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Inspirational Words: How To Embrace Yourself And Your Life

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

E is for


When you initially saw this blog you may have thought about what ’embracing’ means to you …

Embracing someone, embracing you, embracing your life etc. Well, let’s talk about all those things today.

I want you to ask yourself a question: Do you embrace yourself enough?

Do you truly embrace all that you are? You’ll find not many people do. We all have a child-like persona, the child deep within us that wants to be nurtured. If we look for that nurture from other people how can we truly feel nurtured. The child within us needs to be embraced by ourselves. We need to truly accept and love ourselves to truly love and accept anyone else.

This article from gives a great overview as to why loving yourself first is so important.


Credit: Quotes Addict

We all have something about ourselves that we don’t like … yes, you’re not the only one who wishes you could improve something about yourself. However, you can either continue to dwell on the bits you wish you could improve, or you can choose to embrace your uniqueness.

Ask yourself when trying to embrace yourself: Would you treat someone else as mean as you treat yourself? Would you criticise someone else as much as you criticise yourself?

Once you can accept yourself and all your flaws, embrace your uniqueness, be proud that there is only one of you 🙂


Embracing yourself will enable you to shine … and what’s even better is you’ll make others feel they can shine too!


Maybe you are finding it hard to move on from a past event … an event in your life that you feel is affecting your present and future. Embracing these past events and learning from them will help you move forward.


Are you unsure how to do this? Do you feel this is easier said than done?

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:


1/ Write down the situation, what has happened and what you feel is holding you back.

2/ Write down what has upset you about this situation – why are you upset? What are you feeling?

3/ The most important part of this exercise and this part MUST be done – Write answers to the following questions:

* What you have learned from the situation

* What could you have done differently? If anything …

* What can you do about it now?

* What positive things (there will be plenty) can you take from the situation, experience and how can you use these positives in your future.


Believe that everything happens for a reason. So accepting your past and the reasons why certain events have occurred will help you embrace the future. Dwelling or complaining about situations or events that have occurred can’t make them better, if you understand that you can learn something from everything that happens in your life, you will be able to embrace it and move forward.


One of the most important rules in my house is to embrace each other. Embrace all those around you. Embrace your loved ones like there’s no tomorrow. Embrace them with all that you have.

An embrace can mean so much without even saying anything. I don’t mean, a quick hug, ‘hello’ or a quick hug, ‘goodbye’, a true almighty embrace. Embracing each other can mean more than saying anything at all. Words are not needed, because actions speak louder.


So go on … your mission this week is to embrace …

  • Embrace yourself
  • Embrace your past
  • Embrace your loved ones


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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Inspirational Words: How To Live A Divine Life

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

D is for


You deserve to live a divine life … so ask yourself … are you?

Are you living the most super fantastic life ever?

Are you living a divine life?

Do you know how to live a divine life?

What does living a divine life actually mean?

I ask these questions as if it’s an easy thing to achieve. It is if you truly follow your heart, soul and spirit.

If you’re not sure how to start living a divine life, the advice I can give you is to simply follow your heart. When we talk about divinely living, we usually think about being a spiritual being. Understanding your purpose here on earth can help you live a divine life. If you want to know more about finding out your prupose, Doreen Virtue has written a brilliant article – you can read ‘Find Your Life Purpose‘ here.

But if you were to think of a divine life in simpler terms: Do what you love. Once you are filling your days with things you love, you can’t help but raise yourself to another level. You can’t help but push your mind beyond the everyday mundane tasks that may be holding you back from reaching your potential.

Well, this is easier said than done … yes?

If you feel like you are walking on a treadmill, i.e. working to the pay the bills etc. How do you venture off this treadmill? You can’t just stop work to start doing something you love? Wouldn’t it be lovely if life was that easy?

This doesn’t mean handing your notice in, not having a plan of action to move forward, it means start doing something daily that you love.

Ask yourself, ‘What is my passion?’ ‘What would give me joy?’

What would you do everyday that would fulfil you? What plans can you put in place to make this happen?

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise to help answer these questions:

  • What does divine living mean to you?
  • Write down how you see yourself living a divine life.
  • Write down steps you need to take to enable this divine life.

Read below the top tips and then re-do the above creative writing exercise, see if you can make some changes to your original plan to make things happen quicker

Here’s my top tips on how you can start living the divine life you deserve:

  • Remember small steps count – put a plan in place that will ensure you are starting to work towards your dream.
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for – when I think of my future self, I think about tomorrow; what can you do today that will bring you closer to your dreams tomorrow? Doing something daily will ensure you work your way closer to those goals.
  • Being grateful for where you are at the moment can also help you feel more settled with your life. It’s good to want to challenge yourself and push yourself forward, but being grateful for your present moment and feeling love for all that you have and all that you are, will definitely help you feel like you are living a life of divine fulfillment.
  • Once you become grateful for your life, trust that you are going in the right direction, then all will become clear and you will realise your life can be as divine as you want it to be.

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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Inspirational Words: How To Choose A Better You

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

C is for



Sometimes we are faced with difficulties in life that we have to either overcome or dwell upon.

But once you understand that life is a journey, and every stop is meant to be, you can choose to embrace the tight bends, the smooth corners, the bumpy roads, the upward hills or the tranquil ride.

If you have read about the Law of Attraction  you’ll understand that a tranquil ride will continue to lead to a tranquil ride, whilst a bumpy rollercoaster ride can continue to lead along the same path, this can depend on how you choose to look at your ride.

If you are experiencing some tight bends and bumpy roads at the moment, depending how you choose to think about these life events, will result in the next part of your journey.

Credit: Practical Personal Development Advice

 This may be hard to comprehend if you feel as if you are stuck in some kind of rut or are facing some true life or health difficulities.

Hope you’re enjoying the therapeutic creative writing exercises, here’s this week’s:


Ask yourself these two questions …

  • On a day to day basis do you feel as if you’re plodding through mud?
  • Do you look at other peoples’ lives, envy them and look at the bad in your own life?

If you answered yes to the above questions, here could lie the reasons behind the problems you are experiencing in your life.


Now ask yourself these two questions …

  • Which part of your life do you feel is running quite smoothly? (One rule with this question – you can’t answer ‘nothing’ – find something! There will be something!)
  • When was the last time you did something with LOVE for someone else?

Now write down your thoughts, here you could do some freestyle writing.

Once you’ve done that, read through and highlight which parts are your choice? You should find that most of it is through choice. If not, have another look through, whilst reading think about your thoughts, can you look at things differently? Can you choose your thoughts? Can you choose to look at a situation and see the good in it?

Now start freestyle writing about how life could be, how you wish it could be if you made these changes to your thoughts.

Life is about making choices; to choose to see the good around us or choose to dwell upon which isn’t good. Sometimes we could dislike something so much in our life that it can take over our whole being. For example: how many people HATE their jobs. I don’t like using the would hate. It’s a very strong passionate word that can seep into someone’s bones. There are people who hear their alarm go off on a morning and feel a deep sickly pit at the bottom of their stomach (I know because I was one of them, many many many years ago!). I deeply HATED the jobs I had, I moved from job to job … but every time I moved jobs, I knew I word HATE it! I knew I would hate it because it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t fulfilling my dreams by moving from job to job. But as the LOA would tell us, I brought the hate on myself.

If only I’d known that I was simply dreaming of the life I wanted, but not actually doing anything about it and blaming everyone else, circumstance and life in general – I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what I had to do but I would put constant barriers up … excuses!

I chose excuses!


In my jobs I wasn’t appreciated – but then I didn’t really appreciate anyone else. I was envious of those who laughed their way through the day and got promoted!!! How dare they! How can these people who spent much of their time laughing and chatting keep getting promoted – especially over someone like me who came in early, worked through my lunch hour, took work home with me and was more qualified than most of the office!

How could this keep happening? If only I could travel back to those days and give that younger version of me a shake. Although, I do often think I had to go through those thoughts to understand my thoughts now. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve endured. I choose now to be the most positive, grateful and loving person possible.

I don’t recognise the younger me … it doesn’t even feel like me. I wish I’d known then what I know now about choosing my response to my situation … so much unhappiness leads to more unhappiness.

It’s as simple as this –

Credit: quotesgram

Ask yourself two more questions …

  • Do you want to be around someone who has the ability to do a particular job or task, but is deterimental to others, to themselves and to life in general?
  • Do you want to be around someone who may need to learn a few things, but has the determination, enthusiasm and the zest for life to push themselves forward?

Now ask yourself another question …

Who do you CHOOSE to be?

Although it would be great to go back and give the younger version of my selfish self a ‘good old’ talking to, I also understand all my life events have bought me to where I am today. I have had to experience some awful hard times, but I understand now and it all makes perfect sense. Everything happens for a reason, it’s your choice to understand the reason.

Life is simple when you look at it simply! Life is beautiful! We must choose to see the beauty. Once you see the beauty … it all becomes clear.


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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Inspirational Words: How To Become A Bubbly Person

This week’s positive word

on our A-Z Inspirational Journey …

B is for


I love this word.

I love being around people who are ‘bubbly’; people who ooze personality and character.

How bubbly would you say you are? Do you talk enthusiastically to people? Or do people leave your company feeling drained?

In the book, The Art of Being Brilliant by Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker they talk about ‘mood-hoovers’ –

the quote below is taken from this awesome book:

A mood hoover is, ‘Someone who has a problem for every solution.’

We all know one … or two … or are you that person?

How do you think people see you?

If someone was describing you to another person … would they say …


 OR … would they say …


There’s so many people facing different problems every day, but how those problems are thought about can lead them to being the most tragic problem ever or a simple blip in life.

Credit: Google

I always look for the positive in any situation and truly believe that things happen for a reason. The Law of Attraction shows us that we bring positivity or negativity into our lives, so when something happens that I feel is negative, I search for the positive outcome.

 A situation may be occurring that you feel is completely negative in your life, but try looking at it from a different angle, ask yourself … ‘Why is this happening to me?’ I don’t mean, ‘WHY? WHY? WHY ME??!!’ As you scream to the heavens, I mean, ask yourself, ‘Why is this happening?’ ‘What am I learning from this situation?’ Tell yourself you can gain something from this.

Here’s this week’s therapeutic creative writing exercise:


Write down what happened/what is happening and how it made you feel/feeling.

Write down 5 things that taught you a lesson.

Write down 5 things that have made you a better person from this situation.

You may feel that you haven’t learnt anything, but you will have you just need to look closer. If this means doing some ‘free-style’ writing, this means just letting go, just write, just let rip on your thoughts. Once you’ve got that off your chest, write down what you would like to happen from the situation.

Imagine you are in the place you want to be. Imagine being happy. Smile. Keep smiling all day. Think of yourself in that situation where you feel happy. Your troubles are over. Your life is your own. Imagine … play the game and smile. Everyone you come into contact with smile at them.

Further down, I will give you some more tips on becoming the bubbly person that people not only want to be around … they want to be! They want to be you.


So look for the positive in any adverse situation you are going through.

Take this and turn it around so that you can project these feelings out to others.

It maybe something that isn’t as serious as you feel it is …


For example, a little blip happened to me last week …

My bank card got cloned!!! Now I’ve heard people really stressing about this happening and it becoming the biggest deal ever … if you do an internet search you’ll find lots of people becoming angry about this and really throwing their negativity out there. I don’t see the point in getting angry over something I can’t do anything about. The most I can do is protect my card, which I have done, but it still happened.

The point of this story was how I turned it into a positive and was actually buzzing that my bank account was chosen!

Buzzing? How the ‘bleep’ can you be happy your account was cloned???? Hands up if those were your thoughts?

Here’s why it was a positive in my life … Before my knowledge of the Law of Attraction, when I didn’t realise I was the cause of my negative life. We had no money, so there were no pennies for anyone to take, so it wasn’t something I even thought about, let alone worried about.

So when I discovered that someone had spent £104 on train tickets and £59.64 on Pizzas – I was quite pleased I had the money in the bank for them to use! There was money in there, it was such a lovely feeling? It really made me smile.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was a little inconvenient. I was on the phone for over 3 hours (after an hour and 20 minutes I got through to someone, who agreed it was fraud, then he put me on hold and I got lost back in the system for over hour again, but I just focused on getting it sorted. What was the point of screaming at the delightful music and at the woman who automatically kept thanking me for my call!! Oh I’m not a robot and I did beg that someone, ‘pls, pls, pls answer!’ But getting angry would have just made my head hurt. It was also inconvenient that I had no bank card for a few days while I awaited another one … but hey ho … it’s been refunded and all is good.

This situation could have left me in a serious bad mood, I could have felt so much anger to those that had decided to commit fraud, but what was the point? I know that my anger would have led to negative thoughts which in turn would have led to more negative life events. Small things in life being made into something bigger than it really is, leads to more negativity in our lives. I often look around me and at other peoples’ lives and understand how a negative personality does actually lead to more negativity. Where as a bubbly and lovable person sees the good in life … always!

The thing is ….

Credit: Genius Quotes

So ask yourself how do you view life?

When you are talking to others, what do you hear yourself saying?

Would you like people to leave your company thinking …


Be the person that people don’t forget for the right reasons …

Credit: Pintrest

Still finding it hard to just simply be happy, let alone bubbly?

Here’s 5 tips on how to be bubbly 


Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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Inspirational Words: How To Increase Your Appreciation In Life

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Did you make some New Years Resolutions?

To get you started on a New Year, I decided to kick the year off with another A-Z Inspirational Journey … These words I hope to focus on this year and we will keep coming back to them after this A-Z with inspiring, motivational quotes to keep you going throughout the year.

So, let’s start this A-Z Inspirational Journey

and this week’s positive word is …

A is for


 ‘Appreciation will lead to more things to appreciate in your life’

Victoria J.Brown

Credit: Quotesily

I’m a huge believer in appreciating everything in life. I will be using positive words throughout this A-Z inspirational blog, that relate to being thankful, because it’s one of the most important attributes in attracting more of those things in your life that you love. You can see here, a previous blog that I did last year: G is for Gratitude.

There’s more to appreciating your life than simply saying, ‘Thank you’. You must truly feel it. There’s no point putting a ‘thank you’ out there in hope that the universe will believe you, especially if you don’t feel thankful, because if you don’t believe it, how on earth can anyone else. Emotions and feelings are key!

Many, many years back when I was introduced to the Law of Attraction I was a ‘glass half-empty’ type of girl, thankfully those days are LONG GONE. Now, I’m more than a ‘glass half-full’ girlie … Now, I’m a ‘glass half-full looking for people who are thirsty’ girlie.

The reason many people are unhappy in their lives is because they want MORE! And that’s ok … it’s ok to want more from life, to want to strive ahead in this world and make a better life for yourself and your family. It’s great to have that determination … but what will make those goals easier to achieve is appreciating how far you’ve already come. Appreciate what you’ve already achieved.

So, do you appreciate what you already have? How often do you look at your life and feel deeply grateful for what you actually have? When you reach that point … it can actually make you cry! True appreciation is a blessing.

Here’s a passage from The Secret, by Dr. Joe Vitale 


So if you’re reading this and thinking, I don’t have anything to appreciate … look at what Dr Joe Vitale says, ‘… it might be that you have the eyes to read this.’

Here’s the first of this A-Z inspirational journey’s self-reflective therapeutic creative writing exercise for you:


Firstly, sit down and relax, in a quiet space where you can’t be disturbed.

Now imagine the following:

Your life without your loved ones.

No roof over your head.

Being so hungry and not knowing where the next piece of food is coming from.

Harsh … but try your hardest to imagine being there. 

Secondly, now think about these things coming back into your life and think about how you would be lost without them.

It’s time to show gratitude for all the things you have in your life that you don’t want to lose.

Put your hands together and really feel true appreciation from your heart.

Say aloud, ‘Thank you for my wonderful children, partner, parents etc.’ Say thank you for those you truly love.

‘Thank you for my amazing home that surrounds me with warmth.’

‘Thank you for the food that enables me to live.’

Now write down all the things you appreciate in your life. Everything you just said aloud, write it down. Keep this list with you.

For the next week, write down daily something you appreciate in your day. This week is about appreciating everything in your life. Look at what you have and not what you don’t and write it down. Keep writing down those thoughts and instil the appreciation within.

When I first started understanding the Law of Attraction I would keep a journal. I would write down 10 things every day that I was grateful for. This is an amazing way to see instant results and turn your attitude around. If you can think of 10 things to write down that you appreciate, you’ll start seeing massive changes in your life.

Credit: Pintrest

 I appreciate that I’m healthy enough to write and search for these wonderful quotes, so that I can inspire others to be the best they can be. I love the following quote. I appreciate that I have the energy to put the effort in 🙂

Credit: Pintrest

I appreciate those who make an effort with me 🙂

Credit: Picture Quotes

You can see my favourite top 10 appreciation quotes here

Wishing you love, happiness and fulfilment always

Victoria xx

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