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I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always had big dreams. My ambition to be an author was dismissed by so many as I grew up, as I’m sure many authors will relate to the comments, such as, ‘It’s a not a real job’. I grew up around the attitudes of, you studied, got a 9-5 job (that generally, you hated) paid your bills and that was life. So, although I studied and gained ‘many’ 9-5 jobs … and I mean ‘many’, I always had this burning desire within that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do.

This is just one of the reasons, (among many others, such as, turning my own thoughts around to live a better life and realising this stuff really works), why I write this blog. I want to help others realise their potential. Don’t dismiss that inner burning inside of you. I love writing, as much as I love writing fiction, I also know that I have to write an inspirational blog. I have to inspire others, because there is so much unfulfilled potential out in the world. People are scared to follow their dreams … but think of this …

Your talents are your gifts that you should be offering to the world. You have a purpose that needs fulfilling. You are not serving yourself or others if you do not follow these dreams. They are there for a reason. Don’t dismiss them. Lead the life you deserve.

As you can see above I said, ‘many’ jobs … it was a standard joke in my twenties as to where I’d be working each week. What new job did I have? Even with a degree, I still wasn’t settled, because I knew all I wanted to do was write. My dream to be an author was etched within my soul and it couldn’t be ignored. But like many people, most authors included, we fall into a job because we have too, we have to pay those bills … and we forget our soul purpose. We become accepting of our routine and we put our dreams to the side.

Unless you’re like me and you don’t!

Well, for a few years maybe but I knew I had to write. So I did. I self-published initially and a few years later was offered a contract with Bombshell Books. Can you imagine if I’d just given up on my dreams and listened to those inner (and outer) voices saying, ‘You’re not good enough.’ My writing isn’t for everyone, but then I don’t know many authors who have written books that are for everyone. I write women’s fiction that relates to real-life. I want to deal with issues around mental health, depressions, addictions, abuse … because in some form or another, life throws so many things our way and our reaction to them makes our world what it is. I write because I want my readers to understand they are not alone. And I write this blog because I want you to know, you’re not alone. I want to inspire you to follow your heart, send love and be the person God wants you to be … which is the person that YOU want to be!

Time is passing anyway, so even if you were to take a few steps a day to fulfil your dreams, you’d get there … small steps count. It’s your job to listen to your inner desires, your dreams are the reason you are here because your dream is your passion. Your passion, in some form, will serve yourself and others. So take those dreams and run with them. Make them happen.

Self-Reflective Therapeutic Creative Writing Exercise

Before you start writing, take 5 or 10 minutes to visualise where you see yourself. Where would you LIKE to be? If you could make anything happen, what would it be? When you’ve truly thought about your dreams, desires, wants etc. simply write down your answers. Free-write your answers.

Once you’ve done this, read through them and ask yourself: how can I get there? This is the time to put a plan in place and start to fulfil your dreams. A course that may need to be taken, half an hour a day to work on your goals or an elimination of something in your life … whatever it is, your purpose is that dream. Do yourself and others a favour; break down those barriers that are keeping you closed in and follow your dreams.

I believe you are reading this post because you need to put a plan in place, you have a calling that needs to be followed. So go with your instincts and make your dreams happen.

Remember: Positive messages throughout the day, helps the negative thoughts stay away.

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Love & happiness to you always

Victoria xx

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