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L is for ‘Law of Attraction’

Why do I believe in the Law of Attraction (LOA)?

Because it works for me!

But what is the LOA?

“The law of attraction is the name given to the term that “like attracts like”

and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts,

one can bring about positive or negative results” wiki

For many years, I had a very ‘woe is me’ attitude. I wasn’t happy in my job, I didn’t have enough money, there were problems with family relationships. I kind of, like many people, grew up wanting more! Always wanting more, never happy with what I had, always focusing on what I didn’t have in my life rather than what I did have!

you become
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Because of this reason, I was unhappy, felt trapped and felt my life wasn’t the way I’d planned. It wasn’t all I dreamed, because, as the above says, ‘What you imagine, you become.’ I was creating a miserable life for myself.

I obviously didn’t realise this, as I knew nothing about the LOA, but when I discovered it, everything changed. I mean instantly, like magic overnight. I suddenly understood why bad things kept happening, and trust me they did! From healthy worries, money worries to relationship worries … they just kept getting worse. Until a point in my life, where I gave up. I felt as if nothing more could happen that could make me more unhappy.

albert einstein
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It was around this time a friend recommended, ‘The Secret’. To be honest I had heard of it before, but ignored it. Little did I realise it was coming into my life for a reason. Little did I realise if I’d watched it sooner I would have lifted my energy sooner and the bad things wouldn’t have spiralled out of control!

buddha 1
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 My husband and I watched the DVD and I remember feeling so down, like my life was not going to be solved by a DVD! Little did I realise how much we were both on self-destruct! We watched it a few times, taking in all that the secret had to reveal. It was so powerful! We kept looking at each other and nodding, it totally fitted our life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we weren’t totally convinced, but what did we have to lose by looking at what we did have? What did we have to lose by looking for the positives in our life? What did we have to lose by seeking out gratitude and love? What did we have to lose by choosing to think about life a bit differently? This was simple: NOTHING! There was nothing to lose by following this very simple rule!

simply expect it
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I knew we had to change things, dramatically. We couldn’t keep thinking the way we did, expecting these bad things to happen to us. I couldn’t sleep with worry, I felt sick at the thought of living through the day and our future. Once the secret had entered our life. That’s when I started my collection of inspirational quotes – 1000’s upon 1000’s of them on a spreadsheet. Truly believing in every single one.

I can honestly say, we’ve never looked back. We have successful businesses, we have a happy family life and we don’t dwell on the negative influences that may enter into our life, which isn’t very often. Well, we don’t see bad things as negative, we see them as opportunities, for us to deal with in the best way we can. If it does occur, we look at our level of thinking and within seconds we can turn it around, if we need to. Often it’s the universe telling us that’s not the right track for us.

life denying
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I swear it’s that simple, once you know how!

You may not be able to work towards your highest energy straight away, and it can take time, however, it truly works. Once you start this way of thinking, you’ll start watching others around you. You’ll notice how people think, their reactions, the way little things keep happening to them, good and bad depending on their attitude to life.

oprah - discovery
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It really is like magic.

One of my favourite laws is showing and feeling love! If you can adapt love into your life, you’ll ease away those negative thoughts like the poison that they are. Feeling love for your life, yourself and others is a great way to ensure you have a happy life.

law of love
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If you’d like to know more about the LOA, I would definitely recommend, ‘The Secret’ as your starting point. I’ve read many more LOA books, and constantly read any spiritual or positive guides that fall my way, but if you’re wanting to get started on the LOA, this is a great book.

Wishing you all the love in the world when it comes to finding the truth about happiness.

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K is for Knowing

There’s so much force behind ‘knowing’ how to think. If you’ve learnt anything from this blog, it’s hopefully about choosing your thoughts, choosing to lift yourself up and not focus on the negatives.

right results
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Now even if you’re struggling to do this, BUT you know that you need to do this, you’re one step further. Knowing that this could be the answer is a step forward than not knowing where to start.

Think of it this way … What have you got to lose by thinking more positively?

having it all
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Use these blog posts as your knowledge, re-read them if it helps, and know that this could be the answer to having a wonderful life.

Life is knowing that YOU have the answer!

Knowing that only YOU can change your thoughts!

Knowing that YOU hold such much power to living the life of your dreams!

Once you’ve grasp this knowledge, the journey is such an enjoyable experience!

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J is for Joy

Credit: Positive Thoughts and Wellness

I have a friend whose personal car registration reads ‘JOY’. It describes her positive, influential thinking in so many ways. Every time I see her and I see her number plate, I have a little light that goes on inside. I absolutely love it.

Whereas one of my favourite inspiring words is ‘Love’ her favourite is Joy. She totally believes that once you feel your joy, life is just one happy playing field. And since meeting her, on our MA in Creative Writing, I totally agree.

But joy doesn’t come from material things or possessions, it doesn’t come from wanting a better life, or wanting more. It comes from within. Joy comes from finding that inner quality that makes you see the world through different eyes. It doesn’t look at what you don’t have … it comes from looking at what you do have and being grateful for simply being.

Credit: Notable Quotes

 To find your joy, you need to look deep within yourself and understand that whatever is happening there’s a happiness waiting for you to take hold and grasp it with all you have.

Depending what energy level you’re on at the moment, you may find this an easy task, however, if you’re not quite there, if you’re struggling to find your joy, this will be a very good task for you.

Credit: The Quotepedia

If you read the above quote, truly grasp it, truly think about it. It’s your response to your world that makes you joyful. It’s your response to your world that can make you miserable!

This week write down all the things in your life that make you smile. List them daily. Study them daily. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to think outside of our surroundings, look at the opportunities we have in life and be grateful for what we have. Seeking the next best thing, under the laws of attraction will only move them further away. Feeling gratitude and experiencing joy will bring you more joy!

It’s truly amazing what you can find within you once you find your joy! It’s truly amazing how life can be turned around by experiencing your joy and turning away from the negative.

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 As always, here’s a few more quotes for you to think about …

Credit: Google
choose joy
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Credit: Very Best Quotes

So it’s as simple … and as difficult … as that! Choose for it to be simple. Choose to simply feel your joy. Choose to be grateful. As the more unhappy you are, the more unhappiness comes your way. Simply be!

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I is for Influence

Credit: John Paul Caponigro


Influence … when you think of this word, what comes to mind?

There are many good influences and bad influences in our lives that we have to decide which to ignore and which to look up to.

But one of today’s focuses is not to look at negative influences (as that’s not what these blog posts are about) but to focus on who has influenced you and how you can influence others.

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Are you a person that people want to be around? Do you radiate energy and enthusiasm for life? Or do you dwell upon every tiny thing in your life that is not right and send these vibes like a ripple swarming those around you?

If you’re the latter, don’t worry, all is not lost. And in one blog post it may be hard to change your perspective on life, but we can still work on getting you there. Firstly, have a think about this quote:

Credit: meetville

So whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever mood you are in … you could be influencing others with your actions, in a positive or negative way!

Credit: Decision Making Solutions

This could be a positive outlook for you, you maybe a spritely character who automatically influences people with your presence, or you maybe someone who needs to work a bit on being that influential person that people are drawn to. However, if you can think about one positive thing in your life every day, you will see how this can influence your own mind into becoming more positive. The more positive you are, the more you can influence others in an energetic way.


Here’s a little task for you:

Firstly think of a person who has influenced you, this could be a parent, a family member, a teacher, a friend … anyone! Now write down 5 things as to why you believe this person has influenced you. Once you’ve written these 5 write another 5.

Study this list … now write down how you could influence others in a good way. Look at the list and think about how this person influenced you and how you can actually pass this on. It’s possible … you just need to have the courage to believe in yourself.

Here’s a few quotes to think about …

Credit: Taolife Studio
Credit: Quote Says

Struggling with this week’s blog post? Think about the person who you want to be, the person you want others to see you as and work towards that. Influence and encourage those around you. If you find the company you keep is a bad influence, it’s time to think about some life changes. Because whatever is happening in your life right now, you’re influencing others, maybe without even realising it.

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