in a crowded place, not that I did might I add, then how could I not recommend it? Give yourself a relax and take in Marianne Williamson’s amazing wisdom, she really is a true inspiration.

Purchase Marianne Williamson’s Library Here:

13. Becoming – Michelle Obama

I loved this book … yes, this is a bit different from the other books I’ve recommended, because it’s a memoir. But Michelle Obama is extremely inspirational.

The book starts with her childhood and takes us on a journey. I absolutely loved Michelle’s determination and commitment to staying true to herself. Even when she became First Lady, her own desires were just as important as ‘The President’s’.

She speaks truthfully on marriage, motherhood, work, the White House … the pressure of the rules and regulations Michelle had to follow when actually, I believe, she’s a bit of a free spirit … and, I love a free spirit. 

Personally, I fell in love with Michelle when she appeared on iCarly, on Nickelodeon, a few years back. Both my girls were watching the programme and I just loved her from then. It can be hard trying to balance work, children and trying to understand our inner-guidance … and Michelle, who was watched from every angle of the world pulled it off amazingly. I think you’ll agree, if you haven’t read this book, you must! 

Purchase Michelle Obama’s Book Here:

14. Beautiful – Katie Piper

Credit: Depop

OMG! What a book! Katie Piper is amazing … and as I started this post, I did say that these books are not in order! I’ve simply put the 2 memoirs together. I cannot express how much my emotions were all over the place with this book. Sadness, frustration, anger, elation, happiness … yet, another book, I wanted to shout-out! ‘Go Katie!’

What an absolutely amazing woman. 

Katie is a true inspiration. She admits how her looks were so important to her, how she didn’t want to live when those looks were gone, to coming out the other side … her journey is incredible. As soon as I finished this, I downloaded her next book, which I’m yet to read, but I’m sure it will be just as amazing. 

Katie is a wonderful inspiration to all women and girls. Katie’s inside beauty has without a doubt resonated on the outside. She has been through so much, I didn’t realise how much until I read her book. The acid not only burnt her face but also inside her body; it burnt her insides! Yes, read that again! IT BURNT HER INSIDES! But she is still one of the most gorgeous women in the world, inside and out! A truly inspirational lady!

Purchase Katie Piper’s Book, Beautiful, Here:

15. Women Who Run With Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Credit: The Fullest

As I mentioned earlier, (several times), these books are in no order of my favourites, so please don’t think because Clarissa is placed at the bottom it’s my least favourite … far from it! 

I actually read about this book in one of my spiritual magazines, it was an ‘interviewee’s’ favourite book. Well, when someone says, ‘favourite book’, I’m there researching. Although I know we all have different tastes, I like to see if it’s something I would devour. It seems with this book I would have devoured for my starter, main and dessert! (And snacks actually!) 

This book is much more historical, statistical and, dare I say, maybe more serious, than any of the others I recommended, but for intuitive women out there, this is definitely a read for you! Someone made a review on Amazon that says it all, ‘If a wise grandmother became a book this would be it’.

This is such a powerful book that will make you realise why sometimes your soul is calling out to you, and your life is not reflective of this. For women who have a fight, a passion, an urge, a longing, a want, a need … this book describes historical beliefs and how society has moved forward (or not!). But Clarissa helps us move forward, take steps to change these beliefs. Once we grasp them, once we understand them, once we realise they are there, then we can change them. 

If you’ve got this far, thank you! All these women have powerful messages to share, messages that will no doubt help you on your journey. Often we feel alone in this world, as if we are the only ones feeling this incompleteness, but by connecting to these women and other women, you’ll know your feelings are your passion, urging you to move forward. Clarissa gives us an idea of why and how we have these feelings. I recommend you read her book, first, second or last … whichever, it is a must-read.

Purchase Women Who Run With Wolves Here:


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Inspiring Ideas for the Month of LOVE! Not just for a loved one but for yourself!

February is the month of LOVE! This isn’t just for those in a relationship, or those sending love to someone … this is about self-love. Remember this month is about loving yourself too!

Personally, I think every month should be the month of LOVE! There is something we say in our home, when there is a little bit of friction, that is, ‘Send the love’. If you are ever in a situation that makes you feel a little rattled etc. Simply say ‘Send the love’, if doesn’t work the first time, say it again, until it does. Truly feel it. When you realise that you can release so much positive energy and override any negative energy with this powerful feeling, it kind of becomes addictive.

But as we said earlier, this is the month of love … February 14th being the pinnacle day of LOVE!

Now remember, this isn’t just for those in a relationship, or those sending love to someone … this is about self-love. So if you look through these ideas, remember this month is about loving yourself too!

Make sure you not only treat any loved ones, you treat yourself too.


Downloadable love prints, you can put them up around your house, just as prints, put them in a frame (in your preferred size) or even make a collage. Whichever, this is wonderful gift to yourself and to a loved one. Give yourself some well-deserved love. These can be printed or sent as an email. They are a great way to inspire love.



Here you could print your own and write a message on each one.

Or you could draw some love hearts on coloured paper, write a message & cut them out.

If you are pushed for time, then you can buy something similar. Amazon have these lovely origami rose pink hearts each one presenting a love quote.

Remember this can also be a treat for yourself.



I love quirky gifts (and remember they could be a gift to yourself), a voucher entitling you to a nice warm bath, a movie night or a massage … you can make your own or download some printables, there’s plenty of free coupon /vouchers ideas on Pinterest.


Credit: Personalised Gift Shop

There are companies that will design you a box of glorious sweets, or you could get creative and design your own. Again, for yourself or a loved one, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself some appreciation with a treat to yourself. 

Whether it’s chocolate or candy, putting them together in a creative way is a great way to show the love.

I’ve seen some wonderful designs from people making their own poem with chocolate bars. You can see more ideas here.


Expressing your feeling of love can be an awesome feeling, for yourself and for the person receiving them. So, if you were to write a letter of love to yourself … ‘win-win’ … but if you do have a special someone in your life, writing down all the things you love about them, is actually a therapy in itself.

If you don’t particularly like using words, creating a picture of your feelings can help. Look through the internet, print off photos or cut out some pictures from magazines.

If you have kids this is a great thing to do together. You can show them how much you appreciate them & vice versa. It’s a great exercise to show children love & gratitude.


Seems like such a simple idea, and you may be thinking, ‘but I cook most nights!’ But find a recipe that is different from your norm. If you are not the most confident cook, even cutting a pizza into a love-heart can be extremely romantic.

Get adventrous with some homemade heart cookies … if all else fails, then buy some.

Light some candles, decorate the table with love hearts and confetti … in less than a minute you can have a cosy restaurant setting.


This can be as simple as designing your own card. Your own efforts can go a long way in showing how much you care. If you’re not the most crafty of people, there are plenty of sites that can help you create a personalised card, but my favourite has to be moonpig.

You could print out lots of photos and make a scrapbook. If you’re single, you could find your favourite photos of yourself, with family and friends and bring them together into a collage of memories.


This could be as simple as having a bath with bubbles & candles. If you feel you could do with further pampering, book in for a massage (either on your own or as a couple), if you truly want to indulge (and why the hell not!), book a spa day! 

There are some great deals available, companies such as Groupon, do some fantastic spa deals.


This is an amazing way to clear the cobwebs! You can either go exploring in the hills, beach or villages. Explore where you live. Every place has hidden treasures, find them and visit them. This is a fantastic activity to do on your own, or with a loved one. 

It’s one of my favourite ‘things to do’; it refreshes, reboosts and reenergises. Perfect for self-love, friendship-love and couple-love.



Again, this is an amazing way to explore different places. Visit places you’ve not seen before. Set yourself the task of driving for an hour or so, but plan out your route and try to take a countryside scenic route. If this isn’t possible then appreciate the drive you can take … explore the houses, the buildings, the paths, the roads … there is beauty everywhere we look.

This is a great thing to do if you are feeling ‘out-of-sync’ with where you live … drive around your area, drive out of the area, focus on the positive parts of where you live. This has such a great ‘feel-good’ factor and is a fun activity to do.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself or a loved one, just ensure you have fun!


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How to Beat the January Blues

Have you been feeling the ‘January blues?’

A similar feeling to the ‘holiday blues’?

Oh yes! Those good old holiday blues; you’ve had an amazing holiday and then all of a sudden it’s over and you’re faced with the reality of work and your everyday routine. Often coming from the sun, sea and beach to a rainy, cloudy or windy scenario waiting for us back home.

‘Wiki’ explains why; ‘… after the person returns home, they realize how boring and unsatisfactory their normal lifestyle routine is when compared to the activities they did while on their holiday/vacation.’

These ‘blues’ are different to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which doctors believe relates to the body and its response to sunlight. The holiday blues usually hits us when we’ve experienced a very pleasurable holiday that puts our life into perspective. We come to realise how busy we are and that we want to change things in our lives.


This is what happens in January too. After the build-up of Christmas, the hustle and bustle, the spending, the recuperating, the resting, the eating, the drinking … then we approach the New Year with a new mindset. We go all out with our resolutions; diet, gym, dry january, stop smoking, find a new job, find love, etc. the list is endless.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve it all. I am all things inspiring (read more of my blog posts) but I am realistic too. Often, we expect too much of ourselves, hence the reason statistics show that only 8% of people achieve their New Year resolutions. The remaining 92% find themselves struggling. This can set-off a rollercoaster of emotions, which in turn leads to the ‘January blues’!

So, firstly, as I always say ‘small steps count‘. Take one thing you want to change and work on that. This is the best way to achieve your goals. Even if you’ve fallen into the 92% of people, it’s never too late to start again. Instead of writing yourself a list of unobtainable dreams, take one of those dreams and work on that. Make it your goal to acheive that one thing. Do this for one month, then work on another goal. Break it down and make life easier for yourself.

Doing the above is a great way to beat the January blues, here’s a few other tips that can help pick you up:


This has to be one of my favourite things to do. I love walking. Research has proven that nature can improve our mental health. It reduces anxiety and depression. A walk in the hills or along the beach is a great way to shake off the Christmas Cobwebs.


We all have different hobbies; some people like crafts and arts, others like boxsets or reading. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! Have a day of watching your favourite characters on TV. Read something by your favourite author, or read something inspiring (there are plenty of motivational books out there). Set yourself a project and ensure that you take time out to do it.


Work through every room and discard of anything you don’t use. Be ruthless. If you’ve not used it in the last 6 months, let it go! Bag up old clothes, bin anything that resembles rubbish and give a lick of paint to any room that needs it. The art of decluttering is fantastic for your mental health.


The stress of Christmas can leave us feeling a little frazzled. Booking a massage is a great way to start the year. If this is something you’d be interested in, a daily bubble bath is a wonderful way to end the day. You can either lay still and enjoy the quiet or read a book while you soak. Having a bath daily is a wonderful way to destress.


The ‘blues’ can hit us because we feel we are ‘lacking’ something. This is a great time to write a list of the things you are grateful for. Think deep when it comes to gratitude; appreciation for the water you drink, the roof over your head, to the shoes on your feet. Build up from there and you’ll be surprised where your gratitude list can take you. Keep it with you, by your bed or in a place you will have access to it everyday. Every night reflect on your day, and add to your list something you are grateful for.

The above things can simply be integrated into your life. They are experiences that will enrich your wellbeing. So, stop being hard on yourself and make the decision today to do something that will move you forward.

If there is an area in your life that you would like to concentrate on see my A-Z of inspirational blogging. The posts include advice, tips, quotes and some include therapeutic writing exercises. Sendning you happiness and joy guys!

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5 Ways To Have A Happy Halloween

‘Happy Halloween’, I’ve always loved this quote, especially as children (and many adults) do their very best to scare the living daylights out of each other, how does that equate to happiness … but it actually does; from the dressing-up, the laughter and, of course, the treats!

A wonderfully decorated house in the USA.

In the U.K, we do like to dress-up, go trick or treating and often throw a Halloween party. However, for those of you who are American, my hat goes off to you! A few years back, we visited Atlanta, in October and … all I can say is … OMG! The houses that were decorated ready for Halloween were amazing! They were so awe-inspiring! My girls loved it. 

And now with the Halloween holidays approaching us quickly (and, can I just say, can you believe we are in October, I think I blinked through 2019!), I decided to look at ways in which you can bring happiness to your Halloween. 


There are some crazy, wacky and wonderful artistic designs on pumpkins, it would bring so much laughter to hold a fun competition between family and friends. Obviously kids who are too young to be using carving equipment, could pair with an adult. Not only a fun activity, but a great opportunity for bonding.



There are lots of food ideas and it’s not just about the end product, but the excitement of making the food. See below some fab pictures and links to see how you can make a selection of scary, creepy and gross-looking foods.

See these simple but very effective recipes from

Taste of Home

Credit: Taste of Home

Check out this brain dip and other creative food ideas from

Country Living

Credit: Country Living

Clean and Scentsible

displayed these quirky pretzel broomsticks and

many other fun halloween recipe ideas

Credit: Clean and Scentsible

If you want to see more freaky and fun Halloween food ideas, you can see plenty here on Pinterest


As I said earlier in my post, I love the Halloween decorated houses in America. They really do go to town for this holiday. So I’ve been looking through some wonderful photos to give you some inspiration to bring the scary to your home.

Check out the realtor website for some wacky and wonderful exterior Halloween ideas

Credit: Realtor

Love this … if you’re a fan of the walking dead you’ll see why!

See this website ‘explosion’ for more awesome Halloween house ideas 

Credit: Explosion

Halloween doorways to entice those trick or treaters!

Credit: Pinterest

See more ideas on pinterest here 


There’s a great variety of Halloween crafts for kids; from decorating your home with their creativity to letting them design and colour to their hearts content. See below some fun and freaky crafty ideas;

Crazy Little Projects is a fab website run by mum of 4, Amber Price. You can discover lots of different ideas on her site, including lessons on how to sew! Might come in handy if you want to create a wonderful and wacky Halloween costume. 

Credit: Crazy Little Projects

Another fab website for craft ideas is, One Little Project, see these Halloween Candy People … which child isn’t going to love these!

Credit: Red Book

Perfect way to keep the kids entertained is colouring some creative pictures. There’s plenty of places to download free colouring prints, but I was drawn to this site fun free halloween. They have lots of different designs to keep your kids entertained.

Credit: Fun Free Halloween


Whether you are having a halloween party or simply having a few friends round, playing games is a great way to bring laughter into your home and the halloween holidays. Here’s a few ideas to get you started;

At Crayola, you can download some free bingo game cards, perfect way to start or end the night.

Credit: Crayola

Kids absolutely love the ‘toilet roll mummy game’ … wrapping a friend in toilet roll and racing against other friends to see who can make the best mummy. This game never fails to bring laughter to the home.

Credit: Jamie Saunders; scattered thoughts of a crafty mum

One of my favourite Halloween games is, ‘Guess what’s in the box!‘ I love the squriming and squealing when the kids put their hand inside the mystery box to feel brains, eyeballs or whatever else is gross enough for Halloween.

Credit: Sunflower Story Time

Imaginations are stretched when the feeling slimy pasta represents ‘guts’. There are so many ideas, here’s a few links to help you create the perfect mystery Halloween box. 

The Spruce Crafts

Happy Mom Hacks

Momma Braga

So as you can see there we have lots of ideas to help you have a Happy Halloween

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5 Ways To Make Sure You Are Taking Advantage of Life’s Opportunities

Opportunities pass us by in life. It’s that simple. Sometimes we don’t even notice them, we dismiss them as an inconvenience. Often the opportunities we do recognise, we overthink the situation and they pass us by. We are embedded in our comfort zone and we are scared to move forward, so rather than grabbing an opportunity, we let it go.

Below, you can find ways to become more open to life’s opportunities. Open your mind, eyes and heart … watch the opportunities come to you once you allow them in.


Credit: Image by pixel2013 on Pixabay

We don’t all want the same things in life, it would be a boring world if we did. So think about the opportunities you’d like to be presented with; new job, more money, holiday, new relationship etc.

Visualising and believing you already have this opportunity is a great way to attract it to you. Know what you want and then open your eyes. Opportunities will soon present themselves to you: a promotion, a new job, meeting someone.

A great way to visualise is to write down your visions, dreams, goals etc. Even create a vision board; cut out pictures from magazines or download photos from the internet, paste them onto a board and imagine that you already have these opportunities.

You have to be clear in your mind what it is you want so that the universe can deliver these opportunities to you.


Even if you’re not the most sociable of people, there are ways to connect with the outside world. If you work in a huge corporate company, there will be ways you can talk and build relationships with other people in different departments. Make conversations when you are in the lift or passing on the stairs. A smile can lead to a, ‘Hello’, to a, ‘Gosh, it’s cold outside’ … within weeks you could be having full-blown conversations about your lives. You never know who you are talking to, you never know where these conversations can lead to … an opportunity could arise and you could be in someone’s mind, simply because you are friendly.

If you don’t have the opportunity as above, building relationships professionally online is a great way to expand your network. LinkedIn is specially designed for business. Opportunities arise through such networks constantly, but it’s about building your own profile and looking out for these opportunities, to build your own business, since now a days you can even make your business online, delivering services or selling products, since there are resources like the Best ecommerce order fulfillment companies which help businesses delivering products to clients.

Even when you’re out and about; say for example you’re in a queue, strike up a conversation with the person in front of you, or compliment a stranger on something you notice. Again, you never know who you are speaking to, you never know what opportunities could arise. And, even if no opportunities come from these random conversations, you will feel good. Passing on the love to others; making them feel good will inevitably make you feel good. Your feel-good vibes will reflect out to the universe … and the universe will deliver more feel-good vibes back.


Credit: Image by raw pixel on Pixabay

Are you passionate about something? Animals? Reading? Sewing? Exercise?

You could volunteer some of your time at a local project. There are plenty of projects looking for volunteers, from animal rescue places to vulnerable people projects. What makes you happy? You never know who else is volunteering. You never know the opportunities that can arise.

If the above doesn’t float your boat, how about joining a club; a book club, a running club or flower club, these are just examples. Set-up your own club if you can’t find something locally. You will be amazed at the type of people you will meet, and these meetings could lead to something bigger and better.

Credit: Image by rawpixel on Pixabay


Sounds simple, right? But how many times have you said, ‘Yes,’ to something that makes you feel uncomfortable? How many times have you stopped yourself doing something because it scares you? Makes you nervous? How many times have you thought, ‘I wish I could, but I just can’t?’ This is where you have to let go of your inhibitions. Your barriers to opening up will be preventing opportunities coming your way. This is the time to take yourself out of your comfort zone and allow opportunities in.


Credit: Image by Geralt on Pixabay

Sound egotistical?

It doesn’t need to be. You don’t need to be conceited, you just need to be aware that you want people to think of you if an opportunity was to arise. For example; you want your boss to think of you when an opening for manager arises. Or even on a relationship level, you want Linda, from accounts, to think about you when her nephew becomes single.

It’s about being out there. It’s about others knowing about you. Selling yourself isn’t about talking all about YOU! YOU! YOU! It’s about interacting with others. Selling yourself is not only about your skills and abilities, it’s about your personality and character. Linda, from accounts, may like the idea that you’re not lazy and you’re very good at your job, but if you come across cold and insensitive, then you may be on her mind when her nephew is single, but it will be for the wrong reason! She’ll be keeping you far away.

Personality and character has much to do with success, in all areas of our lives. If people receive good vibes from yourself, they will automatically remember you. So wherever you go, smile, chat and be a bundle of light that people can’t forget.

Remember; the universe will deliver more light to you when you are shining yours.

You can read more about taking advantage of life’s opportunities here

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10 Ways To Nourish Your Mind

Are you nourishing your mind?

In my last blog post on N is for Nourish, I talked about the importance of nourishing the mind. So this week, I thought I’d talk about ways in which you CAN nourish your mind.

When your mind is nourished, your body and soul will follow. Having a healthy mind is the first steps to having a healthy body & soul. Looking after your mind’s wellbeing is the key to living a happy life.

So here are some ways you can give your mind some TLC:


This is one of my favourites. Getting some fresh air is a great way to feel refreshed because it provides energy and the oxygen intake allows us to feel better. So a twenty-minute walk a day can really help to fight negative emotions, feelings and thoughts.


Being a writer, I’m an avid reading. As much as I love fiction, I also love spiritual, inspirational and motivational books. Books that really help me grow and connect with my inner-self & guides. So if I am walking, I will stick on my headphones and listen to books about angels, past-lives, soul-development, living with passion etc. Being certified in the Law of Attraction, I practice mindfulness daily. It truly is important to keep our thoughts positive. When our minds are fresh and in a good place, as the Law of Attraction tells us, we’ll attract good things to us.


You will find endless positivity on my blog and my shop. When times were at their worst; I was pregnant with our second child, living at my in-laws (because my ex-husband’s business had taken a downward slope practically overnight), we had no idea when we would be able to afford to move out … it was all a bit of a mess! My own family weren’t around to support and it was a very hard time. However, it was at this point in my life when I started to collect inspirational quotes. I would write them down onto a spreadsheet and I couldn’t believe how much it helped.

I realised I had so much to be grateful for. I was pregnant with our 2nd child, how could I not be relishing in this love. We were so lucky that we didn’t need treatment, that I fell pregnant so easily (trust me, if anyone knows anything about depression and sex-drive, you’ll get that we were VERY lucky to fall pregnant so easily!). I was extremely grateful for that. We had a roof over our heads and my in-laws were so lovely, they really looked after us.

So once, I started to look at life from a gratitude point of view, my world changed. It wasn’t long before my husband got a business opportunity and we moved into a 2-bedroomed house, which we rented, but I was so grateful that we had the opportunity to move our life forward & not look at the negative. Since then, I read positive quotes & affirmations daily & I create my own. Hence the reason I set-up my online shop, as I feel it is important to surround yourself with reminders that you do have so much love to give and so much to be grateful for. You can also download my free inspirational messages book, which will show you how to make your own inspirational box.


As above, it’s just as important to write down quotes & affirmations. I think this really helped me. Just putting them into a spreadsheet. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but it truly helped. I did eventually make them into ‘annual quote a day’ books, and the process truly helped. It still does now. I’m a true believer this really works. In fact, my own quote is:

‘Positive messages throughout the day help to keep the negative thoughts away.’

You don’t need to use a spreadsheet, you can use a notebook or something that will inspire you. Buy a blackboard or a noticeboard and write down an affirmation/quote for the day. This will help the whole family come from a place of love and believe in themselves. Perfect for inspiring children. Just like the downloadable inspirational quotes will help to lift our children so that they become well-rounded adults who believe in themselves.


Now, this is my thing! Being an author, of course, I love writing and I love writing my inspirational blog, so I’m bound to say writing helps. But it’s actually a renowned form of therapy. It’s a great way to explore your emotions. The best way is to simply write, without thinking about WHAT you are writing. Just write. It’s like allowing your mind to be released of any pent-up frustrations. The best of it is, with therapeutic writing, you don’t need to be the best writer, best speller or know your grammar, because that’s not what it is about. It’s about writing for you and releasing toxic thoughts.

You will find writing prompts in my A-Z positive word blog.

Just pick a letter you’d like to work on, read the quotes and have a go at the exercise.

I found it also helps, that once my thoughts have been released, is to then think about what I want from a situation, so I write a ‘fantasy page’, I put out my desires to the universe but on paper, as if I’ve already received them, as if my desires have already happened and how that makes me feel. The thing with the Law of Attraction is, people struggle with imagination, so by writing down how something would make you feel, it’s easier to imagine it. It’s not only a great way to release, but it’s a great way to bring joy into your life. Experts at League City Integrative Counseling and Wellness will offer you guidance and expert advice.


When many people hear the word meditation, they believe that they can’t meditate, because they can’t sit still for five minutes and think of nothing. Admittedly, I found this a struggle at first, but after trying guided meditations I soon learned how to meditate alone. However, I found that music can be a huge avenue to relaxation, I found this out when I went to a Gabrielle Bernstein seminar. She played, ‘Titanium’ by Madilyn Bailey, she asked us all to stand up, close our eyes, put our hands in the air and feel the music … even as I write this I get shivers.

The feeling of joy and calmness filled my body. Since then, I truly listen to the music. I truly listen to the words and feel the music. A great way to listen to music is when you are out walking or when you are in the car (obviously not to close your eyes, but to feel it) … my girls and I are always blasting music and singing at the top of our voices. They had a friend in the car just yesterday, we blasted some music, we sang, we got our groove on … her friend said, ‘I never want to leave this car.’ It’s amazing how much a good sing-song can release those endorphins … so choose some of your favourite songs and get blasting those vocal cords.


Do something you love. This could be a scrapbook of a holiday, party or significant life event. Put aside some time to create something. If you’re not a creative person, do something that makes you happy. A passion project that will have you excited.


This is kind of a given in the world of feng-shui. Clutter and mess can cause disorganisation. Now, I always say I have an ‘organised mess’ because I know where everything is, however, I have to admit I do work better when I’m not surrounded by wildness (I don’t mean nature, although, often feels like I’m sat in the middle of a zoo). There’s a wonderful feeling when you clear out the clutter that is causing your mind to feel like a chaotic roundabout. So book a day in your diary and clear out those cupboards … you may have things you can give to charity or for a car boot sale, whichever, you will feel such a calming release once you are decluttered.


This to some people may sound extremely boring, but trust me, these activities truly work. Find something that you’re interested in, even sitting down to a colour therapy book is a great way to switch off, because your mind is concentrating on the task at hand, so other worries can be pushed to the back of your mind.


In this day and age, this last one is like swearing at people. How on earth did we live without such technology? When I was a teenager, I remember sitting on the stairs to use the house phone and making sure my sister didn’t pick up the other phone to listen in on our conversation. How times have changed? Don’t get me wrong … I do love the way technology has moved on and things we can do today are amazing, it makes running a business much easier: I can sit in my car on the school run and work on my phone – however, there comes a point when it’s too much. One of the sayings we’ve used as a family is, ‘When in the room, be in the room!’ This means, engage with each other. Make time for each other. Listen to each other. Spend time without our heads in any kind of technological device.

You can read more about nourishing the mind on my previous post;

have a go at the therapeutic writing exercise

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Inspirational Word of the Week: INSPIRE – Top 10 QUOTES TO HELP INSPIRE YOURSELF & OTHERS



Once you’ve read these, why not have a go at this week’s inspirational task, and even click back to the therapeutic creative writing exercise that will inspire you …

If you’d like to digitally download any of the above quotes, in a classy elegant blank print, to display around your home or office …


You can also see the ‘Be Inspiring‘ message we are spreading through inspirational clothing, as you never know who needs to see your message.

I love this last quote … if you’ve never had that feeling, if you’ve never inspired someone, your task this week is to think about how and who you could inspire. Be the person who inspires others. Be the person who inspires you.

You can check out

Inspiration by Victoria J.Brown

See a range of tote bags, posters and clothing for ladies, men and children, all designed to inspire and motivate you and others.

Clothing that spreads love with messages of inspiration

A range of colours are available; see the meaning of your favourite colours on Inspiration by Victoria J.Brown


If you’d like to know more about, how you can become inspiring, you can read the previous blog post here, as with all inspirational words from our A-Z journey it features a therapeutic creative writing exercise.

Ask yourself: How do you inspire yourself? How do you inspire others?

Inspiring yourself is a great way to stay motivated. If you have goals you want to achieve, keeping yourself inspired is a great way to achieve them. You’ll read on the bottom of my posts, one of my own favourite quotes, ‘Positive messages throughout the day help keep the negative thoughts stay away’. I love reading inspirational quotes, I love reading about inspirational people. People who have achieved their goals and fulfilled their dreams.

If you want to achieve something, a great way to be inspired is to follow and learn from someone who has achieved the same goal. Anything can be achieved if we are motivated enough. This week search for some successful people who work in the related field you would like to progress in or get into. Read about these people, some may have written books, read about them, learn from them … stay positive! You are what you believe … believe you can be as great as the people that inspire you.

You’ll find when you feel inspired, it’s easier to inspire others.

As always, my mini message to you and why I love inspirational quotes … (I repeat this message on these blogs, as I truly want people to look at the positives in life and focus on the good. By reiterating that here, if it helps at least one person, then this blog is worth it)

I truly hope you get something from my words. When I was at my lowest, I inundated myself with quotes. I even started my own spreadsheet of quotes. I remember updating my spreadsheet while sitting in one of the spare bedrooms of my in-laws’ house, my two-year-old cuddled up to me, while my newborn laid in the crib next to the bed. I remember thinking, I have to stay positive. We have to get through this period of helplessness; lost businesses, family disputes, mental health problems, financial wreckage … it was safe to say, I was so grateful to my in-laws for putting a roof over our heads and food in our mouths, as I’m not sure where we would have ended up. I keep this short, as this part of my life is a novel in itself. But I want you to know, life is full of lessons … it’s up to us to face those challenges, knock down those barriers and keep going. Staying positive is easier said than done when you’re faced with daily struggles, but I trained my brain to only look at the bright side and block out the negative. By doing this, the Universe showed me that I can have all that I dream of and life can be magical, miracles do happen and life can be pretty awesome.

I developed my spreadsheets into daily inspirational quote books. A few years later, when I started my MA in Creative Writing, I totally connected with reflective writing. Hence the reason, I developed therapeutic creative writing exercises on my blog.

Since then, I’ve never given up on inspirational messages. I love them; I wake up to them, I go to sleep with them. I have my own affirmations. I want everyone to know the power of the mind. The power that you have to inspire yourself and others, no matter how much you feel this can’t happen for you. Trust me, from someone who felt the same, it can happen for you. YOU can make it happen. Remember, the Law of Attraction is always working, so if you feel negative things are happening in your world, listen to your thoughts, look for things to be grateful for, look for things to appreciate and watch your world become blessed with miracles and magic.




To help you along,

you can download my

FREE inspirational book here


Fill yourself with positive thoughts and watch the negativity fade away.


How we see these messages can be through various forms, but sometimes people are not looking for them  … but they need them. This was one of the reasons I created my online inspirational clothing store, & digital inspirational downloads as you never know who needs to see the messages & how it could help them at that moment in time.

I hope you find something that will help spread love, inspiration and encouragement.

Happy browsing, sending you love, happiness and joy always

Love Victoria


Victoria is a women’s fiction author, published by Bombshell Books. 

Following her own dreams, she was ecstatic to be published with Bombshell Books. The 2nd book in the ‘myself series’ will be released at the end of September. She hopes by writing her inspirational blog and promoting her inspiring clothing, she will help others pursue their goals. Spreading love and positivity always.

A wonderfully captivating story of life and struggles, with some extremely heart rendering moments.

Buy now from Amazon

Losing Myself,

Out September 29th, 2017

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Inspirational Words: How to find your ZING for life

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

Z is for


Zing … what a strange but beautiful word.

Hopefully this post, will help you find your Zing!

Credit: Victoria J.Brown

If someone asked me to describe what it means to find my zing … I’d use words like, sparkling, vibrancy, exhilarating, tantalising … Does this describe your life?

Don’t worry, most people will say no here! But wouldn’t it be lovely to be one of those people who says, ‘Yes’, my life is full of zing.

I like to be honest in my posts, if you haven’t noticed already … but life is full of challenges. You may have faced something or you are facing something that is a complete upheaval in your life and you read these posts wondering if all this fluffy stuff is true. Trust me when I say, I couldn’t have written a blog that consists of an A-Z Inspirational Journey if I didn’t think it was true.

Life has thrown many many MANY challenges my way! Once I’d learned about the Law of Attraction I realised that it was me holding back on the good in my life. It was me that was attracting the negativity. Sometimes we have to let go of negativity to bring the positive into our lives. Whether that be a situation or a person. It may seem like the hardest thing to do at the time. Look for the signs, ask for help from the Angels and they will guide you.

Finding you zing for life is the reason you are here – your zing is your passion and your purpose. Your passion is what gives you the motivation to drive forward, which will add that extra zing into your life. Just how Emma Watson describes it;

Credit: Like Success

You’ll find when you’ve found your passion and you have that extra zing in your life, that life becomes a journey of little zings. Little zings that are made up of little things. Little things that you may have taken for granted, not learned to appreciate until you find your Zing.

Now, I could talk all day about what your zing is, but you may be wondering how you can go about finding your Zing …

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise (and the last of this A-Z’s Inspirational Journey)


  • Start by closing your eyes, breathing for 10 minutes or longer if needed. 
  • Imagine, while you’re breathing, your ‘ideal’ life – where are you? Who are you with?
  • In this ‘ideal’ life, imagine your alarm going off on a morning, imagine yourself jumping out of bed and knowing your day is going to be filled with happiness.
  • Imagine, what would give you that happiness? What you would do that would make you happy?
  • Some people may feel nothing … but imagine that you do have a purpose. I believe everyone has a purpose, so it’s sad if you feel you don’t have one. So let’s think about this … What is your passion? What are your hobbies? What makes you tick? There must be something … if you are feeling quite low and you’re unsure of where you’re meant to be, try thinking back to being a child … ‘When I grow-up I want to be a …’ If it’s never too late to change your profession, your goals, your dreams … we change as we get older, we become interested in different things, but what makes us unique is our own special mission. Many people have forgotten their mission, bogged down by finance worries, work pressure, family strains … many people have lost their zing.
  • So write down what you would be doing in your ideal life, when you were younger did you say you wanted to be a nurse? Did you fulfil this dream? If not, what are you doing at the moment? Are you helping others? Are you working in a caring role? Try and look inside yourself and really thing about what makes you tick. When you find it, when you start putting plans in place to pursue it, you will start to find that zing … that calling. The reason you are here.
  • If you’re still struggling, this is great time to do some freestyle writing. Freestyle writing is an awesome way to let go of your emotions and find out what and where our blockages are. What is really happening in our world? Where can we put things back on track to understand where we want to be.

Life has and will continue to throw challenges at you, but as I’ve talked about before all challenges are relative. What we need to do is open our hearts, minds and eyes to what is really happening in our world. Whatever is going on in your world, whatever pressures, struggles, problems, challenges you are facing, once you find your zing: your passion, your purpose, your reason for living … you will work your way through these barriers, in fact, you will bash down these barriers like the flimsy walls that they are, not the concrete jail you feel you are stuck within.

Remember, you deserve to find your zing; your passion, your purpose, your reason for living 🙂

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

If you’d like help in surrounding yourself with positivity, you can download your very own FREE inspirational guide here.


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Inspirational Words: How To Choose A Better You

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

C is for



Sometimes we are faced with difficulties in life that we have to either overcome or dwell upon.

But once you understand that life is a journey, and every stop is meant to be, you can choose to embrace the tight bends, the smooth corners, the bumpy roads, the upward hills or the tranquil ride.

If you have read about the Law of Attraction  you’ll understand that a tranquil ride will continue to lead to a tranquil ride, whilst a bumpy rollercoaster ride can continue to lead along the same path, this can depend on how you choose to look at your ride.

If you are experiencing some tight bends and bumpy roads at the moment, depending how you choose to think about these life events, will result in the next part of your journey.

Credit: Practical Personal Development Advice

 This may be hard to comprehend if you feel as if you are stuck in some kind of rut or are facing some true life or health difficulities.

Hope you’re enjoying the therapeutic creative writing exercises, here’s this week’s:


Ask yourself these two questions …

  • On a day to day basis do you feel as if you’re plodding through mud?
  • Do you look at other peoples’ lives, envy them and look at the bad in your own life?

If you answered yes to the above questions, here could lie the reasons behind the problems you are experiencing in your life.


Now ask yourself these two questions …

  • Which part of your life do you feel is running quite smoothly? (One rule with this question – you can’t answer ‘nothing’ – find something! There will be something!)
  • When was the last time you did something with LOVE for someone else?

Now write down your thoughts, here you could do some freestyle writing.

Once you’ve done that, read through and highlight which parts are your choice? You should find that most of it is through choice. If not, have another look through, whilst reading think about your thoughts, can you look at things differently? Can you choose your thoughts? Can you choose to look at a situation and see the good in it?

Now start freestyle writing about how life could be, how you wish it could be if you made these changes to your thoughts.

Life is about making choices; to choose to see the good around us or choose to dwell upon which isn’t good. Sometimes we could dislike something so much in our life that it can take over our whole being. For example: how many people HATE their jobs. I don’t like using the would hate. It’s a very strong passionate word that can seep into someone’s bones. There are people who hear their alarm go off on a morning and feel a deep sickly pit at the bottom of their stomach (I know because I was one of them, many many many years ago!). I deeply HATED the jobs I had, I moved from job to job … but every time I moved jobs, I knew I word HATE it! I knew I would hate it because it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t fulfilling my dreams by moving from job to job. But as the LOA would tell us, I brought the hate on myself.

If only I’d known that I was simply dreaming of the life I wanted, but not actually doing anything about it and blaming everyone else, circumstance and life in general – I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what I had to do but I would put constant barriers up … excuses!

I chose excuses!


In my jobs I wasn’t appreciated – but then I didn’t really appreciate anyone else. I was envious of those who laughed their way through the day and got promoted!!! How dare they! How can these people who spent much of their time laughing and chatting keep getting promoted – especially over someone like me who came in early, worked through my lunch hour, took work home with me and was more qualified than most of the office!

How could this keep happening? If only I could travel back to those days and give that younger version of me a shake. Although, I do often think I had to go through those thoughts to understand my thoughts now. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve endured. I choose now to be the most positive, grateful and loving person possible.

I don’t recognise the younger me … it doesn’t even feel like me. I wish I’d known then what I know now about choosing my response to my situation … so much unhappiness leads to more unhappiness.

It’s as simple as this –

Credit: quotesgram

Ask yourself two more questions …

  • Do you want to be around someone who has the ability to do a particular job or task, but is deterimental to others, to themselves and to life in general?
  • Do you want to be around someone who may need to learn a few things, but has the determination, enthusiasm and the zest for life to push themselves forward?

Now ask yourself another question …

Who do you CHOOSE to be?

Although it would be great to go back and give the younger version of my selfish self a ‘good old’ talking to, I also understand all my life events have bought me to where I am today. I have had to experience some awful hard times, but I understand now and it all makes perfect sense. Everything happens for a reason, it’s your choice to understand the reason.

Life is simple when you look at it simply! Life is beautiful! We must choose to see the beauty. Once you see the beauty … it all becomes clear.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

If you’d like help in surrounding yourself with positivity, you can download your very own FREE inspirational guide here.


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Wealthy Wednesday – Inspiring You!


This week we look at

Memories of Heaven: Children’s Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth

Dr Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnes


What is Wealthy Wednesday?

Wednesday is about helping you build a wealthy mind through inspirational books, articles, videos or other resources that will help you develop your wealth of knowledge.

Wednesday is a good day to understand your feelings. Are you counting the hours down until the weekend? Did you get out of bed this morning and think, ‘I’m nearly half-way through the week’?

We can all continue to develop our wealthy minds, but if you relate to the above, your spiritual wealthiness definitely needs some TLC 🙂

This week’s book is one by Dr Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnes

Memories of Heaven:

Children’s Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth


This book was sat on my shelf for quite a while before I actually read it. I would lift it from the bookshelf and then put it back after being distracted by other things.

However, I decided in the summer to take it on holiday. After reading Doreen Virtue’s Miracles of Archangel Gabriel I was drawn to the book … would could children tell us about our time before here?

Well, I wasn’t disappointed with the recollections; it was an amazing and awe-inspiring read. Gripping from the start.

Usually on holiday I listen to audible so I can watch my girls in the pool etc. so having this book as a paperback I wasn’t sure I would have chance to read it, however, once I started, I could not put it down.

My girls are now nine and seven years, and this book bought back memories of their time when they were younger. I remember when Lexi, my eldest, was just two years old and she had an imaginary friend called Lucy. Lucy came everywhere with us, ate with us and even slept with Lexi most nights. Lexi would come up with these stories about Lucy, where she’d been, who her family was etc. I use to think that she had an amazing imagination, and being a writer myself and telling stories from a young age, I didn’t really think anything of it.

One particular day, Lexi asked me to take a photo of her and Lucy, of course, I joined in the fun, like I always did. I snapped a few photos, telling Lexi and (supposedly Lucy) to smile for the photo. Lexi wanted to view the photo on my camera, you can imagine my shock when she said, ‘Where’s Lucy?’ ‘Lucy isn’t on the photo?’ I still get tingles now when I think about that conversation.

After reading this book, I wish I’d been able to read it when my girls were younger, especially when Lexi was communicating with the little girl Lucy. Any parents or grandparents of younger children should definitely read this book. It shows the innocence of our babies and toddlers, their purity before they are moulded into what our society thinks they should be.

There are some bad reviews that say this book repeats itself, but doesn’t that give the children’s stories in this book more validity? If many children are reciting the same kind of stories about the their time before they were born, wouldn’t that mean there is more truth behind these stories? I think so. Whether you believe in afterlife or not, rebirth or Reincarnation, this is still an interesting and inspiring read. It shows there is more to life than our bodies on this earth 🙂