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An alternative to caffeine

Diet and exerciseI’ve found a new alternative to caffeine, and I had to share it with you.

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you’ll see a few weeks ago I had a tooth removed. Now I thought it would be like having a filling. How silly of me. The amount of people who said to me beforehand, ‘I’ve had a tooth out, it was fine,’ waving their hand dismissively. Well, either these people have a higher pain threshold than me (which could easily be the case – although, I do like to state I did give birth to two children with just gas and air, yes, I was extremely proud of myself! Admittedly, Gabriella was induced, I kept missing the gas and air and felt EVERYTHING! If she’d been the first there would have been no more!)

Anyway, so after having my tooth removed, I was not good for a week or so. I think this was a combination of things. On top of the amount of painkillers I was taking, I didn’t feel like eating, but I think one of the main things that made me feel so rubbish was cutting out diet drinks and energy drinks. Although I needed a boost I couldn’t bear the fizzy taste around my tooth. Now, I live off this stuff. I know it’s not good for my body etc. I’m lectured endlessly. However, I work late, I’m up early and the day has to keep going in between. So I’ve always relied on these types of drinks to keep me going. I don’t like tea or coffee, so have always (like the majority us) needed caffeine to function. But when I say I’ve relied on these drinks, I’m mean for the last 20 years or so. Having at least four cans a day (in fact, sometimes litres of the stuff in ONE day). This is quite hard to admit, it’s embarrassing really, but when you read further I want you understand if I can cut these drinks out, anyone can!

Now, the other thing that affects me, is I still have my baby-weight (don’t laugh – I realise my girls are 6 and 4 years old). ‘It takes 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it off’ as the theory goes. I listened to that theory 9 months after, then just put it to the back of my head. B.C (before children) I was one of those women that most of us hate: good metoblism, size 10, ate what I wanted, hardly ever exercised, and stupidly took it for granted. Then I had babies … if you have children, you’ll know the story from here. So now I’m a size 14, weighing a stone and half more than I did B.C, I’ve battled with losing those extra pounds like many women. I do fad diets: I lose a bit, then I put it all back on.

So with the weight thing in mind, as well as wanting to have more energy, I started searching for alternatives, I was already going through the withdrawal: pounding headaches, feeling lethargic and sluggish, so I needed to make some major changes. I don’t want to diet (who does!) but I want to change the way I think about eating. I want to feel healthier and have natural energy.

So after searching I found Kimberly Snyder  a celebrity nutritionist and best-selling author. I looked through Kimberly’s site, and was entranced. She gave so many reasons as too why certain foods work, don’t work and she gave alternatives. You must read Kimberly’s blog. Her Green Glowing Smoothie is a must. Undeniably, it doesn’t look that nice, and I did think as I was making it, ‘Nope, this isn’t going to work. I need to like it, and this doesn’t look that appetising.’ But I was very surprised: it’s so lovely and very refreshing. I’m loving it. She’s also advises on different seeds to include in your diet. So I’ve incorporated mung beans  into my diet. 88g is 85 calories, so I measure this out on a morning, and pick throughout the day. In fact, as I type this I have a glass of Green Glowing Smoothie and Mung Beans on my desk. This is only my fourth day and I can’t tell you how different I feel. I feel better than as if I was drinking lots of caffeine drinks. I think it helps because I do like to eat, chew or generally have something to nibble at (all the time), so both the smoothie and the mung beans are there readily available to just munch on.

Apparently, it takes 21 days to change a habit, so although I’m further along with not having fizzy drinks, I’m looking forward to reaching 21 days and incorporating the Green Glowing Smoothie in my diet for ever.

If you want to lose weight and have more energy, I would definitely recommend you sign up to Kimberly Synder’s blog today. I can’t believe the change in my body, skin and energy is such a short space of time. So it can only get better from here.

Here’s to a happier healthier lifestyle, good luck x

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Monday Mornings

frazzled-momI like to think of myself as an organised Mum. But why is it when Monday mornings arrive I’m rushing around, dishellved and completely running behind time. This morning I was determined to be majorly organised. It’s active week at my girls school, so they have to wear their P.E kit all week. Everything was sorted, until we’re about to leave and I realise I haven’t given them any money: £2.50 voluntary contribution. (Although, this is a voluntary contribution, I’d feel very bad not giving anything). Low and behold, I have nothing except a few 2 pence pieces in my purse. So out comes the copper jar, that luckily hubby puts 10 and 20 pence pieces in. So after we’d counted out the correct money (because first time round I only put £1.50 in the little green paper bag) we headed out the door. And yes, we just made it, as the teacher blew the whistle!

The thing is, I’m the Mum that always arrives late into the playground, (actually, it’s most morning, not just Mondays) as the queues of children march miltary style (that is so not true … coats hang down backs, bags are dragged along the floor and children chat as if they have all the time in the world).

I have two places to be at the school, Gabriella is dropped off at the front, most other parents seem to find this a doddle – even those with two or more children. Not me, I’m always 10 minutes behind everyone else. So, as Lexi waits outside the nursery doors, I help little Gabriella take off her coat, (and cardigan, if she had a choice her shoes and socks would come off too!) I take out the little book where the teacher writes down their day’s events, we put away her bag, pick out her name, hang up her water bottle, before I can kiss her goodbye for three hours. I leave Gabriella smiling happily and ready to get filthy in water, paint and snot. Lexi and I then run top speed (okay, power-walk) round the back of the school, in hope the queue hasn’t actually gone in. Generally she makes it to the end of the queue, another happy child, mainly because she isn’t officially late! This morning however, Lexi had to go in first we were that late! Now I think the main reason why I get so wound up about this is because I hate lateness. I’m stickler for being on time. If you’ve read How My Life Became Chaos you’ll know where Kat’s dislike for lateness comes from. B.C (before children) I was always on time, if not early.

I read ‘Dont Sweat the Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson, brilliant book – a must-read. I followed his tips on leaving the house on time. But still sometimes one child needs the toilet, or like this morning, I totally forgot something, but if I’d followed Richard Carlson’s tips I wouldn’t have been ‘sweating the small stuff’. But anyway, on top of Richard Carlson’s advice, I also decided this morning that I know what happens … the magic of the universe makes the time go faster. It can be the only explanation as to why I get out of bed at 6.30am and try to leave the house by 8.25am, but always seem to be 10 minutes behind. No matter how well I plan the morning, I’m fighting against the minutes that definitely double up. Because it couldn’t possibly be my fault; I hate lateness. So it’s official, and I think many of you will agree that the time definitely goes faster on a morning. So tomorrow morning, because I’ve figured this out, I’m going to watch the clock and I’m going to beat it. If all else fails, I’m going to re-read Richard Carlson’s,  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. It’s a must-read!



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Kids and Nightmares

kid drawing sleepingNow, we’ve had a few episodes where I’ve woken to my girls tears in the middle of the night. I do wonder what can actually cause such vivid frightening dreams, especially at such a young age. There have been times when my girls have not wanted to go back to sleep, and it must be awful to feel so frightened and not understand it’s not real.

But then, I’ve always been a believer that dreams do actually mean something. Studying Psychology at ‘A’ Level, which I loved, it became pretty obvious that whatever occurs in our day manifests into our dreams. Have you ever watched a TV programme and then dreamt that a similar situation happened to you? Well, I’m also a believer that some dreams are actually a warning or a gift for the future. Please don’t stop reading, I’m not that loony … well, maybe a little, you see my family and I have been watching lots of television now a days, we decided to save money by streaming and there is much more options.

But anyway, if this thought is true, what could possibly have been on Gabriella’s mind at 3.30am when she came to me shaking, crying, very frightened and her little pink doggy, that she sleeps with every night, cuddled tight into her, as she explained she didn’t want to move out!

As nicely as I could at the ungodly hour, I told my 4-year-old she wasn’t going anywhere. ‘But you said I have to move my bed to Grandma’s, on my own,’ she sobbed. Although, obviously I said no such thing, I suddenly felt very guilty. What had I possibly said during the day that would instil such a dream? I don’t want my girls to move out, ever! Have their own little lives, yes, but actually ‘move out’ mmm … I’d rather not think that far ahead.

I tried to think of the television programmes she watched, and I’m sure ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ has been designed to inspire children, not make them feel they have to move out, not just move out, but take their bed with them. Anyway, after a little cuddle, we soon fell asleep after I convinced her it was a dream and I’d say no such thing!

The only promising thing about the whole night was my dream about spiders webs! Granted, I work up feeling a little unnerved, but after looking on
they tell me “
To see a spider spinning a web in your dream signifies that you will be rewarded for your hard work. You will be promoted in your job or recognized for your achievement in a difficult task. Spiders are also a symbol of creativity due to the intricate webs they spin.” 

So, I was quite pleased with my dream and I’m hoping it’s true, and it’s not the fact that I actually just need to clean my house!!!


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50% of profits go towards Hope for Holly

Hope for Holly

On May 27th 2012 Lucy and Andy Gowland’s world was turned upside down when they were given the devastating news that their 3 year old daughter Holly had Leukaemia.


Having two gorgeous little ones myself, I couldn’t begin to imagine what Lucy and Andy must have been through and continue to go through as they support their little girl through endless treatments. As I know many parents will be thinking it’s unimaginable. A fear none of us want to live through, but unfortuantely their are many parents who have to.  This is why I decided to give 50% of the profits for my first novel to this deserving charity.


If you’d like to buy a copy and contribute to this amazing charity, please download How my life became chaos here. Your purchase is appreciated by us all.

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Fast and Furious Films

Fast-and-Furious-6-imageI love the fast and furious films. I know their not the typical girlie film that I’d normally enjoy, and as far as action films go this is probably my limit.

I know many of my friends wouldn’t want to see this film, and definitely wouldn’t pay at the cinema’s to see it. However, my hubby and I were desperate to see Fast and Furious 6, and we did asked some friends if they wanted to come with us. My friend had never seen any of the Fast and Furious films, let alone watching the 6th one, her hubby was dubious and told her, ‘it’s not your type of thing’. But she was just up for a night out. She didn’t really care what we watching she just wanted to get out – we all know that feeling!

Anyway, after having a lovely dinner at Frankie and Benny’s we ventured to the cinema. Within minutes of the film started she was hooked!

I loved it, I love them all, although I did think there was more violence in this one than the others, which doesn’t really do anything for me, it was still very gripping. We both had achy bones and shoulders from tensing up so much.

My friend enjoyed it that much she’s making her way through the other Fast and Furious Films!

So it just goes to show you can’t always tell what you will really like! It’s good to try something new. If you normally prefer a girlie flick (which I do) but sometimes like films that are thrilling, these are definitely worth watching.


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There really is a tooth fairy!

tooth fairyI had quite a traumatic day yesterday. I don’t like to use words like ‘traumatic’ because generally it’s usually not that bad! But on the scale of things I like to do with my life, this is not one of them: I had a back tooth removed. Now without giving you too much graphi detail, this tooth had been filled 3 times at the last 3 appointments, the last filling was so deep I needed 2 injections and it still didn’t fill the hole! It was in an awkward place next to my wisdom tooth, and has been causing me a of pain since Xmas.

As a believer in the law of attractio, I’ve tried endlessly to believe my tooth was better, that I don’t really feel the pain, but it’s been so bad I couldn’t use mind over matter with this problem, I decided to do some research on sites like and I discovered I would have to have it removed, at least 6 injection into my mouth yesterday, as the dentist couldn’t get the blasted thing numb enough, a bit of gas and air (which was lovely!) the tooth was finally removed, but to find a hole in my wisdom tooth. Oh the joy! This now has to be removed. Now, I’m petrified of the dentist. My heart was physically pumping out of my chest yesterday, luckily I find some great dentist to help me with this, that anyone can find if they visit It stems from a bad chlld experience, which one day I’ll tell you about. But today tell you that the tooth fairy came!

Lexy (my 6 year old) wanted to know what had happened to my tooth and why I went to then dentist at the best downtown location. I explained the Dr. Shireen in Frisc had to keep it, not actually thinking she would want to se it. But then she said, ‘so does that mean the tooth fairy won’t come’. Aw bless her, I said, ‘well the tooth fairy doesn’t usually come to adults’.  piped up, ‘the tooth fairy can’t see adders … addicts,‘ So after a little conversation about whether it’s Tinkerbell that comes or ‘Holly’ and’ Nanny Plum’ from Ben and HollyLexy decided to write the tooth fairy a note.

I felt so lucky this morning, when the tooth fairy had kindly replied, with a £1 each for the girls to spend on their mummy ;-). At the all that matters is that my girls are learning why it is important to take care of their teeth, I always make sure to take them to the tandprotheticus Amstelveen professional for a regular checkup.

They were buzzing.

So was I, can’t wait for my treat, after both my girls told me I was very brave. And I love the fact that my girls made what started off as a ‘traumatic’ day into a memorabl moment that I’ll cherish for ever 🙂


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Speaking and Inspiring

I was at a wonderful event last Wednesday. The women’s networking event was supporting a charity known as ‘A Way Out‘. A great charity helping young people who have lost their way.

I love networking events like these: women owning their own business, who are helping, supporting and encouraging each other. I gave a small speech, it was only a small indication of what hubby and I have been through -which one day I may put a little section on my site – but we practically lost everything and had to build oursleves back up, and this is only a small part.

But, afterwards women came over and spoke to me, telling me how inspired they were. Which was my aim, so it felt great to speak to these women, even though I was so nervous I nearly passed out, but their kind words inspire me.

Isn’t it typical though, that after I’d pushed myself to speak (pushing ourselves is a great way to overcome challenges and see what we are capable of) my emails crashed!

In between changing servers, a technical hitch didn’t allow me to receive any emails for 6 days. Now, this did allow me time to concentrate on book 3 which has been sent back from my editor, Jenny Drewery, but admittedly I’ve felt a little lost. I correspond with most people by email. Plus, all these lovely women I met will think I’ve given out the wrong email.

As I said, speaking in front of forty women was a huge challenge for me. Telling a personal story is allowing oursleves to be judged. But I knew that if I only reached one person in the room then the speech was worth it. I did. I reached more than one. So once again, overcoming a challenge has helped others, this makes everything I’m doing more worthwhile.


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My New Journey

This is a very exciting time for me. I recently launched my 2nd novel, Will the chaos end?Will the chaos end - 3D coverMy 3rd, Never-Ending Chaos, is currently with my editor, in hope to be released in July. I feel extremely lucky for the support I have around me. My first novel How my life became chaos, did amazingly well. Admittedly, I put it out there and thought ‘we’ll see how it goes’, I was so taken aback by the feedback. I love my books, I love Kat, I love writing about Kat and I’m so pleased so many others ‘get her’.


 It’s recently been decided that How my life became chaos,


will raise money for the Hope for Holly charity:

50% of the profits will go towards this amazing charity.


So since launching my first book, I’ve discovered I have fans … yes, little me, has fans. It’s all so exciting. I love receiving emails from my readers. So if you would like to share anything with me, please do. I couldn’t be starting this journey without your support.

I’ll be blogging about all kinds of things: being a mum, a wife, a writer, a business woman and anything else that I come across. To support the launching of my 2nd novel, I’ve moved rooms! I just had to share this with you. I’m lucky enough to have my own room to write. Admittedly, I do love sitting on my bed to write, and actually as I write this, I’m enjoying the glorious weather that we don’t get much of in the UK, rather than using my new room. But the opportunity can’t be wasted to get a bit of sunshine. Two umbrellas are surrounding my laptop, and my shoulders and legs are out! Let’s hope nobody comes to the door, they might run off!

On a serious note, this slouching is no good for the old posture, being all of 35 years old, I often leave the bed feeling 70 years old. In fact, I look at my Pops-in-law (my hubby’s granddad) who is coming up to a grand age of 90 years old, and he’s much fitter than me. Honestly, it’s true … it’s embarrasing really. 

So, anyway, because of my posture worries, (plus, I’ve been told I have a ‘dodgy disc in my neck’ – they didn’t use those words, but that’s what they meant) I’ve invested in a new chair. Not any old chair, but a ball and a chair! This must go on the ‘best invention list’ if there is such a thing.

photo 1

If you would like to find out more about these fantastic chairs, just click here to view more ball chairs

I used a gym ball when I was in labour first time round. First-time was a two day labour, but very steady, very calm, I only used gas and air. I was quite proud of myself. Second time, however, I was induced (anyone, who has been induced, will understand why I nearly told them to shove the ball where the sun doesn’t shine!) and begged for a c-section, epidural or just to be knocked out. 

Anyway, I digress. (As you’ll probably find in most of my blog writing!) I’ve included a few photos of my new office, which I love.


LOVE AND OWLSGHANDI MESSAGEThe photos won’t end here, there is lots of filing to do at present, which is being pushed to the bottom of my long to-do list, but I hope to have a ‘vision board’ in my office, which I’ll tell you more about when I get there.

I just wanted to share this new journey with you. I’m hoping my current readers will love my new blog, and hopefully if you’re just coming on board, you will love my ramblings.