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 H is for


You may have opened this blog and thought, ‘habit’ – that’s not a very positive word.

But our habits can decide whether we are enjoying life in the best way that we possibly can.

Our daily routine is made up of lots of habits, good and bad … from having that first cup of coffee on a morning to reading before you go to bed at night. In between this time there will be 100’s of habits that you didn’t even realise existed.habit-quote-1

90% is a huge chunk of our day, I wonder how much of your day is made up of good and bad habits?

In this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise it’s time to look at the habits that are holding you back?

Let’s look at habits that could bring you a happier life.

Write down your day as you go along and establish whether these are good or bad habits, i.e: Is your morning coffee a good habit? Maybe not a great one, but walking the children to school or biking to work are great habits.

Once you’ve established all your habits (good and bad), tick which ones you would like to change. You may be happy with your morning coffee and have no intention of changing it, or you may have been wanting to reduce your coffee intake for a while. The best way to change a habit is to create a good one in its place.

Once you’ve done this, write down your ideal day that includes all the good habits you want to keep or start in your daily life. Look at this daily and start to integrate new good habits on step at a time.

 So for example, instead of your morning coffee, how about a hot water with a slice of lemon? The benefits of starting your day this way can be seen here. It’s these little changes that will soon have you living the life you want and deserve.

It is hard to change a bad habit though, no-one said changing it would be easy, but it will be well worth it.


Credit: Quotesgram

If you want to achieve something i.e. if you have goal in your head, generally we have the initial motivation to get there, if you want it bad enough, the motivation should be enough to get you started. Your aim is to keep going. There’s plenty of people who start a diet with good intentions and when it becomes too hard they turn to the easiest option; something that will give them instant gratification rather than long-term gain. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Read the rule below … 21 days isn’t long to change a habit, and 90 days is only 3 months in which you can completely change your lifestyle. You can do this. Believe in yourself.


Credit: Imgrum

However, not all habits are about eating healthily or keeping fit. It could be something in your life that needs to change. Do you do too much for another person? Be careful how you answer this question … You may do a lot for another person (a spouse, children, parents, boss, friends etc.) and you may be happy with this. You may get pleasure yourself from giving so much. However, if you answered, ‘Yes … Yes, I do far too much,’ then you need to look at restructuring a few things in your life.

Ask yourself: What am I doing that I don’t like? What can I do to change this? You may need a family meeting or something similar. You may find that those you have been giving too much to, didn’t realise how you were feeling, as they too have got into the ‘habit of life’.

It could be something as simple as, your spouse doing the cooking on a Saturday night because you do it every other night. Those who love you will support the habits you want to change. Change in certain habits could be small at the moment but you will soon see the changes in your life.


So go back to the list of habits you wrote down at the beginning of this blog post and look at those you want to change. As I always say ‘SMALL STEPS COUNT’, take one of those habits (you can take more if you’d like to, but changing just one habit is a step forward). Concentrate on changing this habit for 21 days. You can do this!

So go on … start making the changes now. Make your good habits fulfill your life. Be the best person you can be 🙂

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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 This week’s positive word

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G is for


When you think of the word generous, what springs to mind?

Only rich people can be generous?

NO! This is SO not true.


Credit: Pintrest

 But some people think if they only have little to give, they can’t give at all … this is so far from the truth!


Credit: Jar of Quotes

You don’t have to have a lot to be generous, you just need to be willing to give, especially when someone needs it. There’s no better feeling than helping someone in need. There are so many selfish and self-centered people in the world … do you think you are one of them? Ask yourself: Do I dwell on my own unfair life? When was the last time I helped someone? When was the last time I did something for someone but I expected something in return? When was the last time I felt grateful? Answer those questions and then ask yourself again: Am I one of the world’s selfish and self-centered people?


Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:

Before you answer the questions below, read them to yourself, without writing anything down. Then read the ‘5 Ways that will help you live a more generous life’. Once you have done that read the below questions again, write down your answers, if it help to freestyle write, go ahead. Get your thoughts on your generosity expressed.

  • Write down how generous you are at the moment, what do you do for others?
  • Write down if you feel you can make any improvements?
  • Write down how generous you are to yourself? Would you treat others the way you treat yourself?
  • Write down a step by step plan on either being more generous to others, or more generous to yourself.

Here’s 5 Ways that will help you live a more generous life

  • Spend time with generous people – If you understand the law of attraction, you will understand that the more people you spend time with who are generous, you too will become as generous. You will learn their ways and how being generous comes naturally to them and the rewards they reap are insurmountable. If YOU can’t see the rewards, ask a generous person how it feels to give and not get anything back? Watch how they describe how they feel complete if they can help another person in any way.
  • Be grateful – Gratefulness leads to happiness, which naturally leads to wanting to show and give to others what you appreciate in your life.
  • Read stories about generosity – Read about generous people and see how they give. This could be rich people or poor people, remember giving isn’t always about money.
  • Do something for charity – If you haven’t got the funds to give to a good cause, then arrange an event or something similar (for example: the Macmillan Coffee mornings are very popular) – you could do this with a charity that you care about. There will be a charity out there that you can relate to, see how you can help them.
  • Give your time – Time is one of the most precious things in our lives. If someone is giving you their time, it’s important to appreciate it. What can you give your time to? Spending it with people in need is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time. It’s never a waste of time if it’s spent being generous.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

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F is for


Many people waste much of their life holding grudges, despises others and feeling anger towards certain people. It’s such a shame they don’t realise they are only hurting themselves. The negativity they feel towards another is only reflected back to them through the universe.

In my blog posts I like to ask you questions, because it helps to get you thinking about your life and the world that surrounds you.

So, ask yourself …

Do you feel wronged by someone? Do you feel like these feelings are eating you up?

Are you spending too much time dwelling on these emotions?

Do you realise what these emotions are doing to you?


Credit: Lifehack

You may feel like you’re being weak for being forgiving, or you may feel as if you are saying it’s okay for people to walk all over you. Lack of forgiveness has the opposite effect. Not forgiving someone can make you weak. It takes up a lot of energy to harbour negative emotions. Forgiving someone will only make you stronger. Move on and away from these negative emotions.

It will enable you to see life from a brighter perspective, learn from the experience and move forward. You can’t move forward when you are dwelling on a negative experience. You must learn to forgive to be truly happy.


When you are in an unforgiving state, you can’t think straight. You are so wrapped up in anger that every time you think of this person ‘it makes your blood boil’. Once the anger calms down, the hurt can set in … ‘how could they do this to me?’

If we are betrayed by those we are closest to, this hurts even more. It can be harder to forgive someone closer to us, but we must learn to forgive to have a happy life. To find peace.


When you are lacking forgiveness against a person you are hurting yourself rather than them. They can’t feel the burning sensation that you have inside of you. The feeling that you have been either fooled, played, not cared about, etc. They can’t feel that. They may be feeling guilty and want your forgiveness, in that case, you must give that forgiveness to move forward.

To move on with your life, you must forgive.

But if they are not understanding why you feel hurt, why you feel so angry, then simply move on. Yes, it is that simple, because you are not hurting them, you are only hurting yourself.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you will know that I love therapeutic creative writing exercises to get you thinking, express your emotions which helps to analyse your emotions and feelings. I love therapeutic writing, it can really help when you feel like something is on your mind and churning you over.

This week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise will allow you to unchurn things:


So take a piece of paper and start freestyle writing. In this piece of writing concentrate on the following things:

  • What this person has done to you.
  • What are you gaining from NOT forgiving them?
  • What have you learnt from the situation?
  • Imagine thanking this person for enabling you to learn something new.
  • How can you move on from here? What steps can you put in place?
  • How would it feel to take hold of this situation, bring it close and love the fact that this has happened because you have learnt something new.
  • How wonderful would it feel to let this go?
  • Describe how you would feel if you could love this experience and move on.

Therapeutic writing is very powerful, it can allow you to shout and scream at the page, then move forward to a different moment. Really take the time to write down your emotions and try to learn from this experience.

Imagine if everything DOES happen for a reason … why do you think this has happened? When you look at things from this perspective you’ll be amazed at the answers you will find.

If you could replace those feelings of anger and negativity with love, imagine how amazing you would feel.

Move on, move forward and move up!

Don’t let your lack of forgiveness stop you achieving amazing things with your life. You will find that others will carry on with their life while you dwell on the unfairness of yours. Don’t be the person who is wasting your life with anger … replace it with love and awesome things will happen!


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

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E is for


When you initially saw this blog you will have thought about what ’embracing’ means to you …

Embracing someone, embracing you, embracing your life etc. Well, let’s talk about all those things today.

I want you to ask yourself a question: Do you embrace yourself enough?

Do you truly embrace all that you are? You’ll find not many people do. We all have a child-like persona, the child deep within us that wants to be nurtured. If we look for that nurture from other people how can we truly feel nurtured. The child within us needs to be embraced by ourselves. We need to truly accept and love ourselves to truly love and accept anyone else.

This article from gives a great overview as to why loving yourself first is so important.


Credit: Quotes Addict

We all have something about ourselves that we don’t like … yes, you’re not the only one who wishes you could improve something about yourself. However, you can either continue to dwell on the bits you wish you could improve, or you can choose to embrace your uniqueness.

Ask yourself when trying to embrace yourself: Would you treat someone else as mean as you treat yourself? Would you criticise someone else as much as you criticise yourself?

Once you can accept yourself and all your flaws, embrace your uniqueness, be proud that there is only one of you 🙂


Embracing yourself will enable you to shine … and what’s even better is you’ll make others feel they can shine too!


Maybe you are finding it hard to move on from a past event … an event in your life that you feel is affecting your present and future. Embracing these past events and learning from them will help you move forward.


Are you unsure how to do this? Do you feel this is easier said than done?

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:


1/ Write down the situation, what has happened and what you feel is holding you back.

2/ Write down what has upset you about this situation – why are you upset? What are you feeling?

3/ The most important part of this exercise and this part MUST be done – Write answers to the following questions:

* What you have learned from the situation

* What could you have done differently? If anything …

* What can you do about it now?

* What positive things (there will be plenty) can you take from the situation, experience and how can you use these positives in your future.


Believe that everything happens for a reason. So accepting your past and the reasons why certain events have occurred will help you embrace the future. Dwelling or complaining about situations or events that have occurred can’t make them better, if you understand that you can learn something from everything that happens in your life, you will be able to embrace it and move forward.


One of the most important rules in my house is to embrace each other. Embrace all those around you. Embrace your loved ones like there’s no tomorrow. Embrace them with all that you have.

An embrace can mean so much without even saying anything. I don’t mean, a quick hug, ‘hello’ or a quick hug, ‘goodbye’, a true almighty embrace. Embracing each other can mean more than saying anything at all. Words are not needed, because actions speak louder.


So go on … your mission this week is to embrace …

  • Embrace yourself
  • Embrace your past
  • Embrace your loved ones


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

D is for


You deserve to live a divine life … so ask yourself … are you?

Are you living the most super fantastic life ever?

Are you living a divine life?

Do you know how to live a divine life?

What does living a divine life actually mean?

I ask these questions as if it’s an easy thing to achieve. It is if you truly follow your heart, soul and spirit.

If you’re not sure how to start living a divine life, the advice I can give you is to simply follow your heart. When we talk about divinely living, we usually think about being a spiritual being. Understanding your purpose here on earth can help you live a divine life. If you want to know more about finding out your prupose, Doreen Virtue has written a brilliant article – you can read ‘Find Your Life Purpose‘ here.

But if you were to think of a divine life in simpler terms: Do what you love. Once you are filling your days with things you love, you can’t help but raise yourself to another level. You can’t help but push your mind beyond the everyday mundane tasks that may be holding you back from reaching your potential.

Well, this is easier said than done … yes?

If you feel like you are walking on a treadmill, i.e. working to the pay the bills etc. How do you venture off this treadmill? You can’t just stop work to start doing something you love? Wouldn’t it be lovely if life was that easy?

This doesn’t mean handing your notice in, not having a plan of action to move forward, it means start doing something daily that you love.

Ask yourself, ‘What is my passion?’ ‘What would give me joy?’

What would you do everyday that would fulfil you? What plans can you put in place to make this happen?

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise to help answer these questions:

  • What does divine living mean to you?
  • Write down how you see yourself living a divine life.
  • Write down steps you need to take to enable this divine life.

Read below the top tips and then re-do the above creative writing exercise, see if you can make some changes to your original plan to make things happen quicker

Here’s my top tips on how you can start living the divine life you deserve:

  • Remember small steps count – put a plan in place that will ensure you are starting to work towards your dream.
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for – when I think of my future self, I think about tomorrow; what can you do today that will bring you closer to your dreams tomorrow? Doing something daily will ensure you work your way closer to those goals.
  • Being grateful for where you are at the moment can also help you feel more settled with your life. It’s good to want to challenge yourself and push yourself forward, but being grateful for your present moment and feeling love for all that you have and all that you are, will definitely help you feel like you are living a life of divine fulfillment.
  • Once you become grateful for your life, trust that you are going in the right direction, then all will become clear and you will realise your life can be as divine as you want it to be.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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